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Chapter 443: Old Mei’s Plan B

Chapter 443: Old Mei’s Plan B
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A furious bellow resounded from within Othershore Mountain. "Damn it!" Those who were here for the missions were all furious due to being provoked by the words. As for Old Mei, he was simply bursting with rage when he saw it. He was aware that those words were written for his sake.

That shield-like boulder had foiled all his plans. Earlier, when he had tried ambushing someone, that person had merely raised a stone shield and faced it in the direction of the cold breeze. Next, nothing had happened…

The heaven-defying fatal elements were incapable of penetrating the stones of Othershore Mountain. This was what Old Mei cared about. Someone had seen through his plan and told everyone about it, sneering at him in the process. The scariest thing was the fact that he still had no idea who that person was.

Old Mei was furious. "Who is it, exactly?" He started looking back at all those he had provoked previously. Was it that power he had scammed in the previous city he had been in? That shouldn't be the case, as that power had suffered rather disastrous casualties due to his scam. Even their strongest A-class warrior had had his level dropped back to B class, and the rest of that power was either dead or injured. As such, nobody from that power was capable of taking revenge against him. Or perhaps it was some other enemies of his from before?

That did not seem like the case, though. Every single time he had reached a new place, he had used a different identity. As such, nobody knew for sure who he was. Moreover, how could a person capable of this be an ordinary person?

Old Mei was confused. "I don't remember provoking such an expert." No matter what, he couldn't guess who it was that was scheming against him this way. "No matter who it is, I want you to pay the price for this."

Old Mei's eyes gleamed coldly. This sudden change had caused his plan to be foiled. Fortunately, he had long ago prepared some other methods. This time, he had to ensure the success of his fusion.


A cold breeze brushed past as Old Mei continued advancing silently.

"He has not given up?" The distant Chen Feng was watching on as this unfolded, and he was somewhat surprised at Old Mei's actions.

He had initially thought that with this trick, Old Mei would be worried that his identity might be leaked and would stop for a period of time. However, that hadn't happened at all. Old Mei merely continued advancing toward his next target.


Once again, Chen Feng followed behind Old Mei. This time, Old Mei quietly approached a certain A-class warrior. Moreover, Old Mei seemed to possess some scouting ability as well. What he found was not a mere single A-class warrior but an entire squad.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "What is he planning to do?" If Old Mei was thinking of ambushing this group, shouldn't he be looking for a weaker target? Just as Chen Feng was pondering, an abrupt change happened in the distance. There, a squad of seven was advancing carefully. Due to Chen Feng's warning, their hands were holding thin stone shields and they were able to block all the cold breezes brushing past them. In a cautious manner, they advanced forward.

Suddenly, a plum blossom bloomed with sparkling, translucent, and pure rays of light that caused the heart to be flustered.

They were all astonished. "Yi?"

"That is…"

Some of them immediately went on alert.


Their expressions became solemn. Despite the fact that this glimmering plum blossom appeared like some natural treasure, these experts that had plenty of experience were still maintaining the highest sense of vigilance.

"This might be some trap."


Rather than approach, they instead stepped back.

None of them dared to rashly go ahead and pluck that plum blossom, as it was rather probable that the moment one touched it, the entire plum blossom would explode instead.

Shua! Shua!

Their defenses were fully activated. Only after retreating over 100 meters away did they start cautiously checking this plum blossom out.

"Is your clone still available?"

"It can still be used."

"Everyone else, prepare your defensive measures. You, use your clone to approach the plum blossom. If it's some natural treasure, it's fine. If it's some other thing or something dangerous, destroy it directly."


Everyone obeyed the command. Subsequently, a genetic warrior with a cloning ability separated his shadow and used it to approach the plum blossom. As for the rest, they braced themselves cautiously. Next, the shadow touched the plum blossom.


It merely flickered with a faint radiance. Nothing else happened.


"This might just be an ordinary plum blossom."

"Or perhaps this is some rare treasure unique to this Othershore Mountain."


"Anyway, it is never wrong to be careful."


Only at this did they breathe out in relief. However, just as they were about to depart, a gloomy yell resounded from far away. That familiar and imposing voice caused all their hearts to chill.

"This voice…"

"Not good!"

Their expressions changed greatly.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a small hill in front of them started collapsing. A peculiar-looking gigantic beast charged out from the hill. Its sharp-looking horn, sharp teeth, and plump body served as a declaration of the identity of this beast.

Hillsea beast! This fellow had actually appeared here! Moreover, from the size of it, this seemed to be an adult hillsea beast.


The hillsea beast roared. Both its eyes ignited like flames as it stared at the plum blossom in anger. Its gaze was filled with fury, hatred, and an unconstrained anger.

"It seems to hate this thing greatly."

"It's infuriated."

"That damnable plum blossom lured it here."

"Damn it."

Their expressions became unsightly. However, they were still people with rich combat experience. "The sudden appearance of this plum blossom might be a natural occurrence here, or it might also be an enemy hidden in the dark."

"The two of you, keep watch for the appearance of any enemies. The rest of you, follow me and face the hillsea beast. Since there's only one beast here, we can still deal with it. If we start fleeing, we might end up getting killed off one by one," the captain ordered calmly.


The rest started doing what they had been ordered. Instantly, the squad started striking at this hillsea beast in an orderly manner.

Very powerful , Chen Feng praised inwardly.

This was indeed a squad specializing in exploration. Even with Old Mei messing around in the dark, they were still able to calm down rapidly. If everything proceeded smoothly, this hillsea beast lured by Old Mei might instead end up benefiting this squad. Chen Feng reckoned that Old Mei wasn't that stupid.

Chen Feng watched on calmly. "Does he still have another plan?"

Presently, the squad was fighting the hillsea beast. This beast had a unique attack-duplicating ability and was able to duplicate its enemies' abilities and send them back to its enemies. This beast was evidently extremely powerful. Even when facing two A-class warriors at the same time, it did not seem to be at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, it was still a lone beast, whereas it was facing more than two people. Rather, this beast was facing a complete squad here. Therefore, after a short two minutes, this beast was already forced to an impasse and was going to die soon.


With a flicker of a sword, the beast howled mournfully before its blood splattered out.

"Good chance!"

Seeing this scene, the eyes of one of them flashed, and that person prepared the final attack against this beast.

The captain pulled him back. "Return! Have you forgotten the information we gathered? When dying, a hillsea beast will unleash its trump card."

At this, the others assumed solemn expressions. Indeed, just as the captain finished his words...


With a howl, a terrifying might coalesced around the hillsea beast's body. A bizarre flame started burning around its body, and both its eyes transformed into a mysterious ice-blue color. This burning ice-blue hillsea beast appeared incredibly dazzling amid this dark land.


With a roar, the hillsea beast furiously unleashed its attack toward the squad.


Instantly, a terrifying radiance bloomed.

Bang! Bang!

A boundless radiance flooded out. Amid the endless blue radiance, they were finally able to get a clear look at this beast's trump card. Finally, they were made aware of what the final struggle of a hillsea beast was like.

It included 2-star secret arts, 3-star secret arts, 4-star secret arts, 5-star secret arts, and so on.

Even a 6-star secret art was included in the barrage. The huge amount of abilities erupted instantaneously, swarming everyone in the squad.