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Chapter 460: Have You Guys Forgotten Something?

Chapter 460: Have You Guys Forgotten Something?

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"Sorry, but you are too strong. There are only five 5-star secret arts and five 6-star secret arts in the reward pool. If you remain alive, I doubt any of us will have any shot at the rewards anymore. Therefore, we have no choice but to kill you while you are in your present weakened state," someone stated honestly.

Chen Feng shrugged. "Oh. What if I leave right this moment, then?"

Another person shook his head. "Sorry. You are too strong. When you recover, none of us will be your match."

Chen Feng sighed. "All this just for some 6-star secret arts?"

They nodded. "Yes. Because we have witnessed your battle with Old Mei, we recognize that we need those secret arts even more now. We are not resigned to be below others like this!"


They started approaching Chen Feng.

Chen Feng shrugged. "Don't you guys still need to compete among yourselves anyway?"

"True. But then, we are all A-class warriors and will be a match for each other. We all stand a chance in a fight against each other. If we were to fight you instead, all of us together would not be your match. If we let you go… all those 6-star secret arts offered in the mission will end up being yours," they stated earnestly.

As Chen Feng pondered, he noted that their reasoning was truly too good, to the point he couldn't even retort! Did Chen Feng want those 6-star secret arts? The answer was most definitely yes! Those were, after all, 6-star secret arts, extremely powerful items.

One only needed to give it a bit of thought to understand this. A single 6-star secret art was already sufficient to drive a group of A-class warriors crazy. Now that there were five of them on the line, these people would put their lives on the line for it. This Othershore Mountain incident was a perfect demonstration of this. These secret arts were simply too valuable.

If he had a chance of obtaining them, Chen Feng would most certainly not give up on them. His initial plan had been to first leave before returning in secret and obtaining several young hillsea beasts before going back to claim the reward. As for his incredible strength seemingly capable of everything as described by these guys, he was not able to demonstrate such strength presently.

After all, the time required for the full release of his God Punisher was too long. Hence, his present God Punisher was only suited for one-on-one fights. With this entire group of people here, only one would need to face him head-on while the other mounted an ambush. This alone would render Chen Feng helpless. Unfortunately for them, they were not aware of this. The earlier demonstration of strength by Chen Feng had instead scared them, resulting in them deciding to join hands and get rid of him.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes as he thought of this. "Sh*t." He was truly not as powerful as what they thought! Earlier, he had been truly unleashing his trump card! Despite him being able to defeat Old Mei, the difference between him and Old Mei was that he wouldn't be able to defeat everyone here, while Old Mei was capable of such. It was a pity that this was unknown to any of them here. Even if he told them, they wouldn't believe him in any case. Furthermore, if they truly believed it, they would instead have no inhibitions toward Chen Feng and would deal with him directly.

Chen Feng sighed. "I am your benefactor."

"We are aware of that. Therefore, after your death, we will erect a memorial arch for you. Each year, at this time, we will pray to you," someone stated earnestly.

Chen Feng: "…"

How very sincere!

They exchanged glances. "Sorry." The present Chen Feng was at his weakest state. Therefore, they would only have the courage to act against him at this time. After all, God Punisher was an ability that was supposed to fully exhaust all the energy of the user. Moreover, the user wouldn't be able to recover within a short period of time. Therefore, this was their one and only opportunity to get rid of Chen Feng.

This was something both they and Chen Feng were aware of. The present Chen Feng had just finished a battle with Old Mei and was almost emptied of all his energy. He had no combat power left. If they made a move now, Chen Feng would undoubtedly perish here.

Seeing the crisis Chen Feng faced, Spirit asked, "Do you want to activate Luck Aura?"

Presently, there was still some luck value remaining. Despite the low amount, if it was all used, they could still create a miracle. Perhaps this would be sufficient to create a lifeline for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng rejected the suggestion. "No." Suddenly, some sounds could be heard behind Chen Feng. As he turned around, he noted that someone had appeared behind him as well, blocking his only escape route.

