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Chapter 462: The Furious Old Mei

Chapter 462: The Furious Old Mei

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Boss looked at his underling, wondering if this guy was looking for an excuse for his incompetence. "Who can we kill if not a peak A-class warrior?"

"A-class warrior. Without the help of gene production skills, a B-class warrior can only kill an A-class warrior when using this ability." The underling ended with a sigh.

Boss looked at the underling like he was looking at an idiot. "Isn't that enough?" Wasn't it sufficient to be able to transcend an entire class?

The underling shook his head. "No, it's not. First, to train a B-class warrior with an ability set based on God Punisher, it would cost no less than what is required to train an A-class assassin. It is too expensive. Second, God Punisher is unreliable at times. In our tests, during the process of using God Punisher, there was a 50% chance that the A-class opponent would not be killed. Moreover, the amount of damage dealt varied too greatly. There was even one particular incident where, instead of killing the opponent, the God Punisher user healed the opponent instead," the underling said, finishing his report with a dark expression.

Boss: "…" This ability is such a scam? As the boss looked at the test results provided by his underling, he was somewhat dumbstruck. So this was the case? If so, how had Chen Feng…

With a low voice, the underling reminded his boss, "Chen Feng has his gene production skills. It's also possible that he has some methods of fighting using God Punisher we are unaware of. Otherwise, this God Punisher-based ability set would have become famous long ago."

"Is that so?" Presented with all these facts, the boss could only regretfully give up on his plan. The arts of gene production were too mysterious. There were some legendary and ancient gene formulas that possessed some powerful and mysterious abilities. If Chen Feng had learned such a formula, it might truly have enabled him to make use of this God Punisher. It would seem like they have no choice but to give up on this.

Naturally, they were not the only ones that wanted to develop in this direction. The various assassination organizations and powers were all researching the feasibility of God Punisher-based ability sets

, looking at the possibility of developing a group of assassins or suicide warriors. If it was possible, they would be overjoyed. Unfortunately, it was certain that this effort of theirs would be fruitless.

Presently, at the Genetic Union, just as everyone was still passionately discussing Chen Feng, the main entrance of their headquarters was kicked open.

Instantly, everyone there raged. "Who dares to kick open the entrance of our Genetic Union?" What joke was this? Even a peak A-class warrior would not have the courage to be so unbridled here at their headquarters. However, just as they stood up getting ready to rage, they saw a huge figure walk in through the door. The first thing they saw was a head with a fierce expression and a pair of extremely vicious-looking eyes.

What is that? Everyone widened their eyes.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Accompanied by his steady footsteps, the huge figure approached them one step at a time.


A certain A-class warrior unsheathed his weapon in preparation for a fight. As the figure walked forth and everyone got a clear look at him, they were all stupefied. That huge figure was actually a person carrying a huge mutated beast. That seemed to be…


The mutated beast was thrown down onto the floor, giving them a clear look at that person's face. It was a familiar face.

Chen Feng beamed as he gazed at the stupefied bunch there. "Hey, long time no see. I'm here to complete the mission."

They were all dumbstruck. "Chen… Chen Feng?"

None of them had expected that the person they had been talking about would appear right in front of them.

"What… what mission?"

"The one with young hillsea beast as the target."

Instantly, they recovered from their stupor. "Oh." That legendary mission at Othershore Mountain. True, since Chen Feng had been the only one remaining there, the beasts there would…

The employee there wiped his sweat. "Please wait a moment. Let us inspect it."

"Not a problem. You guys do what needs to be done. Let me go carry some more over," Chen Feng replied with a smile.

The rest couldn't understand what he was getting at. "What?"

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Chen Feng proceeded to carry in one hillsea beast after another. All the targets of this mission were thus completed by Chen Feng alone. Full of sweat, the employee completed the inspection and verification before handling the procedures for Chen Feng.

"If so… can you give me the rewards directly?" Chen Feng asked with a smile. He had no intention of staying here too long. Despite the fact that he had been feeling amazing when he had killed all those A-class warriors at Othershore Mountain, he guessed that some of those he had killed were ultimately people with backgrounds. Even right at this moment, someone might be making their way over here for Chen Feng…

"Yes, sure. However, there is a condition for me to do that," the employee stated.

Chen Feng's eyes gleamed coldly. "Mhm?" Had he encountered those people coming for revenge already? As he thought of this, while staring at the female employee in front of him, energy started converging in his hands.

"Can you sign this for me?" the female employee asked bashfully.

Chen Feng was instantly speechless. "…" After spending several days at Othershore Mountain, he had nearly forgotten what place this was. This was the headquarters of the Genetic Union. If it had reached a point where people could kill as they wished here, then this world would have truly been in big trouble.

Nowadays, one could battle or kill in the wilderness. However, in any city, killing was prohibited. As such, regardless of how domineering an assassin was out there in the wilderness, when they were operating in a city, they could only take it slow when assassinating someone. If not because of this fact, Chen Feng would have been killed off by an assassin back then…


At a certain different location, amid a certain wilderness, a plum blossom bloomed midair.


The faint radiance coalesced before, suddenly, the plum blossom ignited. After a long time, a person walked out of the flame. That person was precisely Old Mei.

Old Mei was overjoyed. "Finally, I recovered…" He had returned alive. However, he hadn't even basked in this short happiness for more than two seconds before his wristband buzzed abruptly. With a glance, Old Mei's expression became unsightly, like a person who had eaten some poop. The rewards he had offered for the mission had all been claimed by Chen Feng.

Old Mei felt extremely hateful. "Damn it!" All those were resources he had prepared for himself to help him in his charge to peak A-class.

He felt extremely hateful. "Chen Feng!" Even if he could forget what Chen Feng had done to him in the past, he had never expected that during this crucial period of his life, his plan would still end up foiled by Chen Feng. How could he not feel hateful? His entire heart was filled with hatred and killing intent, and he almost failed to resist looking for Chen Feng right away. However, he had only taken a single step forth before stopping.

Could the present him defeat that Chen Feng? He truly doubted that. When had that God Punisher become so powerful?

He pondered. "God Punisher can only be used once per day. I might still have my chance at revenge." However, how could he be sure that Chen Feng had no other trump cards? Moreover, how could he be sure of the actual cooldown of Chen Feng's God Punisher?

The content of the presently available information on Chen Feng all indicated that he was a very perverse person, especially the release of his God Punisher. That final radiance he had released seemed to be Nethergaze? That ability was indeed powerful. However, it did not seem capable of enabling the user to challenge one of a higher class? Despite that, Chen Feng's Nethergaze seemed much stronger. Old Mei rubbed his chest as he still felt some lingering fear from when he had faced Chen Feng earlier. If he hadn't escaped fast enough, he would have most probably gotten himself killed there. That final radiance…

"Even if Chen Feng can't unleash his God Punisher, this Nethergaze alone is already…" The mere thought of this caused Old Mei to shudder in fear. All abilities would seemingly become extremely terrifying in Chen Feng's hands. Regardless of Nethergaze, God Punisher, or even Myriad Illusions, all of them had seemingly transformed from their regular version when used by Chen Feng. The present Old Mei did not have the courage to take any risks when dealing with Chen Feng.

Old Mei calmed himself down. "I can't be hasty. I can't let my emotions control my actions. I have an unlimited potential and future, and I can definitely not die just like this."