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Chapter 96: Very Strange

Chapter 96: Very Strange

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Dusk arrived. The Saint Devil Mountain seemed magnificent. It was pretty quiet here, except for some bugs making noises, and some sighs.

In the weed field, a butt was moving around.

"Eh, what is my future going to be?" Zhang Ergou had been working for a whole afternoon. He really wanted to cry. The weed had hurt him many times.

Zhang Ergou sat on the ground and protested. He looked at the endless weeds, and wanted to leave right now. The environment was not good for living, the work here was also not good for people.

But when he thought about the pissed off the muscular man, his body shook uncontrollably. If he went back, he would surely have troubles.


Zhang Ergou sighed, when he suddenly heard noise not far from there. Zhang Ergou stood up and took the tools to cut weeds.

‘Master is back, it must be the master.’

If the master saw him slacking, the master would kill him just like that rock. Zhang Ergou wiped away his tears and continued to work. But, Zhang Ergou realized something was wrong. There were lots of footsteps, and many conversations. This wasn’t master. Zhang Ergou raised his head and looked. When he saw people with knives, swords, and axes, his face turned white.

"No way, the muscular guy brought people here?" Zhang Ergou was so scared he almost wet his pants. He thought that these men were here for revenge. There were at least fifty of them, and the master was not here. He was too weak to even fight back. What should he do?

Zhang Ergou hid in the weeds without moving. He dared not to even dare to breathe, just in case he was found.

Lin Fan brought these outer sect disciples here. He estimated that a couple of days should be enough if he got these many people.

Regarding the pills, he was not worried. Tomorrow, he would go into another room and dig dirt to make pills. That would be enough for wages.

But at that point, Lin Fan frowned, where was Ergou? Did he run away because Lin Fan was gone and he could not take it anymore?"

"Ergou...Ergou, where is he?" Lin Fan shouted.

Zhang Ergou was hiding in the weeds. His body was shaking, and he did not dare to raise his head. Now that he finally heard the master, he became relieved and happy.

"Master, I am here." Zhang Ergou ran out of the field.

"Where were you? I have gathered some helpers. More people work faster. Fine, let us begin." Lin Fan said.

Zhang Ergou was relieved. They were here to cut the weeds. Then, he found out that those were all outer sect disciples. Zhang Ergou couldn’t help but look at Lin Fan in a different way.

‘Master is a master after all. He can even get outer sect disciples to do this kind of work.’

When he was a servant disciple, he had once met an outer sect disciple. He had to treat that guy like a lord. Unlike him, the master just got them here to get rid of weeds.

"Ergou, take these pills. In the morning, pass them around. I am a little tired, and am going to rest now." Lin Fan gave the pills to Zhang Ergou. These pills were no great things, so he just let Zhang Ergou handle them.

"Yes." Zhang Ergou nodded.

Those outer sect disciples who followed Lin Fan here saw what happened. They opened their eyes widely and understood.

This Ergou man, he must be Junior master Lin’s right-hand man.

Zhang Ergou looked at the back of the master, and the pills. He was shocked, what on earth was going on? Then, Zhang Ergou realized that those outer sect disciples were staring at him weirdly. That scared him a lot.

"Brother Ergou, what should we do?" At that point, an outer sect disciple asked in a friendly manner. This brother title made Ergou surprised.

"What did you call me?" Zhang Ergou was shocked. He thought he did not hear it clearly. These were outer sect disciples, they were completely out of his reach.

"Brother Ergou." That disciple was a bit confused.

At that moment, Zhang Ergou felt so comfortable. That title made him way too happy. He had never thought that a day would come when outer sect disciples would call him brother Ergou.

"Good, listen to me, we start here." Zhang Ergou pointed at one place.


Lin Fan got to the second floor of the wooden house, studying something all this time. That was the God blood which the Saint Devil grand master gave to him before sending him away. However, he received no reaction from it. He knew that thing had a great one’s will. It was possible it could take control of his body.

However, it had been really a long time, yet there was no activity. That made Lin Fan relieved.

The God blood could not be sensed by him, so he had no idea what it could do. Even the system did not mention it. Maybe the God blood was just useless, because the system does not even care about it.

Then, Lin Fan entered mediation. He practiced Faceless Sky Demon and jianyi (Will of The Sword) at the same time. The universe energy rallied around him and entered his body.

Next day

Lin Fan exited his wooden house. He had thought those outer sect disciples must be gone, but they were still here working.

Lin Fan was really satisfied.

But Zhang Ergou had fallen asleep already. Post celestial level and precelestial level were way too different in terms of power levels and endurance.

Post celestial level people could work several days without sleeping, eating, and drinking. Disciples who were at the precelestial level could not do that.

Lin Fan said nothing and went to Danding Mountain. The Suyuan pill was of no use to him, but it was great for those outer sect disciples. Those pills which Zhang Ergou was given were not enough.

Danding Mountain…

Li Shun was the top pill maker for the outer sect disciples. Thus, he was very arrogant. Li Shun was confident that those people who asked him to make pills yesterday would come today.

It felt great to make pills for others and get a share from it.

However, Li Shun felt a bit weird. The number of people today seemed to be fewer than yesterday. Where were those disciples who had requests for him? Based on the previous situation, those outer sect disciples who had requests for him should be waiting for him already.

This was strange.