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Chapter 448: Who Else Wants to Give It a Try?

Chapter 448: Who Else Wants to Give It a Try?

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Master Wei shrugged. "What price can you offer then?"

"These." Taking out two red spheres, Chen Feng continued, "Two of these as a trade."


Master Wei's pupils shrunk abruptly. Hillsea gene reagent! To capture this damnable young hillsea beast, he had been forced to waste two hillsea gene reagents. Ultimately, he had still failed his mission. If he wanted to accumulate enough of gene reagents, a long time would be required. Now, though…

"Five! I want five of them!" Master Wei's eyes were burning.

Chen Feng merely looked at him calmly. "I only have two of them."

Killing intent flashed in Master Wei's eyes. "Five!"

"This beast is only worth two of them," Chen Feng stated faintly. "Moreover, even this price has been reached after taking the 5-star secret art into consideration. If the mission happens to be completed by the time I reach there… I'm afraid this young hillsea beast will instead become trash. Therefore, it's only worth two of my gene reagents. Naturally, if you are not satisfied with this price, you can continue trading with others." Chen Feng appeared extremely calm.

Master Wei's eyes gleamed coldly. "You…" He already felt like killing this guy. However, as he saw the cold and detached expressions on the eyes of the others around them, he calmed down, not daring to make a move. Those people would most certainly not allow him to kill this gene producer like this.

After all, this gene producer was a guarantee for them to be able to speed up their hunt. However, wasn't this gene producer too stupid? How long did he expect these people to protect him? When this mission ended, this producer would most probably not even live a single day longer. He would most probably get himself killed by all these people here.

"Deal." Master Wei gave Chen Feng a cold gaze before taking the gene reagents and leaving.

Done! Chen Feng stated inwardly. He knew this Master Wei wouldn't waste his time for some mere 5-star secret art, since his true goal was a 6-star secret art. If so, he would most certainly want to obtain these red spheres no matter what. Therefore, two of them would be sufficient for this trade.

"Finally, young hillsea beast obtained." The excited Chen Feng stepped forth.

Unexpectedly, right at this moment, someone blocked him. "I want some hillsea gene reagents as well."

"?" Chen Feng looked at him with an odd expression. This pretty-looking guy was talking with a sweet tone while his hand was assuming an orchid gesture [1] 1 , causing one to shudder. The pretty guy looked at Chen Feng with an enchanting gaze and stated, "Hand me the red sphere and I will allow you to live."


Chen Feng looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. The rather powerful genetic warriors nearby from two different powers were already walking toward them. Evidently, they were not willing to allow such idiots to disturb this producer.

Suddenly, the pretty guy stated, "Do you guys know how many hillsea gene reagents he has? Thirty-four of them! From the start until now, he has already accumulated 34 hillsea gene reagents! I know that you guys are protecting him so that the mission can go smoothly. However, the 34 he has here, is it not enough to split among us? To even complete the mission?"

At this, the rest were tempted. True, there were 34 of them here! Using only two, Master Wei had already been able to nearly complete the mission earlier. With 34 of them… it would enable at least five people here to complete this mission. As for the total reward for this mission, there were only five 6-star secret arts anyway. This signified that if they allowed this gene producer to stay alive…

The pretty guy smiled faintly. "He will keep producing more competitors for us. Therefore, rather than allow his existence to keep producing trouble for us, why not get rid of him directly and share the gene reagents among us? What do you guys think?"

All their eyes lit up. What a good idea! Even those who had initially been in charge of monitoring and protecting Chen Feng were now hesitating. When they now looked at Chen Feng, their gazes were burning and filled with greed. Those were hillsea gene reagents. Who would be bothered with the background or accumulation of someone capable of producing such a thing? After leaving this Othershore Mountain, they would all pretend to not know each other.

"This plan is indeed possible." With that, the gazes that had earlier been focused on the pretty guy were now focused on Chen Feng hungrily. They were all tempted as they planned how to eliminate this low-level gene producer! Mhm… excellent producer, to be precise.

"Ultimately, this is not the type of place you producers should come. When you are too weak, coming here is equivalent to courting death. What a pity."

They shook their heads, sighing, yet none of them intended to help Chen Feng.


The pretty guy made his move. This time, nobody blocked him. However, surprisingly, even now, Chen Feng was still looking at that pretty guy like he was looking at an idiot.

Chen Feng sighed. "This is the idea you came up with?" When one became greedy, one would start losing their reason.

This pretty guy did not quite look like an idiot. The rest around him did not look like idiots either. However, for their benefits, to make a large profit, they were starting to lose their intelligence. The only thing they had on their mind was robbing Chen Feng, to the point they had forgotten to ask one crucial question.

"Is there a need for this?" Chen Feng sighed as he tossed out a red sphere in an unhurried manner.


After a huge bang, the world seemed to return to peace. Instantly, the pretty guy charging at Chen Feng was bombarded senseless. Even with his mid-tier A-class strength, he was still instantly gravely injured, blood spurting out of his entire body.

"He is actually still alive?" Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. "Well, maybe because the gene reagent I used earlier was produced from an early-tier A-class hillsea beast. Mhm, are you interested in trying this one instead?"

At that, Chen Feng took out another hillsea gene reagent that seemed even more powerful than the earlier one.


At this sight, those around him, their blood boiling, felt like they had been dunked in cold water. As for the pretty guy who had gravely injured been by Chen Feng, his entire body chilled as well. His eyes were filled with fear as he stared at the red sphere in Chen Feng's hand. Damn it! Only now did they recall something extremely terrifying. Since they could use this gene reagent, couldn't Chen Feng use it as well? Who in the world said that a gene producer couldn't battle?

After getting stuck in an erroneous line of thought for a prolonged period of time, they had neglected that gene producers had a certain degree of combat strength as well. This was especially true for excellent producers. This red sphere was something this producer could use himself as well. Moreover, the strength of this gene reagent was rather powerful indeed.

"Hehe. Anyone interested in trying it out?" Chen Feng beamed as he looked at the people around him. Countless red spheres started hovering around him. As they saw this, they were given a scare. None of them dared to approach Chen Feng or even get within one meter of him.

"How obedient." Silently, Chen Feng retrieved his red spheres. "Mhm… As I mentioned before, I am only here to earn some extra income. As for those 6-star secret arts, even if someone gives me one, I wouldn't be able to use it. Moreover, I don't need those secret arts either. This thing here is much more useful than your secret arts," Chen Feng stated as he played with a red sphere in his hand. At this, everyone became speechless. Wasn't that right? These red spheres were terrifying enough to match a 6-star secret art. The scariest fact was that this gene reagent could even be mass produced. So that was the actual goal of this producer here!