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Chapter 463: Old Mei’s Revenge Plan

Chapter 463: Old Mei’s Revenge Plan

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Old Mei was an intelligent person. Even as someone who had started from zero back then, he had managed to reach his current height. What was there for him to fear now? After all, the present him was a person with the combat power of a peak A-class warrior. In a sense, he already possessed the qualifications to stand above the vast majority of this world.

Old Mei pondered. "Even if all those things were taken away by Chen Feng, he won't be able to use them anyway. Even if he sells them, the amount of people who can actually make use of those secret arts aren't that high either. Therefore, he won't be able to sell them off anytime soon. There's no need for me to be too anxious." If it wasn't for his calm and intelligence, he would have ended up dead long ago. "Now… I need to think of a good plan to get Chen Feng to deliver those secret arts back to me."

Presently, he had no wish to face Chen Feng head on. Before obtaining all those secret arts, he had no intention of battling Chen Feng. All those 5-star secret arts were extremely suitable for Old Mei's use. Granted, they were not those exceptionally powerful abilities like his plum blossom flame. However, the support capabilities of those secret arts were rather scary. If they were all used together, Old Mei's combat power would reach a whole new level.

There were also those 6-star secret arts. Old Mei took in a deep breath as he thought of those. The six genes he had fused with were sufficient to fulfill the requirement for him to learn those 6-star secret arts he had gathered. Those 6-star secret arts were also the very keys he was relying on to complete his transformation. Evidently, his transformation had not ended on the completion of his plum blossom flame.

Indeed, secret arts were something that could only be utilized by someone possessing the required genetic abilities. However, was it an ironclad rule that one could only learn a single secret art? One ought to remember that even for someone with only a water-related ability and a fire-related ability, there were countless 2-star secret arts that the person could use, such as Sword of Ice and Flame, Absolute Waterflame, Nine Layers of Ice and Fire, Gate of Flames, Red Ocean, Unrestrained Water Volcano, Harmony of Water and Flame, Storm of Ice and Fire, and so on.

This was the case for 6-star secret arts as well. However, due to the limitations imposed by the required abilities one needed to have before one could make use of a secret art, obtaining a suitable 6-star secret art was much harder. For a regular A-class warrior, the act of obtaining a single 6-star secret art was already considered an extremely astonishing feat. Therefore, A-class warriors were separated by several stages as well.

Those without any 6-star secret arts were considered trash among A-class warriors. Even if such a person reached the late stage of A class, without a 6-star secret art, that person would still be considered trash. A vast majority of the A-class warriors that had gathered at Othershore Mountain previously were such A-class warriors. This was also why they had been driven crazy by the promise of 6-star secret arts by Old Mei's mission that they hadn't even heard of or seen before. This was the first type of A-class warrior.

After possessing a 6-star secret art, the warrior in question would obtain an extremely formidable core ability. These A-class warriors were considered ordinary A-class warriors. Possessing formidable strength and having advanced their level perfectly all the way to A-class, these warriors were normally those with a certain amount of popularity. This was the second type of A-class warrior.

As for the third type of A-class warrior, these were those with two or more 6-star secret arts in their possession. Such A-class warriors were the more outstanding ones among their peers. Each of them was extremely powerful, and most of them were peak A-class warriors. They were also considered to be the strongest among A-class warriors.

Naturally, those similar to Old Mei who possessed a single heaven-defying 6-star secret art were low in amount. After all, it was quite rare for a person to dedicate 10 years of his life just for a single ability. On top of that overpowered plum blossom flame, Old Mei had also prepared five additional 6-star secret arts he could use. Try to imagine the strength of an A-class warrior with six 6-star secret arts…

"I will most definitely regain what is mine." Old Mei was resolute. He had maintained his patience for so many years. As such, he would not give up during this crucial moment where everything was on the verge of success. After all, there was always someone stronger in this world. The only reason Old Mei had selected such a superlate-stage ability for himself was to make it easier for him when he would attempt to surpass A class in the future.

The future him would most definitely be someone surpassing A class. As such, the present him would most definitely not risk it and fight it out with Chen Feng. He was well accustomed with how perverse Chen Feng was. He had no intention of getting himself killed by some random occurrence.

