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Chapter 458: Arise!

Chapter 458: Arise!

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Wind Blade…

Ice Blade…

Flame Blade…

Old Mei watched on coldly as one familiar ability after another appeared. Suddenly, he recalled the ability of the hillsea beast he had seen earlier. So… Chen Feng was here to fuse with a new ability? As he thought of Chen Feng's present level of "B-class warrior," he pieced everything together. Chen Feng had to have just finished fusing with the hillsea gene, thus obtaining the God Punisher genetic ability. And since he was a mere B-class warrior, he could only fuse with the young hillsea beasts.

After thinking about it, Old Mei concluded that he himself seemed to be the very supplier of the young hillsea beasts Chen Feng had used. Without him, Chen Feng might still be wasting time trying to gather young hillsea beast blood essence.

Old Mei rubbed his head. "I have been somewhat neglectful, it seems." He should have seen through Chen Feng way earlier. However, it was still not too late for him to see it now.

Old Mei's eyes gleamed coldly. Do you think that this ability can defeat me? Hehe. Chen Feng… You have been making use of me to gather young hillsea beasts. You have also been foiling my plan secretly. However, you have neglected something very important. Ultimately, you are still too weak. He was clearer than anyone else on the characteristics of the hillsea beast's ability. Despite the fact that God Punisher was an ability nobody cared about, for Old Mei to have decided to come here, he had to have done his research before reaching that decision. He was much clearer than anyone else on the limitations of the God Punisher ability. It could only be used once per day. Moreover, a single type of ability could only appear once, with the selected version of the ability being random.

Old Mei sneered. "Are you trying to combine it with your Myriad Illusions?"

Since he was able to figure out Chen Feng's goal here, he could naturally piece everything together, concluding that Chen Feng had selected this ability due to the Myriad Illusions ability he possessed. Other people would only be able to release not more than 20 abilities with God Punisher. As for Chen Feng, with his Myriad Illusions, he would have hundreds or even a thousand abilities in his repertoire. With the combination of Myriad Illusions and God Punisher, the unleashed might would most certainly be off the charts.


Old Mei watched on as the endless white surged out of Chen Feng. When a huge amount of abilities of different colors interwove together, the final combination was something white, a terrifying white radiance that dyed the entire sky white as everything bombarded Old Mei.

Old Mei pointed midair. "Condense!"


A plum blossom flame bloomed midair. Silently, it hovered there, swallowing up all the white radiance charging at it. Myriad Illusions? God Punisher? Old Mei sneered. Perhaps this combination would be very terrifying for others. Unfortunately, these low-level abilities contained within Myriad Illusions weren't even capable of breaking through his defense.

If Chen Feng were already an A-class warrior, Old Mei might have had something to fear, but for the present B-class him? Furthermore, Myriad Illusions was a 1-star ability. A 1-star ability released by a B-class warrior, how powerful could it be? With such an ability, even if a thousand of them were unleashed, what could they accomplish? Ultimately, their level was too low.


Noiselessly, the plum blossom spinned there. The abilities released by Chen Feng, the seemingly never-ending abilities, were incapable of doing anything against the plum blossom.

"Devour, my dear plum blossom," Old Mei muttered.

Bang! Bang!

The world was enveloped by white, with the exception being the spot Old Mei was standing on, the spot that remained untainted. There, with a feeble-looking flame, that part of the world was seemingly protected against the endless white that had enveloped everywhere else. The rest of them were alarmed as they witnessed this.

"How is this possible…"

"Too powerful."

The fact that Chen Feng was able to unleash such a powerful attack was very shocking to them. None of them had expected that the B-class Chen Feng was capable of unleashing an attack equivalent to the attack of a regular A-class warrior. On the other hand, the defense mounted by Old Mei caused them to be fearful. Just like that, this attack of Chen Feng was being blocked? They were aware that if it was them that were facing such attack, they would most probably be insta-killed. Against such an attack, Old Mei could defend so easily?

One hundred abilities…

Two hundred abilities…

Three hundred abilities…

Five hundred abilities…

One thousand abilities…

Within the never-ending white, several hundreds of abilities were shot forth with every passing second.

The speed at which those abilities were shot out by Chen Feng was indeed terrifying. One ought not forget that this was his first time using God Punisher. As such, he wasn't well practiced with it and was only able to keep throwing all the appearing abilities out in one go. The attack was so powerful that space itself seemed to have frozen.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Some of them that had better eyes were able to get a much clearer look at the unleashed abilities than others.

"It'll be reaching 1,000 soon."

"The released abilities are growing stronger and stronger. I suppose it's going to end soon?"

"Looks like Chen Feng has some ability to keep the stronger abilities for the end. He is releasing the abilities in sequence according to their strength. The later it gets, the stronger the abilities become."

"That seems to be the case."

Everyone was filled with anticipation. Perhaps… this would be sufficient to defeat Old Mei?

Bang! Bang!

The plum blossom appeared to be tottering now, seemingly on the verge of collapse.


"He might be able to defeat Old Mei for real."

They were full of anticipation. However, right at this moment, with a slight raise of Old Mei's hand, beside the initial plum blossom that had yet to dissipate, a brand new plum blossom appeared. From the looks of it, it seemed even more powerful than the initial plum blossom.

"This…" Their expressions changed greatly. There were more?

Old Mei sneered. "How idiotic…" Did they truly think that something he had used 10 years to obtain would be this weak? Oh well… Chen Feng had already unleashed 1,000 abilities now. It would most probably end soon.

After all, Old Mei had a certain degree of understanding toward the Myriad Illusions ability. Some others had learned this ability previously as well. However, even when reaching A class, those people only had around 1,000 abilities in total. If one wanted more, it would be dependent on luck. After all, a lot of the abilities contained within Myriad Illusions had too low a probability of appearance. Therefore, despite there being several thousand abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, most people would only be able to make use of around 1,000 of them.

