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Chapter 461: Setting a God Punisher Trend

Chapter 461: Setting a God Punisher Trend

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At the Genetic Union, the dusky sky remained.

"Have you guys heard?"

"Chen Feng?"

"Yeah, exactly. I heard that he has been slaughtering at Othershore Mountain and he killed a bunch of A-class warriors. Even one guy named Old Mei who possessed the strength of peak A class was killed by him."

"Wow, so ferocious?"

One particular person reminisced about his history with Chen Feng. "Yeah, man. I still remember the time back then when he helped us out with a mission. At that time, he was still very weak, and the sky was still blue. Also, back then, Chen Feng was still very young—"

Another person interrupted him while curling his lips. "Oh, please. He is still very young now, okay?"

"True, I heard that he is still a B-class warrior now."

"B class?"

"How did he challenge those above his class at B class? And to actually defeat a peak A-class warrior on top of it? Isn't the gap too huge?"

"I heard that he accomplished that feat with the help of God Punisher."

"God Punisher… what in the world? It's that ability? That is quite an unreliable ability. Even though it grants the user the ability to transcend classes, the user's ordinary combat power will be very weak."

"How so?"

"Take a regular B class as an example. Even if he has God Punisher as one of his abilities and has created a series of abilities with God Punisher as the core of all his abilities, thus allowing him to challenge an A-class warrior, normally, that person is only equivalent to a C-class warrior. This is because of the ability slot that he wasted to make way for this God Punisher ability."

"You mean... the user will have a strength equivalent to someone of one class lower ordinarily, and when he erupts with the God Punisher, he will have the strength equivalent to someone a class higher than him?"


"I see…"

Everyone gained understanding. So it was actually God Punisher. Because of this incident, a lot of people noticed this previously unknown ability called God Punisher. Naturally, along with the spread of the news about what had happened at Othershore Mountain, every tiny detail of what Chen Feng had done there was leaked as well. It reached a point that some people were even offering a high price to purchase this information.

It was said that due to this incident, a group of adventurers with exploration-, detection-, and recalling-related abilities were headed toward Othershore Mountain to look for clues as to what Chen Feng had done there.

Chen Feng's expressions…

Chen Feng's strength…

Chen Feng's clothes…

Chen Feng's abilities…

Even the color of Chen Feng's underpants was a target of their investigation. They were all extremely clear on the flaw of God Punisher. As such, the more they proceeded in their investigation, the more alarmed they became, to the point where they had no idea how to proceed any further.

Ordinarily, even if God Punisher was used in conjunction with Myriad Illusions, the most an early-tier B-class warrior could accomplish was defeating an early-tier A-class warrior. This was already a rather heaven-defying feat. As for Chen Feng, he had actually challenged a peak A-class warrior directly? What did that signify, exactly? Just look at Old Mei. He, with his strength of peak A-class warrior, had killed several tens of A-class warriors at Othershore Mountain all by himself. Furthermore, what all those A-class warriors had suffered was a crushing defeat, a total defeat.

A peak A-class warrior was so much stronger than an ordinary A-class warrior. As for Chen Feng, with his level as a B-class warrior, he had directly challenged a peak A-class warrior? To actually defeat that peak A-class warrior on top of it? To force that Old Mei to retreat? This was truly too excessive a feat. What was up with that Chen Feng, exactly? None of them had any answers.

They were aware that there were a lot of abilities out there capable of giving the user an eruption in strength by damaging the user as well. However, even those abilities would be hard pressed to allow a B-class warrior to actually defeat a peak A-class warrior.

"What on earth is going on?"

"Perhaps this is the result of a combination of several abilities?"

"That might be true…"

They discussed this without stop.

In this era where genetic evolution was in full throttle, the masses were all extremely interested in the cause of Chen Feng's eruption in strength. This curiosity was intensified by the fact that Chen Feng was someone who was extremely similar to those common people. He was an ordinary person with no power backing him. A lot of people had witnessed Chen Feng as he threaded his path to greatness. Therefore, if Chen Feng was capable of this, perhaps they could do it as well?

"You guys won't be able to do this. Chen Feng is the only one capable of such a miracle."


"Do you guys even know that after fusing with God Punisher, the user's ordinary combat power will be reduced by an entire class? The more ability slots you guys use to support God Punisher, the stronger God Punisher will be, but you guys will also be weaker normally. Indeed, you guys will obtain the ability to challenge someone of a higher class, but there is a flaw in that…"

"How did Chen Feng solve this flaw, then?"

"Come on, he's a producer, and an excellent producer on top of that. Ultimately, Chen Feng is still a B-class warrior. Therefore, the gene reagents he produces are sufficient to erupt with a power equivalent to a peak B-class warrior. Do you understand? Despite the fact that God Punisher causes him to be one class weaker ordinarily, this seemingly lost combat power is something he did not even require in the first place. He can stick with using gene reagents for regular battles. Besides that, as an excellent producer, the gene reagents he produces are already sufficient for him to challenge someone of a higher class."

"So powerful?"

Only at this did everyone regain their rationality. So Chen Feng had been relying on his profession as a gene producer to pull this off? Indeed, with his gene reagents, he did not even need to be bothered with the seeming loss of combat power in his ordinary state. This was what made Chen Feng so powerful now. At least, this was what the masses thought to be the case.

"He is indeed worthy of being the Chen Feng we all know," someone exclaimed in admiration.

"Youngsters nowadays are truly scary," someone lamented.

"Looks like I have to start learning how to produce genes, then…"

Some started setting new goals for themselves. Not long after, on the market, a set of ability-compilation based on what they guessed Chen Feng had done appeared, shocking everyone.

"Are you still struggling in the lowest rungs of society? Are you still a worthless person nobody cares about? Come and join our class at Wood Mountain! God Punisher-based ability set! Gene Production! The path toward becoming an expert is beckoning you!"

Numerous clickbait advertisements appeared everywhere. Moreover, no spokesperson of any sort was required for this!

All these people were simply jumping on the trend set by Chen Feng. As long as one did not live in a cave, one would know how amazingly Chen Feng had performed with such an ability set. It was said that on that day itself, the number of applicants at the Gene Production Association exceeded 10,000.

"That brat." Hou Liang's face was smiling so wide his face looked like a flower. He had never expected that, after going through several dangers, that Chen Feng kid had actually survived. Moreover, Chen Feng had even brought such unprecedented popularity upon their Gene Production Association. He indeed did not disappoint. Look at those cute rookies… For this to happen during this era of darkness, could this be considered a consolation of sorts?

"In a not too distant future, the Gene Production Association will most certainly become much stronger than now. When that happens, the number of geniuses at Star City will increase as well…"

Old Hou Liang was extremely gratified.

At the same time, at a certain assassination organization.

A certain boss was raging. "What the hell have you guys been doing all this while? Why did none of you think of something this genius? B class! With only a B-class God Punisher ability set, a B-class warrior will be able to insta-kill a peak A-class warrior!"

His underlings had wronged expressions. "Boss, to do this, we need to learn gene production…"

The boss roared at his underlings. "And why does that even matter? Hasn't Chen Feng used that ability just nicely? Why do we even need to learn gene production? It doesn't matter if our normal combat power is weaker. We are assassins. A single killing strike is all that matters."

"We have indeed tried that. But then, without gene production skills, we will not be able to kill a peak A-class warrior anyway," the underling stated bitterly. They had indeed attempted something similar to what Chen Feng had done. Even before this feat of Chen Feng's, they had tried it. Obviously, Chen Feng was not the first person to use God Punisher. Unfortunately, it had not worked for them. This ability was too unreliable.