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Chapter 419: Spy or Something

Chapter 419: Spy or Something

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Instantly, an awkward expression appeared on that person's face. "Error. The energy around here is too chaotic, which resulted in an error."

Everyone: "…"

What useless team member is this? Du Lei gave him a deep glance and said, "Li Qing, I hope there won't be a second time."

Li Qing was aware that it was his fault. As such, he did not talk back. "No, there won't be."

Tang Lan frowned. "Error, huh…" He had a faint ominous feeling. If it was merely an occasional error, he wouldn't be too worried. However, if this was the work of their opponent, with their opponent being Chen Feng… An indescribable nervousness surfaced in his heart.

Presently, Chen Feng was gasping at how amazing luck value was. After exhausting a huge amount of luck value, he was actually capable of causing his enemy's ability to fail? Or, to be more precise, it wasn't the ability failing, as an ability shouldn't fail anyway. Rather, what had happened was the appearance of a flaw in the modified ability of his enemy. And next, with this flaw, the barbarian So Close, Yet Worlds Apart had been used on was randomly transported away. Coincidentally, he was transported right in front of Chen Feng.

Was this the so-called omnipotence ensuing from an unlimited luck value? If so… what if the enemy hadn't been using So Close, Yet Worlds Apart? What else could Luck Aura accomplish? Chen Feng was curious. Naturally, he would not court disaster by trying this out.

Theoretically, he presently had a nearly unlimited supply of luck value. However, it was merely nearly unlimited. The more difficult his situation became, the higher the amount of luck value that would be exhausted. What if the required luck value exceeded the amount of luck value he had? Chen Feng had no intention of dying here.

Chen Feng was also rather surprised that Luck Aura could actually fail as well. His initial intention had been for Du Lei to die. What had happened instead was Du Lei being rescued at the last minute. Such an opportune moment for him to kill Du Lei was something that would appear only once. The combination of the provocation of the barbarian and the barbarian being in a recently broken-through state was what had caused the barbarian to become so powerful back then.

This was the very first time Luck Aura had failed. Was it due to the arcane studies? Chen Feng looked at Tang Lan. This was the only guy capable of affecting his Luck Aura.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "Tang Lan…" At this time, finally, the barbarian made another move. Clenching his teeth, Du Lei decided to still charge forth. This time, he was sufficiently prepared and would not give the barbarian a chance to insta-kill him.

Bang! Bang!

Immediately, a huge battle erupted. The huge body of the barbarian gave him absolute superiority. In this situation, where the barbarian and Du Lei were similar in all other aspects except the size of their bodies, the barbarian was able to obtain the upper hand and beat Du Lei up. At this time, in order to make up for his mistake earlier, Li Qing decided to take the initiative and make a move.

"Du Lei, hang on there. Let me trap that big guy."

He locked his gaze onto that 3.5-meter-tall giant. Despite the opponent's strength, against such a person totally incapable of using energy, he only needed to…

Du Lei was finding it hard to hang on. "Faster."

"So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!" Li Qing said with a solemn expression. When he saw the barbarian stepping out, he focused and activated his ability on the ground under the barbarian's foot. As long as the barbarian stepped down, the location of the ground he stepped on would most definitely shift.

This was the effect of his superpowerful modified ability. The next step the barbarian took, he would end up landing back into the pit.


With a flash of light, that big guy stepped down. However, nothing seemed to be happening.

"Hey?" Li Qing was dumbfounded. Ineffective? How was that possible? The activation had obviously been successful. He could clearly feel the energy in his body reducing. This signified the successful activation of his ability. If so, how was it possible for it to not work? Was it due to that big guy's energy immunity? That shouldn't be the case either. He was shifting the ground rather than that big guy!

Du Lei glanced at Li Qing. "What's going on?"

Li Qing feigned a calm disposition. "Nothing. I have to first discern the distance, that's all."

Shua! Shua!

He continued using his ability against that big guy. However… it failed! It failed again and again! His ability went through more than 10 activations, yet nothing happened.