"How should I get those 6-star secret arts from Chen Feng, then?"

Suddenly, Old Mei thought of something. Even though he was not interested in facing Chen Feng, that did not mean he couldn't make use of those around Chen Feng…

Old Mei sneered. "Hehehe." Wasn't this what those villain bosses in movies normally did? If so, he could most certainly do something similar as well.


A plum blossom flickered into existence before him.

Old Mei sneered. "Chen Feng, I will make you regret your actions."

Shua! Shua!

The plum blossom bloomed.

Before Old Mei's eyes, countless petals started falling. He had obtained quite a number of information about Chen Feng from the internet. And now, he used his plum blossom to analyze the information to obtain the information he required.

Mhm… the several major characters around Chen Feng… To make it easier for Old Mei to control those he kidnapped and to facilitate the hostage exchange he was planning, he had limited the number of people his plum blossom would discover. Shortly after, Old Mei obtained the simple information of the several peoples close to Chen Feng.

Old Mei frowned. "Let me see. Qin Hai… Wang Yao…"

Since these two were among the first to appear from his plum blossom, they were evidently those who were closest to Chen Feng. Moreover, from the order in which their names had appeared, that person called Qin Hai should be even closer to Chen Feng.

Mhm… you, then.

Naturally, the main reason he selected Qin Hai was because he had only managed to obtain Qin Hai's information out of the two. Moreover, the internet had quite a lot of information pertaining to this Qin Hai as well. As for that Wang Yao, she was like a blank space. No information was available. This caused Old Mei to be somewhat worried, hence his decision to select Qin Hai as his target. According to the rumors, this Qin Hai was a comrade of Chen Feng's and had joined hands with Chen Feng on countless missions. They had gone through numerous dangers together. On top of that, Chen Feng had even gone to the Frozen Sea Tundra alone for Qin Hai's sake.

Old Mei sneered. "Qin Hai… hmph. Open!" At his command, three plum blossoms assembled together in front of him, turning into a whirlpool. Old Mei's eyes became sharp as he planned to cross space and travel directly to where Qin Hai was.


Shua! Shua!

Light swirled around. Old Mei's consciousness drifted around with the assistance of his plum blossom, and he was able to locate Qin Hai shortly after.

"Found you."

A faint silhouette had seemingly appeared before Old Mei's vision.

Old Mei sneered. "Playing tricks?" He was quite clear on the strength of this Qin Hai. It was rumored that this was a friend Chen Feng had gained way back when. However, due to Qin Hai's strength being too weak, he had stopped moving together with Chen Feng. Such a person was someone perfect for Old Mei's plan. If he could kidnap Qin Hai, Chen Feng would most certainly be ridden with guilt.

Old Mei had seemingly considered everything possible. "Mhm…"


He grabbed directly at the empty space in front of him. Right at this instant, that silhouette opened his eyes. With that, an extremely alarming radiance appeared and a terrifying power started descending, akin to a fiend awakening from an abyss.


Old Mei's consciousness trembled.


A mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth. Before he could even react, his thread of consciousness was already shattered. His main body regained consciousness after suffering a grave injury.

Fear was plastered on Old Mei's face. "What was that…"

In that instant earlier, he had felt like he had laid his eyes upon the grim reaper. That silhouette… what in the world was Qin Hai? Old Mei was horrified. This task that was supposed to be so simple had now become so troublesome. Qin Hai…

Old Mei gulped before deciding to give up on Qin Hai. He had no idea what he had seen earlier. Perhaps that was someone guarding Qin Hai, or perhaps it was someone else. Regardless, capturing Qin Hai was no longer possible.

Old Mei clenched his teeth. "Let's switch the target, then." There were still several other important people of Chen Feng's he could choose. However, he decided on Wang Yao. He tried once again to investigate this lady, yet he again returned with no results. Regardless of where he searched, there would be no information pertaining to this young lady. From the looks of it, this seemed to be just some ordinary unimportant young lady? She seemed to be the sister of an ex-classmate of Chen Feng's? That was the only information he was able to find on her. The amount of information he could find on the internet was truly too sparse.