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Chapter 451: Mutated God Punisher? Lies!

Chapter 451: Mutated God Punisher? Lies!

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Othershore Mountain.

Chen Feng was still putting great effort toward gene productions. Although Old Mei's appearance had somewhat surprised him, it did not hinder him continuing to complete his gene reagent. Only one final step was left in completing his God Punisher gene.

Shua! Shua!

His luck value was dropping crazily. This was the single luck value usage of Chen Feng's with the highest quality-to-price ratio. In the illusory world, light swirled around. Presently, Chen Feng was improving the formula, trying his best to make this formula better, fulfill the requirement of mutating the formula, and once again create an ability surpassing this era.

God Punisher… how powerful will the improved you be?

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


After 500 luck value was consumed, the improvement was completed. Next, it was time for the actual production. Once again, his luck value dropped. After all, this was also the first time Chen Feng had produced something at this level. As such, the success rate wasn't perfect enough, and Chen Feng had to rely on his luck value. Fortunately, the other aspects of production did not pose much trouble.

After a long time.


The familiar radiance started swirling around, signifying the completion of his production.


The agitated Chen Feng stared at the newly produced gene reagent. Instantly, he blanked.

This ability…

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked Spirit, "Spirit, what was the original ability of God Punisher?"

Spirit repeated the ability of God Punisher honestly. "God Punisher: Unleash all the different abilities unleashed before, once. Consumption: All energy. Cooldown: One day."

Chen Feng nodded in a seemingly calm manner. "Mhm." Suddenly, he pointed at the screen indignantly. "In that case, what is the meaning of this newly produced thing here?"

The gene fusion reagent had indeed mutated. This was what Chen Feng had been anticipating. However, the direction of the mutation was something he had never expected…


God Punisher: Unleash all abilities used previously.

Consumption: All energy.

Limitation: One time.


This was the latest God Punisher he had produced. No cooldown, no limitation. The original God Punisher unleashed the different abilities used by the user, while this God Punisher unleashed all abilities used by the user. In other words, even for the same ability, all of them would be released instead of selecting one among the various times that ability had been used previously.

The ten million Wind Blades released previously? They would all be released.

The tens of Nethergaze activations? They would all be released as well.

He only needed to activate God Punisher and all these abilities would be unleashed. Without a doubt, the present God Punisher was extremely powerful. It would unleash all abilities the user had used since birth, regardless of whether those were repeat abilities or not. The might of such an attack was astonishingly dreadful.

Without a doubt, this thing possessed the might to destroy the heavens and Earth. Chen Feng was sure that if this ability was activated, even peak A-class warriors would be killed. This was an amazingly powerful ability in the truest sense.

However… the limitation…

As Chen Feng looked at it, his heart chilled. Different from the previous God Punisher that could be used once per day, this thing here could only be used once. In other words, after using it once, this ability would be useless moving forward. In one lifetime, this ability could only be used once. Wasn't this a scam? Chen Feng was furious.

After a long time of painstaking preparation coupled with formula improvement, it had mutated into something like this? If he had known this, he wouldn't have bothered mutating it. What a scam!

"Spirit," Chen Feng said.

Spirit: "…"

It was rather rare to see Spirit speechless. For something like this to have happened, it was truly unexpected.

Chen Feng sighed. "Why did this happen?"

Spirit analyzed for a bit before requesting authorization. "I need 10 luck value to figure it out."

"Take it." Chen Feng had to figure out the reason for this. If all young hillsea beasts would have such result after mutation, Chen Feng would rather stick with the original version. It was totally pointless to use this mutated version.

"All right." Spirit started her analysis speedily. "Done." Spirit checked the data before continuing, "After testing, I found out that the genes of hillsea beasts are very unique. Therefore, there are numerous possibilities when they mutate instead of only one single possibility. The reason for this being our final product is due to the young hillsea beast you used only being able to mutate in this direction."

This was actually a good piece of news. Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. All would be good if not all mutations would be the same. He could still try mutating them for better results. Naturally, the troublesome thing was the fact that he would require more than one young hillsea beast now.

"There are a lot of different directions a gene mutation can take. Luck value will be able to help you eliminate all previously appeared mutations in your production. However, for unknown mutations… you have to make a choice manually," Spirit reminded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shrugged. "Can't you make the selection for me?"

Spirit pondered. "Theoretically, it's possible. I can directly list out the few possibilities for the future mutations, the direction of the mutation, the source of the hillsea beast required… I can even cause some accidents to make the required beast appear before you, enabling you to obtain it easily. However…"

Before Spirit could even finish her explanation, Chen Feng was already rolling his eyes.

He did not even need to guess to know the reason. "Insufficient luck value, right?"

"Yes. A huge amount of consumption is required to do something like that. It is not something accomplishable by the present you," Spirit answered honestly.

Chen Feng sighed. What could he say to that?

He glanced at the 400 luck value he had and his heart ached. Earlier, a grand total of 500 luck value had been consumed. Hold on, if so…

Spirit spoke honestly. "No. Even if the direction of the mutation is considered a failure, all the verification, analysis, and improvements before the actual production have already completed. During our next production, no luck value will be required. I can directly direct it in this direction."

Chen Feng was relieved. "That's good, then." If everything needed to be restarted, he would have to give up.

"What you need now are hillsea beast corpses," Spirit reminded him. "If you want the original God Punisher ability, you will only require a young hillsea beast. However, if you want a powerful version of God Punisher… you might require a huge number of young hillsea beasts." Spirit completed her explanations with a shake of her head.

Chen Feng's expression darkened. Huge number of young hillsea beasts…

Even this single young hillsea beast he had was something he had obtained due to the others not wanting it. Where was he supposed to look for young hillsea beasts, let alone a huge amount of them? Chen Feng stared at the sky. Even the sky above Othershore Mountain was already shrouded in darkness. His remaining time was truly quite short.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "One day." He would use one day to try it out. If he failed to obtain a huge number of young hillsea beasts, he would directly give up on mutating it. Only if it was possible would he try mutating it. However, regardless of how many attempts he tried, he would ensure that he would have an additional young hillsea beast left behind. With this, even if his mutations failed, he could still choose to produce a regular God Punisher with the additional young hillsea beast. This would serve as his failsafe.

If so, let the countdown begin! Chen Feng checked the time and started thinking of methods to obtain young hillsea beasts.

"Dear all, 5-star secret arts aren't really of any use, right?" The smiling Chen Feng was looking at the genetic warriors here to trade for the red spheres. "If you guys have any dead young hillsea beasts, you guys can come and trade for a red sphere. These things aren't really of much use to me anyway. I might as well trade them for something useful."

A genetic warrior shook his head. "How is it that easy? Even now, not many people have actually completed the mission."

"That's not for sure." Chen Feng constantly maintained that smile on his face. Even if the one he was talking to was someone weak, Chen Feng would still advertise his offer to that person without bias. The one-day deadline passed rather quickly. Unfortunately, Chen Feng had only obtained one dead young hillsea beast so far. Even this single beast had been obtained after offering a high price of two red spheres as a trade.

Since the beast had only recently been killed, Chen Feng had directly extracted its blood essence before preserving it and had been waiting for more. However, he did not obtain any more. With so many genetic warriors and squads here, only one had been obtained after one whole day. Moreover, this was the foot of Othershore Mountain. Anyone leaving would have to leave this place. Despite that, only one?

Apart from Old Mei who was carrying adult hillsea beasts here without stop, there were actually not many people conducting trades here. It seemed like these people here for the mission were all stuck as well.

Chen Feng sighed. Well, seems like I have no hope of completing the mutation, then.