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Chapter 434: I Want You

Chapter 434: I Want You

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What to offer? Chen Feng pondered and noted that he truly couldn't offer anything much. He indeed had a lot of money. However, he couldn't do anything with that, since they did not want it. Moreover, what spiked Chen Feng's curiosity was the fact that something like the God Punisher formula required interference from their patriarch?

Chen Feng frowned. "What do you want?" He did not have much time left and was not willing to waste them on some pointless dispute. He was truly unhappy with how they had raised the initial price on the spot, but then, if he could settle this without hiccups, he wouldn't be too bothered.

The patriarch smiled proudly. "I want you."

Chen Feng was shocked. "What?"

"Please don't misunderstand." Only now did the patriarch start explaining exactly what he wanted. "The most important resource now is human resources. I hope you can join us. You can continue being a member of the Gene Production Association, yet at the same time, you will also become a member of us, Wild Saint."

Finally, Chen Feng understood. "Join you guys?" They were totally raising the price here. If he had been anyone else, they would have sold this formula long ago. After all, regardless of how much money depreciated, it was still something usable. But with Chen Feng the excellent producer here, he himself was much more valuable than money. If they could make Chen Feng join them… the strength of Wild Saint would most definitely increase dramatically.

Chen Feng looked at them. "Whose idea was this?"

"Mine," the patriarch stated calmly.

Chen Feng stared at him, his eyes sharp. "Do you believe that you can restrict me by using a mere formula?"

The patriarch appeared calm and collected. "Is it truly a mere formula? Once upon of time, God Punisher was an extremely valuable formula. A lot of major families had copies of it. However, due to how unique this gene was, everyone lost interest in it. As time passed, this formula almost went extinct. Now, only our family still has a formula that has been preserved in good condition. You can't find this formula anywhere else."

"I can simply choose to not use this formula," Chen Feng stated indifferently.

"No, you won't." The patriarch smiled and continued, "God Punisher is different from other formulas. This is a formula that people rarely need. However, the moment one needs it, it signifies that this formula is extremely useful for that person. For this formula to make someone with your identity come here to our place, it shows how important this formula is to you. Let me guess, is this something required by one of your companions? Or perhaps this is something you require to break through the bottleneck of your master producer?"

The patriarch was extremely intelligent. With a single glance, he had figured out how urgently Chen Feng required this formula. He also had a rather deep understanding of this God Punisher formula. The moment someone actually required a unique formula like this, that signified that the other abilities of that person had an extreme affinity with this ability. Under such a circumstance, would that person truly give up? This was a chance for them at Wild Saint, an extremely exquisite opportunity! He had to hook Chen Feng with this bait!

Chen Feng shrugged. "Fine." Despite the difference between his situation and what the patriarch had described, it was still true that he urgently needed this thing. "Then what do I need to do after joining you guys?" Chen Feng asked.

"Provide the gene reagents we require on a monthly basis. We are aware of the quality of your production. As such, we are confident that you will definitely be able to satisfy our requirements," the patriarch stated humbly.

Chen Feng: "…"

Producing gene reagents for an entire huge family? If so, he would most likely be trapped here slaving away for this family. This patriarch was truly thinking of trapping Chen Feng here forever!

"Although your life would be somewhat busy, we will also provide you excellent treatment." The patriarch was extremely confident. He knew a lot of gene producers and was aware that an absolute majority of them were rather extreme in their actions. To achieve their goals, they would be willing to give up a lot of things so that they could become stronger, so that they could breakthrough! To a certain extent, a gene producer was rather similar to a fanatical scientist. Regardless of how ineffective the God Punisher ability was, regardless of how many people there were that looked down on this ability, it was still something of quality. It was still a rare high-level formula, an ancient formula that was almost extinct. Since this Excellent Producer Chen Feng required this formula, it certainly had to be invaluable as far as Chen Feng was concerned.

Chen Feng raised his brows. "What if I disagree?"

The patriarch sighed. "If so, I'm afraid this valuable formula will remain a missed opportunity for you."

"I recall that your family is involved in a joint project with a certain company and is allowed to select a single formula as you wish. This formula seems to also be part of the formulas available to be selected." Chen Feng was looking at the information newly obtained by Spirit.

The patriarch nodded. "That's right. Therefore, earlier, I tore up the contract. I am willing to compensate them the penalty for breaking the contract."

Chen Feng chuckled. "What a flawless method of doing things."

"To obtain you, all this is worth it," the patriarch stated with a sonorous voice.

Chen Feng smiled, but then his gaze became cold and detached. This patriarch was indeed an intelligent person. From a single request from Chen Feng to obtain the God Punisher, he was able to deduce so many things. Furthermore, he had even prepared thoroughly to make use of Chen Feng's request.

Chen Feng laughed in a self-mocking manner. "Seems like I shouldn't have come alone after all."

If he had let someone else handle this on his behalf, things might have been handled more easily. With him rushing over here personally, things had instead become troublesome.

The patriarch looked at Chen Feng calmly. "I am aware that you might be upset because of this. Therefore, let me introduce myself. Although I am the patriarch of Wild Saint, we also have a close relationship with the Genetic Union. A lot of us are part of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, and they greatly revere your esteemed self. Furthermore, we have also contributed greatly to Seawood City."

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "Are you threatening me?"

The patriarch smiled. "No. I am merely afraid that you will kill me in a fit of anger. After all, despite you being a B-class warrior, there are a lot of rumors floating around about your past feats."

The legendary feats of Chen Feng were things they had definitely heard of before. Other B-class warriors might not be able to slay A-class warriors, but this was possible for Chen Feng. Even if he was merely B class now, one could never look down on a master producer. It was precisely due to this that the patriarch had chosen to honestly inform Chen Feng of his position. He had never conducted any illegal activities. As such, Chen Feng did not have any rights to do anything to him legally.

This was not a world where things were either black or white. This patriarch was not some villain. He had merely rejected the trade, that was all. Despite Chen Feng being upset, he couldn't do anything about it. He could either join them or leave. Alternatively, if Chen Feng truly wanted to be a villain, he could choose to slaughter the entire family and the patriarch. As they had never conducted any illegal activities, Chen Feng would be criticized by the masses and be hunted by the Genetic Union. This patriarch's plan was truly meticulous.

In the upcoming chaotic era, people like this would definitely be capable of surviving longer than others. Unfortunately, he had angered Chen Feng. Chen Feng had a lot of things he needed to do. Therefore, it was simply impossible for him to become a part of Seawood City. He was also not one of those fanatical producers willing to sacrifice everything. On top of that, he was not someone that would submit to threats!

Chen Feng merely glanced at them in a detached manner. "You guys indeed have the right to do this. However, you guys seem to have forgotten that I have the authority to do much more."