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Chapter 468: The Strongest Braking Method in History

Chapter 468: The Strongest Braking Method in History

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What? Lu Hun was somewhat stupefied. Despite the previous damage dealt to the Mysterious Organization, the damage had been limited to only their headquarters, once by the Genetic Union and once by Chen Feng. But then, both those incidents had only affected their headquarters. Their experts scattered worldwide and their branches in various cities were in fact the actual foundation of their power.

Hence, it was rather unexpected that, in a single day, the entire organization was destroyed. Those people that had returned from Othershore Mountain had seemingly gone crazy. These people who shouldn't have worked together at all had worked together with much fervour to level the Mysterious Organization's headquarters. It seemed like the A-class warriors of the entire world had banded together against the Mysterious Organization.


Even now, Lu Hun was still utterly confused. Although the Mysterious Organization was no longer of any use to them, this was still an organization that was helpful in information gathering or in taking care of miscellaneous tasks. Due to this, Lu Hun and his fellow apprentice brothers had been maintaining contact with the Mysterious Organization.

Beyond their expectations, the entirety of the Mysterious Organization was reduced to nothingness in a single night. When he finally found out the reason, Lu Hun was even more dumbfounded. Due to the hillsea beasts? The numerous experts that had failed to find any hillsea beasts had unleashed their anger upon the Mysterious Organization?

What in the world? Lu Hun truly couldn't comprehend the reason those people had blamed their failing to find any hillsea beasts on the Mysterious Organization. It was truly mysterious! If Lu Hun wasn't tied up by the matter of the soon-to-be-revived devil race, he would most certainly venture out to personally beat up all those fellows. What they had done was too excessive!

And yet this was merely the start of what was to come. Apart from the various branches that had been destroyed, their members were killed one after another as well. Even those who had been able to escape by fluke were being hunted to no end. Now, this powerful organization that used to be able to influence the entire world ceased existing.

Lu Hun looked at the person beside him. "Don't you have anything to say about this?" This person was the actual leader of the Mysterious Organization, right?

"Since the Mysterious Organization has completed the purpose of its existence, it no longer matters if its existence continues or not," Qin Hai replied indifferently.

Lu Hun snorted coldly. "You…"

Despite not being the actual leader of the Mysterious Organization, Lu Hun had been the one who had spent the most time there, even compared to the leader. Hence, it was natural for him to be upset by this.

"Concentrate on what matters for now. After completing our plan regarding the devil race, we will naturally be able to find time to deal with what happened to the Mysterious Organization," a different person stated coldly.

"All right." Lu Hun gave up with much reluctance. However, his heart was still filled with hatred. If he was able to figure out which bastard it was that had caused the hillsea beasts to vanish and then laid the blame on the Mysterious Organization, he would most definitely deal that person his due. Presently, in Lu Hun's heart, this person had been upgraded to become his second most hated person. As for the one occupying first place, it was naturally Chen Feng.

Lu Hun's killing intent surged as he thought, I will most certainly not let either of them off!

At this time, in a certain unknown region, numerous huge figures could be seen. Streaking amid the wild, they moved as fast as a storm. Around their bodies, an extremely terrifying power bubbled about. These people were precisely the barbarians. After a time of tempering, the squad trained by Chen Feng back then was already reasonably developed. From the barbarian village, a huge group of powerful geniuses had appeared.

Shua! Shua!

As the barbarians streaked out of the thick bush to reveal themselves, an astonishing sight appeared. Mounted below them were all hillsea beasts. With the huge size of their bodies, these hillsea beasts were just nice to serve as the barbarians' mounts. Naturally, the hillsea beasts were not ones who would submit so easily. Therefore…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Beneath the dark sky, numerous colorful radiances flickered without stop. The furious hillsea beasts were unleashing numerous powerful abilities toward the barbarians. Toward the end, they were even unleashing God Punishers. Unfortunately for the hillsea beasts, it was all in vain. The hillsea beasts were all beaten up by the barbarians that had selected them as mounts. What joke was this? The barbarians were all immune to energy, yet these hillsea beasts were blasting energy at them?

And thus, the hillsea beasts started suffering a cycle of being beaten continuously. If one beating failed to tame them, they were beaten further. Ultimately, these lofty beasts were all beaten into submission. They truly had no choice but to submit, as those who refused would continue having pain delivered to them. Just like that, this squad of barbarians that had already been formidable obtained their own mounts that were similarly powerful. The initial barbarian infantry had now been transformed into barbarian cavalry, officially becoming a tribe with mounts.

Chen Feng was immensely satisfied as he witnessed all this. "Not bad." After trading the young hillsea beasts for the mission rewards of Old Mei, he had been thinking of how to optimally deal with these beasts. His decision was to let the barbarians have the hillsea beasts as mounts. With their huge size, those hillsea beasts were simply perfect as mounts for the barbarians.

After making his decision, Chen Feng had gathered all the barbarians and carried all the hillsea beasts back to the barbarian village. Indeed, the barbarians had forcefully carried the beasts back to their village. Indeed, the hillsea beasts were powerful and had numerous energy-based abilities. Unfortunately, all this was ineffective against the barbarians. Facing the barbarians, the hillsea beasts could only rely on their fangs, and because of that, the barbarians were able to carry all of them back here.

Naturally, after carrying the hillsea beasts back here, taming them was only the foundation for their subsequent plans. The ultimate goal would be to teach these beasts to obey different commands. Only when reaching the point where all commands were obeyed unequivocally and the mount and the rider were akin to a single entity would the true power of cavalry be demonstrated. After a day of training, they had indeed reached a certain degree of compatibility.

"Stop," Chen Feng ordered.


Upon hearing Chen Feng, all the barbarians assumed a solemn expression and stopped their beasts within the shortest time possible. Indeed, they had ensured that the command was thoroughly performed. However, the method in which they had done it caused one to be speechless.


A particular barbarian could be seen punching his mount to stop it. Mhm… Indeed, he had managed to stop his mount. Immensely proud, he looked around at his companions with disdain. Next, with an extremely flattering expression, he looked at Chen Feng. His unsaid words were plastered all over his expression: "Look at me! I am the one who stopped the fastest!"

Chen Feng: "…"

He truly did not know what to say in response. Praise him? As for the other barbarians, they weren't any better off. Each of them utilized different bizarre methods to force their mounts to stop. For example, some of them simply hopped down the mount before dragging the mount's tail to stop it with force…

You guys are too excessive! They are your pets! They will be your comrades in your future battles! In treating them like this, are you guys not worried that they will be the cause of your death in battle? This is truly… Hold on. Chen Feng sighed and was about to reprimand them when he saw an astonishing sight.

A particular barbarian was unlike all others. With his huge body, his foot slammed into the ground before pressing the mount beneath him onto the ground, forcing it to stop by way of friction. On the ground, a lengthy mark was left behind as the mount slid along the ground until it stopped. A deeper mark was in the middle, with two marks beside the deep mark. As Chen Feng watched, his jaw was left hanging. Was this the legendary penile brake?[1] 1 Holy sh*t! This was too excessive!

Chen Feng looked at the hillsea beast that all appeared extremely indignant. His head ached as he thought of how to deal with this. The barbarians had indeed improved in terms of strength, but the way in which they thought still left much to be desired.

Splat! Splat!

It was at this moment that the rain seemed to grow heavier. Not far away, amid the darkness, some sort of power seemed to be bubbling up from the black soil that had been eroded by the black rain. Chen Feng glanced over with his cold gaze before killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"Is it… finally starting?"