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Chapter 441: What Is This Guy Planning to Do

Chapter 441: What Is This Guy Planning to Do
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Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "Finally, I found you." After he had become popular, he had tried looking for this guy countless times. However, be it through the Mysterious Organization or the Genetic Union, he hadn't been able to find any news about this person. Unexpectedly, he actually saw this guy here! By now, the Old Mei that used to be B class back then was already an A-class warrior.

Chen Feng sneered. "In short, you have been hiding away and training up to A-class?"

Chen Feng was but a normal person who held onto his grudges rather strongly. He had almost been killed off by this guy back then. This remained fresh in his memory. Now that he had finally found this guy, Chen Feng would most certainly not allow Old Mei to vanish once again, even if Old Mei was already an A-class warrior.

Chen Feng's instinctive reaction when seeing this guy was to kill him. Even if Old Mei was an A-class warrior, the strength of his physical body wasn't exactly high. With the strength of Chen Feng's instantaneous eruption nowadays, he would be able to deal quite a huge amount of damage. If a sneak attack was mounted on this guy… However, he had barely stood up before he halted his steps.

Chen Feng regained his calm, as he still had unanswered questions. "It's still not the time for this yet." Why was Old Mei here? What was his goal? Was there anyone else here? All these questions had to be answered. His present goal was a young hillsea beast. He had no intention of having someone pop out to reap the reward when he was battling the hillsea beasts.


A gust of energy spread out suddenly. Distantly, a berserk attractive force appeared abruptly from Old Mei's body.

Through Xiao Ying, Chen Feng could clearly see those fatal particles being absorbed by Old Mei, entering his body without stop. Old Mei had actually absorbed those particles? Chen Feng was greatly alarmed, and instinctively, he bent down and concealed himself even more. What was this guy doing, exactly? Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. Fatal particles…

Why was Old Mei absorbing these things? Could it be that he was capable of using these things? Chen Feng was extremely clear on how powerful these fatal particles were. Fortunately, as these fatal particles only drifted around without direction, they were easily countered. However, if such particles were intentionally controlled by someone, they would become extremely terrifying.

Old Mei laughed wildly. "Hahahaha. Finally, I have obtained the second particle!"


From what Old Mei had said, Chen Feng was able to obtain some information. From this, it could be deduced that there were actually two of those fatal particles here! Old Mei seemed to possess the ability to absorb these particles. As for whether he could use them or he was trying to use them for something else, it was still unclear.



Old Mei absorbed without stop, and Chen Feng merely watched on silently. The present Old Mei appeared rather bizarre. As such, Chen Feng was not willing to charge at him rashly. Soon, Old Mei was done absorbing.

"Hehe, it's almost time." Old Mei stared ahead, his face filled with anticipation. "Ten years of preparation, finally, I have reached the crucial moment. Since I have entered A class, I will most definitely become the strongest A class!" As his words reached this point, his tone suddenly filled with resentment as he stated hatefully, "If it wasn't because of that damnable Chen Feng that destroyed one of my imprints…"

As he mentioned Chen Feng, Old Mei's heart filled with hatred. The path he had undertaken for his cultivation was a typical path where one would only be powerful during the late stage. In other words, during the early and mid stages, he would be a weakling. Only when his cultivation was fully completed would this path he had chosen be successful. Therefore, before he was actually done, he could only focus on gathering materials without stop. For this, he had been to various locations and completed various missions.

He had always maintained a low profile, hiding behind the scenes. As such, he had reaped quite a lot of profit. Everything had progressed smoothly except for that one time where all his efforts had almost been for nothing. Chen Feng… Genetic Union…

Old Mei clenched his fists tightly. If it hadn't been for that bastard, he would have succeeded long ago, and his success wouldn't have been delayed until now.

He shook his head and sneered. "Forget it. This time, when I'm done, I would like to see how the Genetic Union can even hope to protect you."

He had been waiting for this day for a very long time. Even if he was a new A class, someone at the bottom of the class, as long as he completed his absorption of these particles and completed his fusion with them, he would instantly transform into the strongest A class. By that point, at early-tier A class, he would be equivalent to other peak A-class warriors. When he reached peak A class, he would be able to battle even those surpassing A class. This was his so-called super-late-stage path.

"Soon," Old Mei muttered. Presently, the killing intent of Chen Feng, who was watching this through Xiao Ying, surged. Indeed… this world did not lack geniuses. They were capable of creating their very own path to become stronger. Similarly, their enemies could do the same as well. Presently, this path chosen by Old Mei was obviously even more powerful. Peak A class? Superlate stage?

What Chen Feng cared the most about was the fact that, similar to him never forgetting about this Old Mei, this Old Mei had not forgotten him either. He had originally thought that someone at Old Mei's level wouldn't even have been bothered about him. Had he been too vicious toward this Old Mei back then? As he thought about it, Chen Feng was speechless. True, the both of them had already had a great grudge. If he had been maintaining a low profile, it might not be this bad, but Chen Feng had just had to become a trending topic every now and then. How could Old Mei have suppressed his hatred with this?

Chen Feng smiled. "Seems like our fated confrontation will arrive soon."

At this time, Old Mei started stepping forward. As for Chen Feng, he ordered Xiao Ying to continue monitoring Old Mei while he followed behind from far away. Chen Feng wanted to see what exactly this Old Mei's goal was and what his so-called success was.

Rustle. Rustle.

The both of them advanced forth amidst the darkness without stop. After a long time, finally, Old Mei stopped.


Chen Feng, who was observing through Xiao Ying, noted with astonishment that there was actually another person in the distance. Old Mei had evidently noticed that person as well. That was also the reason Old Mei had stopped moving.

"Trying to reap the profit of others' hard work?" Chen Feng guessed. However, soon after, the subsequent development became increasingly horrifying.

The distant enemy suddenly died, transforming into countless particles before vanishing. With a wave of his hand, Old Mei absorbed all those particles into his body, transforming them into his own strength.

This is…

Chen Feng was alarmed. He could even absorb the particles of those killed? This Old Mei… Hold on! There was another problem with all this, which was the appearance of more people. Apart from Old Mei, there were actually others here. Moreover, Old Mei did not seem shocked to discover others here. The manner in which he had absorbed the particles and the distance he had selected for the absorption seemed so well practiced, seemingly something he had done numerous times before. There had to be a trick somewhere.

"Spirit, map mode," Chen Feng stated with a deep voice.

Spirit nodded. "Yes."


An illusory window appeared. With a single glance, Chen Feng began perspiring all over. On the map of the entire Othershore Mountain, numerous red dots appeared. Based on the parameters he had set for this map, these red dots all represented different peoples. All of them were genetic warriors.

B class…

A class…

As he looked at the intensity of the red dots, his heart trembled. What was going on, exactly? Wasn't this Othershore Mountain a forbidden land? Wasn't this a place people did not normally dare to step foot in? Why was it suddenly packed full with people? With a cursory glance, nearly 300 or 400 people could be seen. This was a terrifying amount, even if most of them were only B-class warriors. Moreover, why were those B-class warriors even here?

Adult hillsea beasts here were all A class. Only the young of these beasts were B-class beasts. Were all these people here for the young beasts? However, which of these young beasts was without an adult hillsea beast as a guardian? After pondering for a long time, Chen Feng was still unable to discern the reason for there being so many people here.

Chen Feng was now in a solemn mood. "Seems like something I am unaware of must have happened."