Naturally, he did not know that Chen Feng's version of Myriad Illusions was a mutated version. This was an ability improved by Chen Feng himself, an ability containing 16,000 minor abilities. He was also unaware that as far as Chen Feng was concerned, regardless of how low the probability of appearance for any minor ability was, with Wind Blade and luck value, the appearance of these abilities was something extremely simple.


One thousand five hundred abilities.

The second plum blossom was also collapsing now.

Old Mei was filled with doubt. "???" The high amount of abilities unleashed by this God Punisher had given him quite a surprise. However, this would probably be the furthest it would go. After all, it was understandable for someone like Chen Feng to have several hundred more abilities than other users of Myriad Illusions. But then, the speed at which this second plum blossom was collapsing seemed somewhat too fast? This second plum blossom of his, this peerless flame, wasn't even able to last more than a single second under Chen Feng's barrage.

How odd.

Once again, Old Mei formed a brand new plum blossom.


One thousand seven hundred abilities. And now, yet another plum blossom of Old Mei's collapsed.


This time, Old Mei was truly alarmed. Another collapse? Hadn't a single plum blossom of his been capable of blocking the attacks of a group of A-class warriors during his previous uses? And now… when it was facing Chen Feng's God Punisher, it was gone in a mere instant? How was this possible?

"I refuse to believe this." Clenching his teeth, Old Mei condensed another plum blossom.


One thousand eight hundred abilities. The new plum blossom collapsed.


One thousand nine hundred abilities. Yet another new plum blossom collapsed.

Bang! Bang!

Old Mei kept forming new plum blossoms without stop. Alarming him and everyone there, his ever-victorious plum blossoms could only last a single instant against Chen Feng's barrage. It had reached a point where a single plum blossom of his was no longer able to block more than 100 abilities of Chen Feng's.

Finally, Old Mei's expression changed. "How is this possible?" Could Chen Feng have some peculiar ability that was countering his plum blossom? At this thought, he soaked his consciousness into the plum blossom, trying to figure out what was going on. However, the information he obtained startled him greatly. No weakness was found—his plum blossom wasn't being countered. Astonishingly, Chen Feng was simply using brute force, slamming his abilities against the plum blossom until its eventual collapse. In other words, the energy being unleashed by this God Punisher had far exceeded the amount of energy his plum blossom could defend against.

But then… how was that possible? When had this low-level ability, this Myriad Illusions, become even stronger than the full-powered attack of an A-class warrior? Old Mei truly couldn't answer this question.


The white radiance was still as blinding as ever. As for Old Mei, he did not dare to even pause, forming plum blossoms without stop. Facing an attack of this level, he could no longer hope to survive through a fluke. The only thing he could do was face force with force. Despite the fact that Chen Feng's God Punisher appeared to be increasingly powerful, Old Mei was clear that Chen Feng was going to reach the end, as God Punisher would be done unleashing its abilities soon. Now, it was a matter of persevering till the end.

"Even if you can destroy a plum blossom, a single plum blossom only consumes a small amount of my energy. Let me have a look at how long your God Punisher can last and how many more abilities you have to unleash."

Two thousand abilities!


Three hovering plum blossoms collapsed together.

Two thousand one hundred abilities.


Five plum blossoms collapsed together.

Two thousand two hundred abilities.


Ten plum blossoms collapsed together.

This plum blossom capable of blocking a group of A-class attacks had now been reduced to mere cannon fodder. The only thing Old Mei could do was form plum blossoms unendingly to defend himself. Presently, Chen Feng's barrage was getting increasingly stronger, increasingly astonishing. However, Old Mei knew that Chen Feng was reaching his limit. God Punisher would end soon. As for the onlookers around them, they were already numb toward any and all surprises. This was a battle they could not even hope to interfere with.

Old Mei's gaze was cold. By now, he did not have much energy left in him. He had never expected that with this perfected plum blossom that could be treated as something with an unlimited supply, he would actually reach a point where he was on the brink of energy exhaustion. This was something that would ordinarily never happen. Now, though, it seemed like this was precisely what was happening.

Two thousand three hundred abilities!


Twenty plum blossoms collapsed.

At this moment, God Punisher stopped its barrage momentarily. An extremely terrifying amount of energy seemed to be on the verge of release. Rather than being alarmed, Old Mei was instead overjoyed. Finally, it was ending! Finally, Chen Feng's God Punisher had reached its final barrage. Chen Feng seemed to have used some other ability in conjunction with God Punisher to control the sequence of the abilities unleashed. From the start till the end, the might of the abilities had increased without stop. Therefore, this final ability would certainly be an extremely powerful ability.

This would be his final trump card. This would also be the moment where God Punisher was at its strongest. At this moment, the entirety of Chen Feng was enveloped in radiance. The radiance was an effect of the numerous buff abilities unleashed by the God Punisher earlier. Chen Feng had clearly used those buff abilities on himself.

At the same time, Old Mei's body was also enveloped by a rather dark radiance. This was the effect of the numerous debuff abilities released by God Punisher earlier. Despite their inability to harm the plum blossoms, despite their rather weak effects, they were still ultimately a gathering of various bizarre debuffs. However, Old Mei was without the slightest fear.

Come! Old Mei bellowed inwardly. He had finally completed his transformation after 10 whole years of preparation. As such, he absolutely would not allow himself to be defeated in this very first battle so fresh after his transformation. A powerful concentration of energy gathered in his hands before assembling and forming an exceptionally dazzling plum blossom that was blooming with a flame, a flame akin to the flames of hell.


A seemingly boundless red radiance started shining dazzlingly.