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Chapter 476: The Celebration of a Certain Someone

Chapter 476: The Celebration of a Certain Someone

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At Star City, Chen Feng was still observing the entire battlefield. He was aware that he couldn't participate personally in this battle, but he did not wish to do nothing at all as well. Ultimately, he still wished to use his very own method to change whatever he could change. From the glimpse of the future he had once caught, all of Star City was supposed to be destroyed with countless casualties.

And now, at the very least, they had prepared themselves to face this war. The devil race was extremely powerful, and their numbers were numerous. As such, this war would not be one that could be ended by a single decisive battle. Therefore, the assistance of a particular person was required to ensure that the Genetic Union warriors could maintain their peak condition at all times in this war that Chen Feng had foreseen to be a prolonged war.

Who would that person be, then? Xie Zhongtong? Obviously not. If that fellow was the one to appear here, she would most probably cause a drop in the overall combat power of the Genetic Union warriors present instead. What Chen Feng wanted was…

"It's about time for you to arrive, right?" Chen Feng muttered.


Light swirled around. In the world that was presently still enveloped by darkness, every single speck of radiance appeared so very dazzling. Presently, a huge group of the Genetic Union warriors was on the verge of energy exhaustion, and they were about to retreat. Astonishingly, when this happened, those newly reawakened devil race members that had yet to fully regain their thoughts actually moved on instinct alone to stop the retreat of the Genetic Union members.

These devil race members still lacked independent thought. Before their thoughts were fully recovered, they could only act on instinct. To be accurate, they would act in accordance with the "script" that had been decided for them before they had gone into hibernation back then. The massive sacrifice expended for this plan of the devil race's had caused the strength of these devil race members chosen for hibernation to be much stronger after reawakening than what one would expect.


The howling devil race members started chasing after the retreating genetic warriors. Not willing to let go of such a good opportunity, these devil race members started chasing after the genetic warriors that were suffering from energy exhaustion. Because of this, the Genetic Union's plan to retreat was forcefully halted. If this continued, they would most probably die from exhaustion alone.

Han Yula's eyes gleamed coldly. "We can't hold on anymore?"

Faint radiance was converging on his hands as he was about to make his move. Right at this instant, a bizarre-looking blue streak flashed past, and a slight vibration resounded.


The air trembled as the blue undulation spread out. At that, the genetic warriors who had already been exhausted of their energy recovered a huge amount of energy instantly.


"This is…"

"My energy has recovered!"

They were all overjoyed. However, not all shared this feeling of joy, as some of them had recognized this ability. "This is Energy Supply, an F-class ability."


Effect: The energy ball will flicker once per minute and supply 20% of the energy the user possesses to the target. In total, the ball is able to flicker five times.

Cooldown: 20 hours


"The ability with a cooldown of 20 hours?"

Instantly, they were all rudely awakened from their short-lived happiness. Now that their energy exhaustion was tenfold higher than usual, let alone 20 hours, even if the cooldown was 20 minutes, they would still suffer energy exhaustion. This mini blue ball could only save them temporarily.



The mini blue ball was still pulsing right where it had stopped moving.

One time.

Two times.

Three times.

After five pulses, everyone had already recovered all their energy. Despite this, none of them were feeling happy, as this was exactly as they had guessed. It was indeed that ability. If so, they had to think of what to do next. For this mere F-class ability to be able to recover the energy of everyone here once, it was already an extremely commendable feat. And now, they should decide on their next course of action.

"Just put everything on the line and fight it out."

"No, that's not the proper cause of action. We should instead…"

They started discussing. Suddenly...


A familiar vibration was felt, distracting them all from their discussion.


That blue ball was still pulsing? As they were still in the midst of their stupefaction, with a faint buzz, the blue ball started vibrating as it unleashed yet another blue wave that undulated outward, a wave filled with energy.

There's more?

Their eyes all widened in shock. This ability did not seem to be the one they remembered.


Once again, the devil race's attacks were blocked. After recovering their energy, the genetic warriors had no fear toward these devil race members, and once again, they clashed in melee. At the same time, somewhere in the distance, blue radiance could be seen flickering amid the darkness. The figure of a youth stepped out of the darkness. The blue ball was being controlled by him, and with every step he took, the blue ball pulsed.


Once again, a faint undulation spread out.

"Dear everyone, let me take care of the energy-supply issue," he stated calmly. Despite his help, the Han Yula opposite him merely regarded him coldly. After all, this Star City battle was something only a select few people were aware of. Therefore, Han Yula had to verify the identity of this person. If it turned out that this guy was a devil race member in disguise…

"State your identity," Han Yula stated with a calm gaze.

"Oh, fine." That person shrugged and continued, "I am Kong Bai. Chen Feng is the one who told me to come."

Chen Feng…

Han Yula put his weapon away. As he gave it some thought, he found this reasonable. Apart from the Genetic Union, the only person who could be telling others about this was Chen Feng.


The blue radiance flickered without stop.

"This young brother here, how long can you keep this supply up?" the others asked excitedly.

Kong Bai beamed. "Unlimited."


"Hahaha, I like it!"

"Those damnable devil race members were actually thinking of chasing after me earlier. Well then, it's this father's turn to deliver some pain now."

Some of the genetic warriors with comparatively more violent temperaments stopped hiding their real strength.

Bang! Bang!

The battle intensified.

With an unlimited energy supply and no need to limit their energy consumption, the combat power of these genetic warriors increased three times. And right at this moment...


A devil race member burst out of the ground before charging directly at Kong Bai.


The expressions of everyone present sank. As far as they were concerned, Kong Bai was their bringer of luck. As such, they could not allow anything to happen to him. Toward this, Kong Bai merely smiled coldly.


In his hand, a mirror flickered into existence. Instantly, a terrifying radiance bloomed from the mirror and blasted that A-class devil race member away.

The rest were shocked as they saw this. "Holy sh*t, he's this fierce?"

That was a devil race member with the combat power of an A class. Granted, for them, that was a rather easy opponent. But then, Kong Bai was a mere B-class warrior, and he was a person capable of supplying unlimited energy to boot. It was rather unexpected that he was also someone with such formidable combat power. His only flaw was his looks, as he truly wasn't a good-looking person.

"Devil race? You guys are nothing much after all." Kong Bai flicked his hair confidently as he finished his words.


Next, he took the initiative to join the battlefield. The power erupting from him was proven to not be lacking even when compared to the other A-class genetic warriors. This feat of his had shocked everyone present.

"The future belongs to the young, after all…" the rest lamented endlessly. At this point, they knew that as long as Kong Bai survived this battle, he would most certainly become a person known throughout the lands. Alas, it was truly unfortunate that his looks were somewhat lacking.


With a fierce expression on his face, he charged at the devil race members. For others, this might have been a place filled with danger. However, for Kong Bai, this was precisely the kind of place he could showcase what he did best. That was because these devil race members were all actually uglier than him!

"Hahaha! You folks who are uglier than me, die! Oh, another guy who's uglier than me? Hahaha! Another!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kong Bai's deranged laughter, accompanied by the sounds of the energy blasts erupting from the demonic mirror, resounded throughout the battlefield. Despite the fact that Kong Bai couldn't actually insta-kill these devil race members, his mere appearance had helped turn this entire battle around.

Devil race… how many trump cards do you guys still have?