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Chapter 445: The Vending Stall at the Foot of the Mountain

Chapter 445: The Vending Stall at the Foot of the Mountain
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Othershore Mountain.

Presently, all sorts of genetic warriors were gathered here, resulting in a chaotic mess. All the genetic warriors were hunting young hillsea beasts, utilizing all the methods they could. As for Old Mei, he was like a specter, moving in the darkness while reaping the fruits of his plan, undetected by anyone. With the incredibly mysterious hillsea beasts and the seemingly everywhere fatal elements, even in death, those genetic warriors had no idea who their true enemy was.

Precisely at such a chaotic location, at the foot of the Othershore Mountain where human traffic was the highest, a vending stall suddenly appeared, causing quite a scene. That's right, a vending stall. At this place filled with A-class and B-class experts, someone had actually opened a vending stall.

"Is it for real?"

"Of course. Someone already went over to take a look."

"I was there. There's truly a vending stall there."

"Has that guy gone crazy?"

Everyone started having various thoughts. Opening a vending stall? Selling things here? Was this guy merely brave or was he stupid? Some of them chose to act prudently, while some decided to test the stall. There were also some who had already begun thinking of some evil plans. These were mostly lone rangers who had no inhibitions holding them back. As such, they were not bothered by any potential background this vendor might have. They could very well rob the stall directly before leaving. After the deed was done and they hid themselves, who could do anything to them?

However, when they finally reached the stall, they were somewhat stunned. That vending stall was actually a gene production stall. As for the genetic warriors that would normally start fighting it out the moment they encountered each other, they were all surrounding this stall, maintaining a rare peace while staring at the middle curiously.


Hillsea gene production

Difficulty: 5 stars

Rank: Unique

Introduction: Refined through the extracts of the hillsea beast, various materials are required to extract the mysterious power contained within a hillsea beast and form this unique gene reagent.

Function: Unleash a might equivalent to the full-powered attack of a hillsea beast. The hillsea beast used as the materials is the deciding factor of the might.


"This is…"

"Dang, gene production?"

"Able to produce a gene with such power… Is this a legendary master gene producer?"

"An illustrious master gene producer has actually appeared at a place like this?"

"Hillsea beast…"

Everyone had indefinite expressions. Without a doubt, this hillsea beast gene was an extremely powerful gene reagent.

From presently available data, the act of unleashing a might equivalent to a full-powered attack from a hillsea beast was equivalent to at least A-class power. During battles of life and death, it would most certainly play a big role. Among those capable of producing such a gene reagent, which would not be a master gene producer? This scene where a master producer had actually appeared here at the foot of the Othershore Mountain was rather peculiar, causing a lot of people to be exceptionally cautious. They did not dare to step forth.

When they looked at the vendor, they noted that he was merely a middle-aged man around 30 or 40 years old. Naturally, this was merely the age of his appearance. Above his lips was a small patch of beard, giving him a rather aged and dissolute appearance. His true age was still unknown, and it was this unknown factor that caused the people here to be even more cautious.

"Which master producer is not someone around 40 or 50 years old? Could this guy be a master producer nurtured by some major power?"

"I'm not too sure."

"Has anyone seen this guy before?"


They were all bewildered. Since there wasn't anything of value arranged on this stall, it was only natural that they no longer intended to rob him.

"Since this guy is capable of producing one, he might have some leftover stock?"

"That is probable."

The eyes of some of them shone at this thought. However, right before that person could even make a move, the vendor raised his hand silently, showing a badge: Gene Production Association's excellent producer.

Instantly, that person that had been about to make a move halted. Excellent producer? Instantly, the hearts of the people there shuddered. Apart from that genius youth Chen Feng, which of the other excellent producers weren't big shots of the Gene Producer Association? With this, who would still dare to make a move against him?

"Everyone." The guy with a small patch of beard was beaming as he looked at everyone. "There's no point in robbing me. I don't have anything here apart from some small crafts. Therefore…" He rubbed his beard before continuing, "Anyone wanting to produce gene reagents, you can come to me directly. As long as the materials listed here are provided together with a hillsea beast, I have absolute confidence in producing this gene reagent for you all. Mhm… as for the fee, one hillsea beast can be used to produce two. I will keep one of the produced gene reagents as the fee."

Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Among these people, there indeed existed some who were incredibly reckless and were not the least bit bothered about the Gene Production Association. Despite that, it was rather pointless for them to provoke trouble for themselves for no apparent reason. Since this guy did not have anything valuable on him, what was the point of robbing him?

Gene production, huh…

A lot of people sunk into contemplation. Right at this instant...

A cold shout resounded. "Get out of the way." Distantly, a person carrying a huge hillsea beast approached. With every step he took, a footprint was left on the ground and the earth trembled. This caused the onlookers to feel a chill in their hearts.

"What a huge hillsea beast!"

"From the looks of this beast, it should be a mid-tier A-class beast, right?"

"That guy actually soloed this beast?"

The gaze of the onlookers became solemn. The hillsea beasts were normally gathered together in groups. For this guy to be able to solo one of them before carrying that beast back here…


The hillsea beast was smashed down onto the ground in front of the stall.

"Produce then," that person stated coldly.

"All right." The guy with a small patch of beard contemplated. "Only a single adult beast?"

That guy appeared rather regretful. "Hmph. My initial target was a young hillsea beast. Unexpectedly, an adult beast appeared suddenly. Just as I managed to kill it, the entire flock appeared…"

"So that's the case." The guy with a small patch of beard beamed and stated, "One each, then."

"That's fine by me." That guy sat down cross-legged and stopped talking.


The guy with a small patch of beard started dissecting the hillsea beast in a well-practiced manner. Only now did everyone notice that this guy's strength was rather exceptional as well. In his hand, an energy weapon coalesced automatically before he easily peeled off the skin and flesh of the beast.

"This guy is indeed not weak."

"Hehe, how could a master producer be weak?"

"True. As a master producer, even if he is personally weak, the gene reagents he has on him…"

Everyone lamented endlessly. When hunting a young hillsea beast, an adult hillsea beast would certainly appear. Unfortunately, apart from the young hillsea beast that would be of some use, those additional adult hillsea beasts were simply a burden to hunt. Granted, they were worth a lot as well. However, it would waste too much time for one to actually carry them back to sell. Rather than that, one might as well sell it here to this guy with a small patch of beard, thereby changing it into a trump card to be used against other hillsea beasts.

As for the probability of this guy with a small patch of beard being a scammer…


One look at the crowds gathered here and one would know how fatal it would be for him if he was a scammer. Naturally, apart from this, there were also some others who had successfully hunted down some adult hillsea beasts. However, a lot of people had chosen to first see the true capabilities of this guy.

Two peoples were conversing in low voices.

"Have you heard of the hillsea beast gene reagent?"


"Such a thing exists?"

"Never heard of it. At least, it has never appeared on the market."

"If so, this will prove to be interesting."

In their memories, this hillsea beast gene reagent was something unheard of. They doubted this guy with a small patch of beard could truly produce it. Currently, countless people were looking at the stall.

Shua! Shua!

The guy with a small patch of beard started extracting the materials in a well-practiced manner. Fur… flesh… all were handled in a well-practiced manner. Only when he was extracting the blood essence did he pause momentarily before continuing on, appearing like an exceptionally seasoned person at this. Naturally, if there was an expert at heart reading here, that person might be able to read the inner monologue currently progressing within this guy.

"Has this blood essence fulfilled the requirement to create a mutated God Punisher gene reagent?"


"Oh, let's continue then."