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Chapter 470: Welcome to the Genetic Era

Chapter 470: Welcome to the Genetic Era

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"Black! It's all turning black!"

Everyone looked down at the soil below them, which had never been tainted by the black rain so far but was now turning black under the suicide attacks of the devil race.



The howls resounded without stop.


The devil race members swarmed out of the darkness unendingly. However, different than the previous batch, the present devil race members were comprised of a single clan. All of them were huge and plump with a short and thin tail trailing behind them, resembling tadpoles. They weren't particularly powerful in terms of combat power. However, their advantage was their sheer quantity as they surged forth in a seemingly endless torrent.

Pu! Pu!

After being killed, black liquid would spurt out of their bodies, dying the soil black. They were precisely the clan with the strongest multiplicative ability among the devil race. Despite the fact that it hadn't been long since they had reawakened, they had already multiplied themselves to the point that they reached an extremely terrifying amount. Therefore, when the defensive barrier of Star City had been revealed, these tadpole beasts had been unleashed by the devil race as a trump card as well.

"This won't do… At this speed, it won't be long until all the soil here is tainted black."

Everyone was anxious as they saw this.

"Old Li, with your World Calamity barrier that is seemingly so amazing, you can't even block out these damnable cannon fodder?" one of them bellowed.

Old Li was furious. "Yes I can! However, it requires the full activation of this barrier. It won't be able to last long if we do that."

"To hell with that. Fully activate the barrier now," that person roared. "If we don't keep them outside the barrier, who knows what terrifying monsters will start awakening within the city?"

Old Li took in a deep breath. "Fine."


He pointed midair.


An incorporeal undulation spread out noiselessly. And now, the devil race members that had been charging in were all blocked outside the barrier.

"Good opportunity! Attack!"


Star City started its counterattack. Fully charged anti-aircraft cannons, A-class genetic warriors, and everything they had was unleashed at the same time, killing all the cannon fodder.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The black rain splattered around as the devil race members died en masse. However, not a single drop was able to land within the city.


They heaved a sigh of relief at this sight. Alas, right at this moment, the devil race unleashed a new attack. Numerous powerful attacks started descending. With that, the initially firm defensive barrier started tottering.

They were all shocked. "What's going on?"

Old Li clenched his teeth. "We can't last any longer. In this world, a defensive barrier capable of blocking against all attacks simply does not exist, let alone a barrier capable of defending against these stupidly powerful attacks of the devil race."

"Return for now, then…"

Just as these words left that person's mouth.


That gold pole appeared once again and smashed down with a terrifying might.


The gold radiance intensified.


Instantly, the defensive barrier collapsed. From the sky, the black rain started splashing downward.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Like a roaring river, the black rain landed on the ground within the city. The soil within Star City started turning black at a speed visible to the naked eye, and an alarming aura started leaking from the earth.

"It's finally… coming?"

Everyone was in a heavy mood despite this being a development they had foreseen. Initially, the thin barrier had been the only thing keeping the rain out. With the strength of the devil race members, it was rather easy for them to rip this barrier apart. The invention of the World Calamity barrier by Old Li had indeed granted everyone present a sliver of hope. Unfortunately, this hope had been completely crushed by the devil race. Ultimately, despite the fact that a huge amount of the devil race members still had their consciousness in a hazy state, the devil race were beings with intelligence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The air trembled as the full invasion of the devil race began. As the black rain was finally falling into the city, the devil race no longer had any misgivings. Not having to think of ways to rip that barrier apart, they could now focus their concentration on killing everyone in the city. The tadpole beasts were too weak to be of any use now and had started retreating.


Accompanied by loud howls, some powerful monsters appeared. From the dark sky, numerous fireballs started descending.

Chen Feng's heart trembled slightly. "It's coming?" Despite the fact that he was standing in a certain faraway corner of Star City while watching this, that terrifying and powerful aura could still be felt. The full-scale invasion was finally starting. This scene was so very similar to the scene he had witnessed back then. However, there were still some differences here and there. In the "future" he had once accidentally glimpsed, a lot of people close to him had been hurt and countless people had died tragically. Now, though, things were no longer unfolding the same way.

"Genetic Union," Chen Feng muttered. "Let me have a clear look at the preparations you guys have made for this."

This was a war. By himself, he would not be able to win it. Even if everything was ignored, just the tadpole beasts earlier would already be sufficient to flood him to death. He had no intention of competing in quantity with those devil race members. Therefore, from the start, he had delivered all the information he'd had on the devil race, after a slight revision, to Hou Liang. And now, it was proven that they had indeed heard him.

Midair, a person appeared. He was stepping on thin air, a silver radiance shrouding his body. The silver was actually a thick layer of armor flickering like a breathing lamp, alternating between dark and light, attracting the gaze of everyone here amid the darkness.

"It's him."

"It's this lord?"

Everyone's heart trembled. This was Han Yula, one of the peak A-class experts of the Genetic Union. it was rumored that he was a rather cruel person and was rather extreme in his method of handling things. In his eyes, things were either black or white—there was no gray area. Moreover, he had no mercy when trying to accomplish his tasks. It was said that, back then, he had married into a certain family. However, due to his disagreement with the morality of the actions of that family, he had killed everyone in the family, including his wife and children. As for exactly how wrong the actions of that family that had triggered this incident had been, that was something outsiders couldn't know.

On that day, Han Yula had dug his own heart out of his chest, becoming a literally heartless person. Despite that, due to his excessive strength, he was actually able to stay alive even without a heart. This was an expert capable of planting fear in everyone's heart.

He was an existence disliked even among his fellow Genetic Union members. It was truly unexpected that he would be the one to appear in this war. Perhaps he would be the perfect person to deal with these damnable devil race members?

Chen Feng frowned. "So that's Han Yula?" Han Yula the heartless, this was a name Chen Feng had heard a lot of times. However, he had never expected that this legendary and terrifying expert would actually be a fan of RGB light systems. Who in the world would actually turn their armor into a flickering light? Is he sick? What, do you think you're Razer? [1] 1

Chen Feng focused his gaze. "I hope you will live up to your reputation."

After appearing, Han Yula merely raised his head and gazed upward. Distantly, the howling devil race members were nearly within reach. Numerous devil race members were charging out from the darkness. From the number of them, it could be concluded that this should be all of the devil race members that had awakened since the past few days. These guys were clearly putting everything they have on the line for this mission. In that case…

Han Yula raised his hand coldly. "It's time for you guys to go back."

Shua! Shua!

Countless radiance swirled around. In Star City, from each of the normal buildings that were usually used as shops or to produce gene reagents, cannons radiating a bizarre light appeared. All of these were energy weapons.

"Welcome to the genetic era." A cruel smile appeared on Han Yula's face. "Goodbye."


A terrifying radiance erupted.