Suddenly, Chen Feng gained understanding. "So the reason you guys continued talking to me earlier was to drag this out, allowing those people to seal my escape route?"

They did not deny it. "Yes."

Chen Feng sighed. "How cautious." It would seem like they had indeed learned something from the encounter with Old Mei. Moreover, these genetic warriors that were initially unfamiliar with each other had now gained a certain degree of tacit understanding with each other after battling together earlier. This was a rather important point to note. The only unexpected thing was that they had actually utilized this newly gained tacit understanding against Chen Feng.


They were about to make their move.


A faint radiance started converging. Although these people had all been incapable of participating in the earlier battle, they were ultimately still A-class warriors. As such, they were in fact rather powerful, much more powerful than Chen Feng.


They launched their attack at Chen Feng.

Suddenly, Chen Feng sighed. "You guys have indeed selected the perfect timing to make a move against me. However, don't you guys think that there's something you are all forgetting about?"

"?" Hearing this, they felt somewhat puzzled.

"Indeed, I don't have much energy left now. Even if you guys proceeded to take your time and block all the escape routes, I wouldn't be able to recover much of my energy anyway. I don't even have enough energy to release a single Wind Blade. However…" Suddenly, Chen Feng took out a familiar item. "Have you guys forgotten about these?"


Their expressions changed greatly.

"Run!" They started fleeing in alarm. Their fear toward Chen Feng was too great. As such, they had placed too much importance on the fact that the present Chen Feng had no energy left. Because of that, they had neglected something that Chen Feng had been producing all along here at this place—the red spheres!

Chen Feng sighed. "I was initially planning to leave behind some seeds for my future battles."


Nonchalantly, he tossed the red sphere out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A bright explosion ensued. In order to attack Chen Feng in a group, they had all been crowded together. To get rid of Chen Feng, they had even sealed all escape routes. And now, everything they had done was instead acting against them.

Bang! Bang!

The earth trembled and mournful screams resounded. Toward these guys who had repaid his act of saving them by trying to kill him, Chen Feng did not hold back. Numerous red spheres were tossed out, slaughtering countless people. After a long time, Othershore Mountain recovered its peace.

"And now, this should end."

A smile appeared on Chen Feng's face as he saw several figures remaining a distance away from him. Not all of the people here had bad intentions. There still some who had been too embarrassed to do anything toward Chen Feng, since he had saved them earlier. Even though they hadn't helped Chen Feng when he had been attacked by the group earlier, they were still too ashamed to face Chen Feng now.

Chen Feng waved at them. "Are you guys thinking of coming at me as well?"


Their faces paled. Shaking their heads, they retreated hastily.

Chen Feng curled his lips. "What are you guys so afraid of?" In a somewhat exhausted manner, he stretched himself lazily. All around him were the corpses of A-class warriors. Presently, in the entire Othershore Mountain, only Chen Feng remained. He had ultimately survived till the end.

Chen Feng smiled. "Well, my target for this trip has now been accomplished. As such, it's time to reap some additional rewards."

Additional rewards such as the trump cards these dead A-class warriors still had on their bodies and the young hillsea beasts of this Othershore Mountain.

After the numerous fights the hillsea beasts here had gone through with those genetic warriors, it seemed even easier now for Chen Feng to capture those young hillsea beasts. Perhaps there might still be a chance for him to get the rewards posted by Old Mei. At this thought, Chen Feng became excited. He had to obtain those 6-star secret arts. Unknown to Chen Feng, along with the departure of those people earlier, he had now transformed into a legend.

Everything that had happened here at Othershore Mountain was spread by those people to the Genetic Union, to the various major powers, and to the internet. The entire world erupted in an uproar. With this, Othershore Mountain had truly become a forbidden area. As for Chen Feng, he was now a legend.