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Chapter 457: You Might Want to Get Checked at a Hospital

Chapter 457: You Might Want to Get Checked at a Hospital

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"What's going on?" Chen Feng muttered. He had only finished his fusion and was about to get a short rest when he had heard shouting outside that resembled someone having an orgasm or something. Come on, I'm only taking a small break… Chen Feng stood up helplessly. "Coming, coming."

Surprising him, just as he stood up, an astonishing sight welcomed him. Mhm… It was the sight of Old Mei battling an entire group of warriors all by himself. Chen Feng could recall clearly that the last time he had seen a scene this awesome, it had been in a movie in his previous life…

"Chen Feng!" Old Mei fixed his gaze at that damnable guy with a small patch of beard. To hell with his beard. As Old Mei had increased his strength, he was now able to see through this guy's disguise with a single look.

Chen Feng widened his eyes. "Who are you calling? Where's Chen Feng?"

Old Mei laughed nastily. "Hehe. Even if you transformed into a speck of dust, I would still recognize you. Your disguise is indeed rather ingenious. This should be one of the abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, right? Hehe… What a pity that the present me can see through you easily." Both Old Mei's eyes were ignited with a raging flame as he suddenly recalled everything that had happened here. "Well, looks like the boulder on the summit earlier was your handiwork as well?"

"How is that possible?" Chen Feng replied while he flashed a smile. "I mean, I am already over 30 years old this year. How is it possible that I am that Chen Feng, that handsome, carefree, kind, brave, multitalented, extraordinary, knowledgeable, and all-powerful genius who was able to become an excellent producer at the young age of 20 years old?"

Instantly, everyone lapsed into a silence. The silence was dreadful. As for Old Mei, his mouth twitched. This was the first time he had ever witnessed a person shameless to this degree.

Old Mei fixed his gaze on Chen Feng. "Is this fun for you?"

Chen Feng shrugged with a smile. "Well, reciting the truth is rather boring, truth be told."


His disguise was ripped away. This was a disguise that had been completed after using over 10 minor abilities with the help of his luck value.


That familiar face appeared.


As the rest saw this, they inhaled deeply in surprise. Despite the reveal by Old Mei earlier, they had never expected that this over 30 years old excellent producer was truly Chen Feng. That Chen Feng had already reached this level? They blanked as they thought of this. Once upon of time, whenever they had mentioned Chen Feng, they had seen him as a person of the junior generation… And out of nowhere, suddenly, he had reached a height rivaling them. Even if he was still a mere B-class warrior, he was the person capable of producing the hillsea gene reagent!

He was already qualified to be equal to them of the older generation. Chen Feng had already reached this level? Naturally, this did not seem like it would be of much help to them presently, seeing as how that hateful Old Mei was here.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he gazed at Old Mei in front of him. "Hi, it's been a while."

Old Mei stared at this familiar person in front of him. "I have been wanting to meet you even when I'm dreaming."

As Chen Feng heard that, he shyly stated, "If so, you should get yourself checked at the hospital. After all, I will normally only dream of beautiful young girls."


The veins on Old Mei's head throbbed. Shortly after, though, he calmed himself down.

"Hehe. The only thing you can do now is talk back anyway. Don't worry, I will kill you all, leaving you all behind here at this Othershore Mountain forever. I believe that in the not too distant future, you guys will be part of the legend surrounding Othershore Mountain as well," Old Mei finished with a cold expression.

From the moment he had finished his transformation, it had already been decided that all these people would not be able to leave here alive. This was his home ground! This was his legend! From now onward, the legends surrounding Othershore Mountain would also include the story of that lofty plum blossom!

He pointed midair. "Condense!" Next, a bright and resplendent plum blossom appeared. Old Mei's killing intent intensified.

Chen Feng sighed. Turning around, he looked at the several tens of A-class warriors that were ordinarily so awe-inspiring. After a short thought, Chen Feng said, "Hey, don't you guys have any ways of killing that old geezer? Something like curses or anything?"

"I tried. Even curses were burnt by that flame," an A-class expert with curse-related abilities stated with an unsightly expression.

Chen Feng thought of another method. "Oh… how about those penetrative abilities, then?"

"That flame is capable of blocking them as well," an A-class expert that had obviously tried that out stated with a bitter smile.



"Spatial teleportation?"


One reply after another was given to Chen Feng. After all, they were not idiots. How was it possible for them to have just stood here waiting for death? However, they had already attempted everything possible. All of their attempts had ended up destroyed by that flame, and only a small strain had been put on the flame from all that. With a nonchalant wave of Old Mei's hand, the flame would recover to its peak condition.

They smiled bitterly. "That flame is capable of nearly everything. Moreover, the energy consumption is so low that it causes one's hair to stand in anger at the thought of it."

Now, they had no other means of dealing with that flame.

Chen Feng shrugged. "Fine."

He had already been aware that Old Mei had been here fusing with his new ability. Unexpectedly, though, his new ability was actually so strong that it was nearly undefeatable.

A toying smile appeared on Old Mei's face. "Are you despairing?" As he saw Chen Feng, who had caused him great harm back then, requesting for help nonstop yet having nothing to show for it, that expression of Chen Feng's as he awaited death, Old Mei felt immensely pleasant.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. "No, I'm not. Which of your eyes saw me despairing?"

Old Mei was visibly stunned at this reply.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "What, it's a mere plum blossom. Big deal. Come on, Old Mei. You are already this old, yet every single day is spent playing with flowers. Back then, you were playing with chrysanthemums. Never mind that, now you are once again playing with flowers—with plum blossoms, this time?"

"I have always been using plum blossoms!" Old Mei bellowed furiously.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "Yeah right, I'm not buying that. Back then, you joined up with Wang Yue. Who knows what you guys did back then…"[1] 1


The expressions of everyone else became strange as they heard this.

"You!" Despite his fury, Old Mei was able to calm down immediately. Coldly, he looked at Chen Feng. "I am aware that you are trying to anger me. Don't worry, I won't be too calculative toward a dead person. This is especially true when I am facing a bunch of dead guys."


The plum blossom flame in his hand bloomed.

"Let's work together!"

Alarmed, all of them let loose their strongest defensive abilities together. The ensuing result of this was rather powerful, as a near-perfect defensive barrier appeared, enveloping everything within. How useful this was, though, was something that still remained to be seen, as even they themselves were not too confident on it.


The plum blossom crashed into the barrier. Flame bloomed, yet it failed to break through the barrier.

They were all overjoyed. "We blocked it!" Alas, their joy only lasted a moment before the flame of the plum blossom bloomed yet again.


A crisp sound could be heard. At that, all of them paled. That defensive barrier they had all been proud of was only capable of blocking the plum blossom flame momentarily.

They despaired.

"We're going to die."

"I'm actually going to die here…"


The flame of the plum blossom danced around, akin to their worst nightmare. Right at this instant, Chen Feng stood up abruptly. Next, he stepped forth, stopping in front of the flame.


The rest were filled with doubt.

Old Mei frowned as he saw this. "Mhm?" He was indeed planning on killing everyone there, Chen Feng included, with his flame. Beyond his expectations, Chen Feng actually had the courage to step forth by himself and stand in front of everyone. Well, this did not matter anyway. If it was some other excellent producer there, Old Mei would have had a tiny bit of fear. As for Chen Feng? He was a mere B-class warrior. Even if he was capable of transcending classes when battling, he could only battle an A-class warrior at most. In that case, what was the difference between him and these bunch of A-class warriors here that were waiting for death?

Alas, Chen Feng merely smiled before lifting his hand. One word at a time, he chanted, "God! Punisher!"


The entire world was enveloped by a scorching white.