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Chapter 459: This Unreliable Cast Time

Chapter 459: This Unreliable Cast Time

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Othershore Mountain.

White, red—beneath the dark sky, two entirely different colors clashed, blinding all onlookers with the dazzling clash, the intensity of the clash causing onlookers to feel flustered. The participants of this clash were Old Mei and Chen Feng. One was an expert unheard of before, while the other was a person who had previously spent much time in the limelight, yet he was also a mere producer whose level wasn't particularly high.

It was beyond everyone's expectation that the scope of these two's battle had reached such a level. At this point, their fight was already rivaling the fight of peak A-class warriors. As for the others there that were ordinary A-class warriors, they couldn't even interfere in the battle at all.


Countless people had their fists clenched tight. This was the very first time in their lives that they had felt such a pressing urge to improve their strength. While the clash between Chen Feng and Old Mei might seem like it had been going on for a long time, in truth, only a few seconds had passed since the start of their battle. Within such a short time period, several thousand abilities had been unleashed, alarming everyone present.


Before their eyes, the terrifying radiance bloomed. They were all anticipating that Chen Feng would be the final victor. Betraying their anticipation, that alarming radiance was gradually changing color, with the white waning and the red intensifying. That red light that had initially seemed so feeble was now so very dazzling.

Their hearts shuddered. "This is bad!" Had Chen Feng been defeated? No! That shouldn't be possible! They had obviously seen how Chen Feng had had Old Mei suppressed toward the end, but then, that final plum blossom summoned by Old Mei did seem much larger than what he had summoned previously. Could it be…

"Has Chen Feng failed to break through that final plum blossom?" someone asked bitterly. That seemed to be just the case. At this thought, the expressions of everyone else sunk as well. It was all over.

Currently, Chen Feng was their only hope. But then, it seemed like even Chen Feng was unable to defeat Old Mei. If even that terrifying power of Chen Feng's had failed to break through that plum blossom, what else could they do?

Someone sighed. "God Punisher has probably finished unleashing all the abilities."

They could roughly guess what had happened during the exchange earlier. Ultimately, Chen Feng had been the one attacking. Old Mei had merely been defending himself. Now that Chen Feng's God Punisher was done spamming abilities, even if Old Mei had only a tiny spark of his flame remaining, this could be considered a defeat. Only by defeating all Old Mei's flame or killing Old Mei would they be considered victorious.

But then…

They all stared upward at the sky. Beneath the pitch-black sky, only an expanse of red could be seen. Moreover, along with the passage of time, the red was intensifying. After only a single second, the red had seemingly reached the tipping point.

Bang! Bang!

Next, a terrifying explosion that shocked one's heart started reverberating. Space collapsed, and the earth trembled. After a long time, the red faded, returning Othershore Mountain to its tranquility.

Their hearts were trembling. "Has it ended?" At this moment, they did not even have the courage to raise their heads, to look at the result of the battle, even though they already had their guesses as to the final result of the battle. However, when someone finally raised his head, that person was given a huge shock. His eyes widened abruptly as he stared ahead, unbelieving. There, a red light was flickering. It was Old Mei! He was indeed the final survivor!

But then… why did he seem to be in such a sorry state? And why did he look like he was fleeing? Just as this thought surfaced in that person's brain...


A red flash streaked past.

Next, blood started spurting out all over Old Mei's body. Hastily, he streaked forth, transforming into a red flash as he escaped. As for the plum blossom that he had initially used to blockade Othershore Mountain, he directly absorbed it back into him. As that plum blossom was absorbed, the radiance around him intensified as he regained a portion of his power. Next… he used his newly recovered power to… flee for his life!


Everyone else was dumbfounded. F-fled? Why was Old Mei the one fleeing? Hold on, from the final red radiance that had been so dazzling, shouldn't Old Mei have been the final victor? Curiously, they looked at Chen Feng. Only now did they notice with amazement that Chen Feng was standing there coldly. In his eyes, a red radiance that caused one to feel flustered was fading slowly. It would seem like the red radiance earlier had actually been released by Chen Feng.

"It's Nethergaze…"

"I have once seen this ability," someone whispered. He did not even have to courage to look into Chen Feng's eyes.

"Since when has this ability been so powerful?"

The rest were alarmed. That final plum blossom unleashed by Old Mei was powerful enough to contend against a peak A-class warrior. What about Chen Feng? He was a mere B-class warrior. A Nethergaze unleashed by a B-class warrior had actually… Suddenly, they felt like their worldview had been completely overturned.

A lot of them heaved a sigh of relief. "Chen Feng won." At the same time, they thought of another question. With someone like Chen Feng here, would they still be able to obtain the rewards for this mission?

Chen Feng had a cold expression. "It's over." He had ultimately been victorious in this battle. However, it was rather unfortunate that when Old Mei was supposed to have been killed here, that old man had utilized the plum blossom he had used to blockade Othershore Mountain to flee. This had caught Chen Feng by surprise. Old Mei was indeed no ordinary person. However…

"You have only used around 2,000 abilities of Myriad Illusions previously. Therefore, the final amplification of the God Punisher only reached around 20 times. If you have a usage history of all 16,000 abilities of Myriad Illusions, the next time you use God Punisher, the final amplification will probably reach 160 times or greater. This will be the true might of your God Punisher," Spirit reminded him.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "I know."

The only reason he had failed to kill Old Mei was due to him having only learned this God Punisher a short while ago. If he could encounter Old Mei once again in the future, he could definitely bully Old Mei to the point that that fellow would question life itself.

"You need to master God Punisher as soon as possible. With your present speed of several hundred abilities released per second, the moment you use the ultimate God Punisher with 16,000 and more abilities, there is a chance that you might be interrupted in the midst of your ability," Spirit reminded him.

Chen Feng nodded. "I know." Suppose he could release 300 abilities per second. To fully release all 16,000 abilities, it would be weird if he wasn't interrupted in the midst of his barrage. Even today, where Chen Feng only had around 2,000 abilities to unleash, he had wasted seven seconds on it. He had only succeeded because the opponent had been Old Mei. If he had faced someone else today, such as a true peak A-class warrior or an A-class warrior that was well versed in assassination abilities, what would have happened? In a flash, Chen Feng would have been dead.

If this God Punisher was described in gaming terms, then when Chen Feng was releasing his God Punisher, he was "casting" his skill and could be easily interrupted. Therefore, despite its strength, God Punisher had rather harsh limitations as well. This was especially pronounced for this mutated God Punisher. Yes, theoretically, toward the end of the barrage, the abilities would be even stronger, but who would actually allow him to finish his barrage? Granted, when used now, his enemies would naturally have no idea what it was.

However, in the future, when this ability of Chen Feng's became well-known and all of them found out about the flaw of this God Punisher, they would most probably tank the initial barrage of the God Punisher and kill him off before the stronger abilities could even be fired. The enemies would most definitely strive to kill Chen Feng, even at the cost of suffering a disastrous injury. This was a flaw that would most certainly be leaked as Chen Feng's usage of this ability increased.

Chen Feng took in a deep breath. "Looks like I have to work hard." Although he had obtained this rather astonishing trump card, he still had to train hard. He was aware that he was still far from truly mastering this God Punisher. For God Punisher to display its true might, the full release had to be instantaneous. Only then would it be a true eruption, the true God Punisher.

Chen Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. "Only two more days left." Time to return…

Surprising him, after he took a mere step forward, the genetic warriors around him actually surrounded him, all of them with solemn expressions.

Chen Feng was somewhat shocked at this new development. Huh?