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Chapter 70: Soaring, Earth-shakin

Chapter 70: Soaring, Earth-shaking

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This was a human-devouring demon, and from the looks of it, he would be eaten.

"Junior brother Xiaochun, do you think my breasts look good?"Manyou Er’s jade-like tender hands wrapped around Lin Fan’s neck, the veil around her half open. Lin Fan’s blood boiled when he looked. If this continued any longer, something would really end up happening.

Lin Fan always adhered to the supremacy of equality between men and women. Although Manyou Er was rather coquettish, Lin Fan wouldn’t look at her with erotic eyes.

Now Manyou Er was openly asking him whether her breasts looked good. Lin Fan naturally wasn’t a hypocrite. With her front half exposed, he wanted to look but also couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Manyou Er looked at ‘Huang Xiaochun’ and smiled slightly. She loved teasing these inexperienced sect disciples, it was amusing and fun. Just at this moment, Manyou Er was startled. This innocent little junior Huang Xiaochun’s eyes had suddenly locked onto her breasts, which was rather unexpected for her.

"Junior brother Xiaochun, aren’t my breasts lovely?"Manyou Er began swaying around. To Lin Fan the initially voluminous breasts now looked even richer.

Fair complexion, rich and round, and very memorable.

"Beautiful, senior sister’s breasts are so beautiful." Lin Fan said without any hesitation. He was an honest person and would never dispute true beauty.

"Junior brother Xiaochun, then why are you frowning. Have you perhaps seen someone even prettier than me?"Manyou Er’s voice was soft and her hands wrapped around Lin Fan’s body like a snake.

"Senior sister, because I saw your lovely breasts, I suddenly feel inspired and came up with a poem." Lin Fan said in a lamenting manner.

Manyou Er quivered slightly. Her smile widened, "I didn’t think junior brother Xiaochun was a poetic person. In that case, I would very much like to hear the poem you created for me."

Manyou Er’s tempting voice was sweet and alluring, just the sound of it made one feel unbearable.

"Senior sister, let’s go on the bed… I will slowly tell my poem to you." Lin Fan said.

Manyou Er’s tender and light body tightly clung onto Lin Fan, "Junior brother Xiaochun is so impatient… I don’t have any strength left, so carry me over."

Lin Fan’s eyelids twitched, ‘Damn it, she’s so coquettish and shameless. But whatever, I will let you taste my wrath in a bit.

I promise to make you cry out in resistance.

Lin Fan was ambitious, so he obviously wasn’t timid. He embraced Manyou Er’s waist and lifted her up, then walked towards the bed. She was very light, her skin silky smooth, a truly high-class beauty.

"Senior sister, get down here. I will use my household technique to massage you. That way senior sister can relax while listening to my poem." Lin Fan said.

"Junior brother Xiaochun is so caring, I want to stay with you forever." Manyou Er said softly. Then like Lin Fan instructed, she laid down, then pulled down the shawl on her back, revealing her smooth and delicate back.

Lin Fan placed his hands onto Manyou Er’s back, her back was very soft and smooth.

"Junior brother Xiaochun, hurry up… I am all ready." Manyou Er closed her eyes and said.

Lin Fan nodded and began thinking. He recalled a passionate poem of a certain national scholar, and thought he could use that.

"Milky smooth, senior sister has a breast of two, one on the left and one on the right.

Like a blooming cardamom, of two and eight. Glistening like the day, sleek like the night.

Like a meow, like a wave, like a double peak, and like a flower house

No other beauty can compare, while all the males swoon to your gentleness and consideration." Lin Fan proclaimed softly.

The world was big, and although there were many martial artists, there were also many scholars. Since the Great Yan Dynasty valued martial artist more, scholars didn’t really have much status. Thus, there are not that many scholars within the imperial city.

Manyou Er was indulging in Lin Fan’s massage, and after hearing the poem, she began smiling.

"How is the color? Deep like the winter snow and ice

How is the sensation? Soft like the early summer cotton

How is the taste? Fresh like the spring peaches and plums

How is the appearance? Bountiful like the autumn harvest

The movements like a cautious white rabbit, but as quiet as a carefree white dove

Mighty, plentiful, pink and tender, yet translucent like the water

It ensnares men and makes women grieve.

Overlook my haggardness for looking at your two jade peaks

just like how a boat enters a harbor, it felt like I was home

Finally braving through the cold wind and rain and into the lofty warm seas

Deep, shallow, intoxicating, while soaring…" Lin Fan was as if he were possessed by a true scholar, and gave forth an earth-shaking poem.

"Junior brother Xiaochun, is this really made just for me?"Manyou Er had an excited expression on her face, her eyes glistening as if she were truly excited.

Lin Fan froze, he was a bit confused.It wasn’t a big deal, rather minor actually. There was no need to be that excited. But Lin Fan didn’t say anything and just nodded.

"Yes, senior sister, do you like it?"Lin Fan said.

"I like it, I absolutely love it." Manyou Er’s fine shoulders lightly trembled as she laid on the bed in tears.

The tears were tears of excitement and joy.

Lin Fan then gently brushed her head. The hair were shiny, silky smooth, and had an enchanting aroma.

"Senior sister is such an emotional person." Lin Fan said in a lamenting manner.

"Junior brother Xiaochun…" Manyou Er was very touched at the moment. She wanted to repay him with her body and take this junior brother to the very peak of life.

"Senior sister, I am coming to save you," Lin said in a tender voice.

"Junior brother, I love you so…"


But at that moment, the legendary brick appeared in the hand Lin Fan was using to stroke Manyou Er, and with a gentle smack, Manyou Er became unconscious.

"Hehe, trying to seduce yours truly… in your dreams." Lin Fan smiled and glanced at Manyou Er, then began searching her body.

Lin Fan lifted Manyou Er’s small hand and removed the ring on her finger, then checked inside. As expected, there was a huge pile of black gold inside.

Lin Fan placed all the black gold into his bag. Taking all this black gold should suffice.

Lin Fan glanced at the other items inside the ring and hesitated. He was here to save people not to loot, but then he decided against it.

I saved her, I am her savior. Recently, money has been tight, so borrowing her items shouldn’t be any problem. When I become a supreme and invincible being, I will just pay her back in double.

After he had thought that, Lin Fan then decided not to be so hesitant and took all he could. As for the martial skills, he didn’t bother taking them.

It was meant for females, so why would a male be using it?