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Chapter 83: Miserable Battle

Chapter 83: Miserable Battle

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"I will crawl...I do not want to die." This time, an outer sect disciple could not take the pressure anymore and started to crawl to the other side while crying. This disciple was begging for mercy, looking nothing like a proud Saint Devil Sect disciple.

Following this, more and more outer sect disciples started to surrender. They did not want to die for the sect. They were just there to train their skills. Now that they were facing real danger, there was no way for them to give up on their lives just like that.

Some just wanted to live after all.

Elders and other disciples looked at these outer sect disciples, who looked like dogs begging for mercy. They were angry and sad.

These were the disciples of the Saint Devil Sect.

Lin Fan glanced at them, but said nothing. They were not Saint Devil Sect’s disciples. Even if the nine sects took them in, they would be treated like dogs.

"Yan Emperor, I am the son of your minister. I do not want to die. I surrender. I was here for just studying. My heart is with the dynasty."


There were more than ten thousand disciples, and a lot of them are cowards. Now that the blue sea old lady tricked them, many outer sect disciples were moved, seeing it as the only way to survive. Although the Saint Devil Sect had treated them well, compared to their lives, nice treatment was nothing.

People of the nine sects looked at those disciples and laughed. These disciples, who are willing to betray their sects in order to live, were truly just like dogs.

"Two breaths." The blue sea old lady says with squinted eyes.

At this point, all outer sect disciples were moves. Even some inner sect disciples started hesitating.

Life or death

"Grand master, I do not want to die." An inner sect disciple who was a little reputable stepped out of the crowd and crawled to the blue sea old lady.

"Junior brother Wu, you are an inner sect disciple. How can you betray the sect? Do you still have your conscience?" A pericelestial level disciple threw away his respect and sect in order to survive. This made many people furious.

Saint Devil grand master looked at all these but did not say anything or stop anyone. It seemed that he wanted to know how many would betray the sect.

"Senior brother Wu, you are a bastard. I used to actually admire you." Wang Tianfeng, who used to bully junior brothers, pointed at Senior Brother Wu and growled.

Among the crowd, Fang Han and Han Lu looked at each other. They did not want to die. Their lives had just started, especially Fan Han. He had the heritage of the Devil King. How could he die without achieving anything?

However, letting a future Devil King crawl like a dog, that was unacceptable.


"I do not want to die." Fan Han stepped up and started to crawl towards the old lady.

"I also do not want to die." Han Lu followed behind quickly.

Lin Fan looked at all this and frowned. If this continued, more and more disciples would betray the sect.

"What do you think? Saint Devil grand master, these are your disciples, a bunch of cowards." The blue sea old lady laughed triumphantly, as if already seeing the Saint Devil Sect in ruins.

"Disciples, these sects will destroy our Saint Devil Sect today. Even if we fight to the last man, the last drop of blood, we will not surrender."


"No surrender."


The remaining disciples of Saint Devil Sect shouted with anger. They knew the result of this war, but they were not afraid. It did not matter how strong the enemy was, they would defend the Saint Devil Sect with their lives.

Lin Fan clenched his fists.


Angry battle cries spread through the whole Saint Devil Sect. People of the nine sects looked at those disciples with disdain. People who were lower than postcelestial level were just ants. No matter how many of them came, it was useless.

Just comparing the most powerful fighters, with the nine sects united, they could easily overwhelm the Saint Devil Sect.

A horrible war started, screaming and crying could be heard everywhere.

Enemies who were at the pericelestial level easily killed a good number of Saint Devil Sect disciples in an instant. Those disciples could not even fight back. Lin Fan shouted angrily and used Immortal Golden Body to rush everywhere, employing pure strength to attack those pericelestial level enemies.

Although he was weaker than them, he wanted to kill as many as possible.

Grand masters from the nine sects were fighting against the Saint Devil grand master. Suddenly, the earth started shaking and rivers stopped running. The fight between Greater Celestial level warriors was truly beyond ordinary people’s imagination.

"I am going to kill you." In the battlefield, Wang Tianfeng charged at those traitors without fear.

"Betraying the sect means death. I will kill you all." Wang Tianfeng was just an outer sect disciple. He was only a level seven precelestial. Compared to those traitors, he was immensely weak.

Fang Han was observing the battlefield. He wanted to escape in this chaos when he saw Wang Tianfeng charging at him. He smiled, ‘Time to avenge the event at the dining hall.’


"Senior brother, we should work together. Do not fight alone." Lin Fan found Ni Mingyang and Yin Mochen, keeping them from fighting alone.

In this war, both of them were too weak, and were basically of no use.

"Junior brother, today is probably the last fight for the three of us. I hope we can still be brothers in next life. Charge..."

Lin Fan did not hold back as well. He initiated stealth mode and started to move around. He used his sword to assassinate those level one pericelestial enemies.

At this time, Lin Fan made a discovery. When his power increased, his level would increase as well. But, his fighting ability was actually superior compared to those who were at the same level as him. Even a level one pericelestial could be killed by him.

"Fang Han, Han Lu, you two shall die..." This time, Wang Tianfeng roared with red eyes. His chest area was hit by Fang Han and was broken. Blood was continuously pouring out of his mouth. Fang Han and Han Lu looked at each other, and retreated immediately. It was unwise to stay, and they had to leave now.

On the other side, Lin Fan continued his killing spree. His clothes were soaked with blood. Some of it was from the disciples of the nine sects, while some of it was his own.

"Senior brother Wang, are you okay?" Lin Fan saw the dying Wang Tianfeng and walked up to him.

"Junior Brother Lin..."Wang Tianfeng was about to die. He smiled at Lin Fan. "Those two traitors will not have good endings." His eyes closed as he took his last breath

"Senior brother Wang." Lin Fan realized that he had passed away. He stood up and looked at the sect full of bodies. This was a cruel war, in which one or the other side died. Even Senior brother Wang, who liked to bully junior brothers, fought for the sect. This clearly showed that his heart was much better than those traitors. Although some of them may have great potential, they were no still match compared to Senior brother Wang.