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Chapter 435: Open Conspiracy, Can It Be Eaten?

Chapter 435: Open Conspiracy, Can It Be Eaten?

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At the Wild Saint family, Chen Feng had just left.

"Patriarch, isn't it somewhat improper for us to do this…"

Some of them were still rather anxious. After all, Chen Feng was still an excellent producer. Even if they did not get themselves into his good books, there was no need to offend him, right? To force Chen Feng away like that, and saying those words to him… This left a shadow in their hearts.

The patriarch shook his head. "What are you worried about? Our present oppression of him is only to make him compromise with us. For him to act this way, I instead feel relieved. Since he even uttered those words, this signifies that he truly requires this formula. In the end, he is still an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association and will need to abide by the laws. What are you afraid of?"

Only at this did everyone else feel relieved. True, at times, a gentleman was much easier to handle than a shameless person. Chen Feng was indeed someone with a huge reputation and high prestige. However, with his background, he was destined to be unable to do anything immoral or illegal.

Mhm… if an excellent producer decided to start killing others and robbing their formulas, the Genetic Union would most definitely get involved. On top of that, the Gene Production Association would not allow him to do as he pleased.

"I know too well the stubbornness of these gene producers." The patriarch's gaze appeared profound as he said, "As long as he wishes for this formula, he will most certainly compromise with us. This is an opportunity for our family! I will not pull any secretive plots! Instead, I will conspire openly!"

Only at this did the rest of them understand his intentions. This guy was indeed worthy of being their lord patriarch. Their lord patriarch was indeed capable of seeing much further ahead than them. To conspire openly was indeed a much better choice than to plot secretly. Everyone started admiring their lord patriarch unendingly.

Unknown to them, while they were all cheering, Chen Feng was thinking of them as a bunch of idiots. Conspire openly? These guys had been thinking way too much…

Chen Feng sighed. "It seems like this patriarch has been at his position for way too long and is already used to conspiring in all matters." Why did he need to change a good trade into something like this?

"What are you intending to do?" At this moment, Spirit was already analyzing the combat power of the Wild Saint family. Based on Chen Feng's character, a huge battle would most definitely happen. Even if Chen Feng couldn't defeat an A-class warrior head on, he still had a lot of other methods to exterminate the entire Wild Saint family.

Chen Feng glanced at her. "Don't be so violent. Do I look like a robber to you?"

Instantly, Spirit blanked and was speechless. Was that not true? Even trading had been something she had proposed to him. Hadn't the first thought of this master of hers, before even considering other options, been to rob?

Chen Feng shook his head. "Calamity is coming. How can I kill wantonly?"

Spirit merely looked at her master silently.

"Let me think." Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, "Mhm… The price we offered previously is already extremely high, right?" These days, he had earned quite a huge sum of money from his shop.

Spirit nodded. "Yes. Based on the data of the marketplace, even the hottest ancient formula is only at this price. The price you offered is already extremely high."

To ensure a speedy completion of the trade, Chen Feng had indeed offered out his hard-earned savings.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face. "Mhm, very good. Their family does not want the money. However, there will be someone out there who wants the money. Conspire openly? Let me teach him what it means to conspire openly." Chen Feng sneered. Soon, using his own name, Chen Feng released an announcement.

"I am in the midst of breaking through my master producer bottleneck and require a God Punisher gene reagent. My trade with the Wild Saint family failed to materialize. Therefore, I am hereby seeking the incomplete versions of this formula from the major families worldwide. The reward is…"


At this, the entire world went into an uproar. Despite Chen Feng's rather ordinary strength, his unique identity as a master producer, excellent producer, and so on, coupled with his extremely high popularity and the aid of his Luck Aura, meant his words attracted the attention of numerous people. Moreover, he had indeed offered an astonishing high reward.

"He is already breaking through into master producer?"

"Goodness gracious, such a young master producer!"

"He is breaking records!"

"The reward being offered is rather astonishing. With such a huge price for that trash God Punisher formula, the Wild Saint family actually rejected the trade…"

"I'm not too clear about this."

"This God Punisher formula should be rather common, right?"

"I have no idea. However, if it's only available at the Wild Saint family, they will truly be in trouble now."


"Why else?"

Countless people sneered. When the Wild Saint patriarch found out about this, his entire body felt cold. It was over!

"Lunatic! This lunatic!" The patriarch cursed in a flustered and exasperated manner. He had never expected that an excellent producer would actually do something like this! Wasn't this an act of luring the assassins and thieves worldwide toward their family? The patriarch was furious. "I am going to sue him! I want the Genetic Union to capture him!"

"However," his underling meekly stated, "he is only offering a high price to purchase the formula. That's all."


Instantly, the patriarch appeared to be at a loss. This was what caused him to be furious. If Chen Feng had truly issued some secret assassination mission or something similar, he would most certainly have found out about it. After all, in this world, no secrets could be hidden perfectly. Unfortunately, this guy was presently merely purchasing the formula in an overly grandiose manner while also announcing that his trade with their family had failed. Wasn't this an act of telling everyone the Wild Saint family had a copy of that formula? Wasn't this him telling those people to come rob the Wild Saint family?

Indeed, Chen Feng did not need to make any moves himself. However, this announcement of his instead pushed the Wild Saint family to damnation. They were indeed rather powerful. With five A-class warriors in their family, they could crush all other powers locally.

However, when compared with the elite assassins and thieves of the entire world, even if only A-class warriors were attracted, could they truly defend against these people? These people were unlike Chen Feng, who had various misgivings. They would act maliciously, and for them, the slaughter of an entire family was something extremely normal.

The mere thought of this caused the patriarch to shudder. What a trap… Now, he was incomparably regretful. How stupid had he been to attempt to threaten Chen Feng?

All his underling were looking at him anxiously. "Patriarch."

"Perhaps things are not as bad as we think?" The patriarch was still deluding himself. However, only a single hour was required to let him know the truth of things.

"Patriarch, the entirety of our monitoring system has collapsed."

"Patriarch, there are a lot of traces of our data storage being duplicated. Someone might have hacked and copied all our information."

"Patriarch, a hidden webcam has been discovered in your wife's bedroom…"

"Patriarch, the sales of tickets for transportation to Seawood City has spiked."

"Patriarch, six chickens went missing from our backyard."

"Scram!" the patriarch howled. He was nearly bursting with rage. Why were they even reporting about the chickens going missing?

The underling felt wronged. "You are the one who told us to report the loss of even a single needle. Those chickens were all imported from the east and are your favorite chickens. Regardless of their appearance or the quality of their meat, they are the best."

"Hu—" The patriarch inhaled deeply to calm himself down before saying, "Fine, got it. Anything else to report?"

"Tunnels have been discovered under our family residence," the underling reported.

"What?" Instantly, the patriarch's eyes widened. "Underground tunnels?"