Li Qing's expression became somewhat unsightly. "How is this possible…" He was a peak A class, the strongest among the Mysterious Organization members when it came to enemy containment. Nobody was willing to face him in battle, as it would be too annoying, regardless of victory or defeat. This was what made Li Qing an extremely unique existence among the Mysterious Organization members. But now… why had his ability failed? Li Qin yelled inwardly.

Du Lei glanced at Li Qing, doubt all over his face. "Can you do it or not?" He had decided to forget the earlier incidence where he had been screwed by Li Qing, but now, when he was in this crucial moment, this teammate of his was still slacking. He found this unacceptable!

"Let me try again," Li Qing said while gnashing his teeth.


He used a huge amount of energy this time. This time, he was going to utilize the strongest ability he had. He refused to believe that it would fail. He refused to believe that this big guy was so powerful!

"By my name!" Li Qing planned to activate his ability. At this moment, suddenly, Tang Lan realized that something seemed wrong. Everyone was paying close attention to Li Qing. The only exception was Tang Lan, who had been staring straight at Chen Feng all this while. He could see clearly how every time Li Qing made a move, Chen Feng would wave his hand in a nonchalant manner. That motion of his…

Suddenly, Tang Lan asked, "Li Qing, did you successfully activate your ability in your previous attempts?"

Li Qing was unsure. "Yes… I guess? The energy required was indeed exhausted."

Tang Lan's mood sank. "If so, your ability has indeed been successfully activated." The ability had been successfully activated, yet the supposed effect had not appeared? That was not possible! Since the ability had been successfully activated, it wouldn't disappear immediately. Something had to happen, even if it was the ability being bounced back. That was the only logical thing that could happen. This was also what was supposed to happen to Li Qing's ability. Contain… what was he containing? Li Qing was using his own ability to contain those damnable big guys! If so…if some mishap was happening to Li Qing's modified ability, or perhaps his ability failing, what would happen? The base of all Li Qing's abilities was the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability!


Suddenly, Tang Lan had an ominous feeling. Previously, with Li Qing's Opposing Direction ability, he had created a prison. The so-called "failures" of Li Qing's ability could very well not be "failures" at all. Rather, it was the same as the first time it had happened, where these activations of his ability were transformed back to their base form, the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability. As for the direction…

Suddenly, Tang Lan felt like the position the barbarian was standing in seemed somewhat off. As he paid more attention to it, he noted that Li Qing and the barbarian were actually standing in a straight line along with the pit trapping the other barbarians.

Could it be…

Abruptly, Tang Lan shouted, "Li Qing, stop!"

Unfortunately, it was too late.

"Ah?" Li Qing stopped moving with a bewildered expression. Despite that, the final ability he had been unleashing earlier had already been released. Once again, Opposing Direction was activated.


Once again, that unique ability of his vanished. However, this time, it no longer vanished without leaving any trace behind. Rather, it caused the earth to suddenly start trembling.

The expressions of everyone else changed greatly from shock.

"What's going on?"

Bang! Bang!

A certain location started trembling without stop. As everyone gazed over, their expressions changed greatly. The trembling was happening exactly where Li Qing was trapping those giants. There, the prison created using Opposing Direction by Li Qing had thoroughly collapsed. With their super powerful A-class bodies, those barbarians leaped out and directly charged out of the pit.

Li Qing's expression changed greatly. "How is that possible?" The pit trap created by him was something…

Tang Lan sighed helplessly. "It's your ability. All the abilities you activated 'coincidentally' failed and transformed back into their base form, So Close, Yet Worlds Apart. Next, they 'coincidentally' landed on your pit trap."


Li Qing's expression changed greatly at this revelation. The pit trap he had created was something formed using the Opposing Direction ability, which worked in a manner opposite of the base ability. If the base ability were instead used on the pit trap, it would most definitely fall apart. In short, all the times he had unleashed his ability earlier… He had actually released these trapped giants with his own hands?

"Are you a spy sent here by Chen Feng?" Tang Lan asked, grumbling.