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Chapter 447: I Want It

Chapter 447: I Want It

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Soon, there were people finishing their hunt. This was a squad from a rather formidable power. In their squad, there were four A-class warriors, yet ultimately, they only managed to kill a single adult hillsea beast.

"It's a pity that the young hillsea beast escaped us yet again."

"Sigh, truly too hateful."

"This keeps happening. It is truly too hard to steal a young hillsea beast."

"Well, capturing it isn't too hard. However, returning alive with that hillsea beast is an entirely different matter."

"True. I heard that earlier, someone managed to capture a young hillsea beast. In the end, they were beaten into meat paste by the flock of adult hillsea beasts." Everyone sighed endlessly. This mission was much harder than they had imagined. However, it was rather fortunate they had been able to hunt an adult hillsea beast successfully this time.

"With the single adult hillsea beast we hunted, we can get that bearded guy to produce a single hillsea gene reagent to accumulate our strength. If we have a sufficient amount of those gene reagents…"

They proceeded to drag the hillsea beast corpse to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled. "Please wait a moment."

Shua! Shua!

Once again, he started his gene production. Somewhat regretfully for him, the hillsea beast blood essence this time was still of ordinary quality. Despite being powerful, it still did not fulfill the requirement required for mutation. One could not forget that, currently, all of Chen Feng's abilities were mutations. With Luck Aura, powerful and heaven-defying mutated abilities had been created.

Therefore… the previous him had always selected boss-grade mutated beasts as his target when producing gene reagents. However, the boss-grade hillsea beasts were too powerful. Therefore, Chen Feng was willing to reduce his requirement. Despite the compromise, the strength of the chosen hillsea beast still had to be able to fulfill the requirement for mutation. The hillsea beasts he had obtained thus far were far from sufficient for this. This was also the reason he had chosen to produce gene reagents here instead of any of the other plans he had come up with. If he had to hunt personally, how long would it take?

For the current Chen Feng, the most optimal blood essence selection would be the stronger ones among the B-class young hillsea beasts. That was because the gene fusion reagent he was going to produce was, after all, a B-class gene reagent. Unfortunately… this did not seem achievable now. Due to the mission Old Mei had issued, everyone here was hunting young hillsea beasts like crazy.

The only reason Chen Feng was still safe and sound here was due to him presenting everyone present with an option that would help them achieve their goal faster and have a higher probability of success. Otherwise, he would most definitely not have lasted this long standing out here. Therefore, Chen Feng had to compromise and select the blood essence of adult hillsea beasts.

Even though A-class blood essence was powerful, if he separated it accordingly with the assistance of his luck values, it was still possible for him to reduce the level of the blood to B class. However, the premise for all this was it needed to first meet Chen Feng's requirement: being able to mutate. Therefore, he could only try time and time again, making his selection from among countless adult beasts.


The gene reagent production was completed.

He handed it to them. "Here."


They took the gene reagent in an excited manner before preparing to once again go out on a hunt. They believed that by repeating this a few more times, they would be able to obtain a young hillsea beast. Presently, everyone here was doing the same thing. As such, they were competing in time. As for Chen Feng, he merely sat there in silence, watching the busy peoples with a gaze filled with love.




The number of people returning to Chen Feng increased without stop. With this, Chen Feng's production of the gene reagent became more and more well practiced as well. This continued until a moment where a new update appeared suddenly, shocking everyone there. Someone had actually succeeded!


"Is that for real?"

"Yes! I saw with my own eyes how Master Wei obtained a young hillsea beast."


Everyone erupted in an uproar. Someone had truly succeeded!

"How did he obtain it?"

"Yeah, didn't the hillsea beast flock attack him?"

"Heh, naturally, they attacked him. However, Master Wei had already killed two of them in an ambush, and then he tossed out two gene reagents to blow up the bunch of them. Next, he carried the young hillsea beast as he turned around and fled. Before that flock of hillsea beast was able to react, he had already escaped successfully."


Everyone was astonished. Surprisingly, right at this moment, a figure appeared.


"That looks like Master Wei."

"Why has he returned?"

"No idea…"

Everyone was puzzled. Now that he had obtained the young hillsea beast, shouldn't he be exchanging it for the mission rewards instead? Why had he returned here of all places with this hillsea beast?


The hillsea beast was tossed onto the ground. As everyone glanced at the beast, they gained sudden understanding. No wonder he had returned. The beast on the ground was indeed a young hillsea beast. Unfortunately, it was already dead. For dead hillsea beasts, their worth was greatly discounted, and he could only obtain a 5-star secret art for it.

"I have been careful enough. Unexpectedly, it still ended up dead." Master Wei's expression was unsightly. "D*mn it. For this single mission, not only do we need to kill those hateful adult hillsea beasts, we still need to be careful lest our target ends up dead. F*ck this."

The rest agreed with this sentiment. However, there were still some who were extremely tempted when they saw the hillsea beast corpse there.

Someone couldn't resist and decided to inquire, "Hum… Master Wei, could you sell this thing to me?" This was a young hillsea beast!

Even if the materials one could obtain from it weren't as valuable as what one could obtain from an adult hillsea beast and it was incapable of being used to produce a powerful hillsea gene reagent, it was, after all, still the target of the mission. It was equivalent to a single 5-star secret art.

Master Wei mere glanced at them. "Quote me a price." This was also why he had carried this corpse here in the first place. He was not willing to carry this thing out to exchange for the mission reward. The two-way trip would waste quite a lot of his time. A 6-star secret art was his goal. At this, the people there started pondering as well. Without a doubt, the price of this thing here should be equivalent to a 5-star secret art. However, the gap between the prices of different 5-star secret arts was rather huge as well. Therefore, quoting an appropriate price for this in itself would be a type of skill.

Someone else tried to quote a price before the earlier guy could respond. "My offer—"

However, before he could even offer his price, a familiar voice abruptly sounded, shocking everyone present. "This thing here, I want it."

This voice… Everyone turned around abruptly and noted with astonishment that this was precisely their producer here, the guy with a small patch of beard.

"You actually dare to fight with us over this?"

Killing intent flashed in the eyes of some of them. Wasn't this guy being harmless the only reason he was allowed to stay here?

The moment this guy was daring enough to compete with them over this mission, he would transform into a competitor. With that, nobody would allow him to leave here alive. Unexpectedly, he actually had the courage to take the initiative and make a move here.

Quite a number of them sneered inwardly. "You are courting death."

Master Wei smiled faintly. "You?"

Chen Feng nodded with a calm expression. "Mhm." However, his heart was already roaring.

Young hillsea beast! That's a young hillsea beast!

He had produced many gene reagents here, and this was the very first young hillsea beast he had encountered. With that, how could he not be agitated? He had to obtain this thing. If this young hillsea beast here was able to fulfill his requirement… he would be able to produce the God Punisher gene reagent from it.

Master Wei looked at Chen Feng toyingly. "You are thinking of competing with us as well?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "Nope. I'm merely thinking that a 5-star secret art might be just nice for my use. I am not interested in your mission."

Just nice for his use… Everyone glanced at him, and instantly, they understood what he meant. Indeed, this guy was indeed B class. As such, a 5-star secret art was indeed just nice for his use. Instantly, a lot of people there felt relieved. As long as he was not competing with them, all would be fine. However, there were quite a number of people here who were similarly aiming for 5-star secret arts, and presently, their killing intent started surging. They decided to teach this guy here a lesson.