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Chapter 109: The secret of the Treasure Map of the Seven Saints

Chapter 109: The secret of the Treasure Map of the Seven Saints

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Time flew like the wind, unable to be caught or retained.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Within the Glory Sect was a peak just like any other: Nameless Peak. But as time passed by, gossip topics within the outer sect disciples tended to revolve around this very peak.

On this day, Lin Fan came out of his wooden house after a month of retreat. In the span of a month, other than researching pill cultivation, Lin Fan also took the time to sort out the martial arts and skills he had learned.

At the same time, Lin Fan did not neglect his cultivation practice. He knew clearly what it was like without true strength in the face of adversity in the world of Xuanhuang; one would be just like an ant, helpless as one could be.

Each time he recalled the tragic deaths of his brothers at Saint Devil Sect, Lin Fan let out a sigh, not knowing when the day would come where he could finally break through his cultivation limits, and at the same time, retrieve the token required to return to Cangling Continent.

<> was still at level two while <> had finally broken through to level two.

However, his cultivation base remained at level one postcelestial.

Given the gigantic gulf of experience required to level up from level one postcelestial, gulping down pills was just like a drop in the bucket, not even worth mentioning any longer.

Lin Fan required a large amount of pills, pills of higher quality level.

And if it still couldn’t be done, Lin Fan was ready to leave the sect grounds and enter the forbidden grounds for a round of training.

But even those forbidden grounds would not be easily accessible without the use of the sect’s gigantic arks.

During this month, Ye Shaotian had come by once. But due to his retreat, Lin Fan had passed the pills to Zhang Ergou.

He wondered how Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue had been. They might have snuck in a few pills of Biggra on their own.

Upon ending his retreat, Lin Fan prepared to head to the Glory Sect library in search of martial arts and cultivation recipes. If he was lucky, he might be able to find a few for higher graded pills.

Lin Fan wanted to improve on Biggra, but even after numerous attempts, they all ended in failure.

Even for some of them which seemed to have succeeded, Lin Fan knew they could not be consumed as they would definitely bring death to the user.

Glory Sect, Library…

This was the place where disciples of Glory Sect came to choose martial arts from. Despite the fact that Lin Fan had set out to craft his own sect, he still retained the rights to pick out martial arts from the sect along with the other rights of existing disciples.

Lin Fan was extremely grateful towards this, but dejected at the same time. He had come over from the other side and entered a good sect.

Saint Devil Sect was a good sect, but it was devastated all the same. And in Lin Fan’s eyes, Glory Sect was similarly good, and he could only wish for the peace and prosperity of Glory Sect.

Having a lot of martial arts did not signify a person’s strength. What was rather important was whether the martial arts suited one’s personal style.

Currently, had reached a bottleneck. As for , it was about to reach the next level, meaning it would undergo an evolution. As to what it would bring about, Lin Fan was looking forward to it.

As for his personal situation, Lin Fan had concluded that he was more suited to melee combat rather than the use of weapons and the likes.

Especially , which changed the course of Yin and Yang, was twisted to the max.

– Close combat technique

– Close combat technique

– Close combat technique.


Going down the line, most of what he knew were all close combat techniques. Therefore, now that he was looking for new arts, he needed to look towards that aspect as well.

After all, the aforementioned skills would be great for experimenting cruelly on enemies. However, to friendlier opponents, they might not be that suitable. If he were to spar with anyone in the future, he had better learn some skills which are, well, more regular.

On entering the library, Lin Fan was blinded in amazement by the huge collection of Glory Sect.

The shelves looked boundless, as though one had sunk into a sea of books.

A large and glorious sect indeed could be judged from its deep history. Lin Fan caught himself wandering within the sea, immersed intensely.

‘Ding… Congratulations on discovering Dark lower graded finger technique: ’

‘Ding… Congratulations on discovering Light upper graded sword technique : ’

‘Ding…Congratulations on discovering Dark medium graded saber technique : ’


For every book he touched, the details would pop up immediately within his mind. To the disciples within the library who were watching this weirdo who was just touching books and putting them back immediately, it was as though they were watching a fool at work.

But for the outer sect disciples who knew Lin Fan personally, even if they were doubtful, they dared not express a single phrase of mockery.

If they were to be rude in any way, who knew how they’d end up dying.

‘Ding…Congratulations on discovering Light lower graded fist technique: ’

This was the lowest graded and lowest tiered martial art Lin Fan had touched since he arrived at the library. But just as he was about to put it back, a notice popped up which stunned him for a moment.

Ding…Congratulations on discovering a hidden map:

Lin Fan remembered! Back in his backpack, there existed the which he had stolen from Mo Yixuan. Because he did not know how to use or decipher it, Lin Fan had forgotten about it like trash within his backpack.

And now that the was found within the manual of , there must be some sort of correlation with the

Lin Fan quietly retrieved and without anyone noticing, and slid it within his backpack.

Lin Fan then continued his search.

Since he was here, naturally he’d have to find a few books which he could use.

Luckily, Lin Fan eventually discovered an Earth lower graded technique: and settled for it.

While the martial art seemed like any other, what was unique was the fact that if it was cultivated to its highest level, a single palm strike would have nine folds of the original strength. Stacking the strength layer by layer, fold by fold, was not an easy task.

But most importantly, it was the fact that in Lin Fan’s hands, any martial arts would have no upper limit. Therefore, ’s true potential could be pushed even further in his hands.

Lin Fan’s heart was brimming with happiness. He knew clearly that as long as he did not f*ck up and die by accident, his path in the future would extend way beyond anyone else.

Upon returning to the Nameless Peak from the library, Lin Fan jumped straight into the process of research.

‘Ding… Congratulations on discovering . Do you want to learn it?’


‘Ding…Congratulations on learning Earth lower graded technique: . Level one.’

Lin Fan cultivated anything faster than anyone else. To even understand what the skill was about was a big gulf of learning for anyone else. But Lin Fan was able to leap straight past this gulf. If any of the disciples were to find out, they’d definitely die of jealousy.

Opening , a piece of map fell from within.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the map, he was already deeply mesmerised.

This was a map, and above it were two words which blinded Lin Fan’s eyes.

"Dongling Continent"

At this moment, Lin Fan finally understood why it was that he could not find anything related to the , despite his continuous probes and searches in Saint Devil Sect. Everything annotated on the map was in fact in Dongling Continent.

At the same time, Lin Fan knew that whoever wielded this must have lived in the era after Xuanhuang World was ripped into two by the Ultimate Being.

After taking note of a few key points of the map mentally, Lin Fan threw it back within his backpack.

"Master…help…!" A tragic cry came from out of the house, causing Lin Fan to frown.

Just from the pig grunting sound, he knew that this must be Zhang Ergou.

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Some of you might find it confusing with the martial arts segment.
Here's a quick refresher!
All the martial arts in this world are divided into 4 tiers : Heaven, Earth, Dark and Light.
With Heaven being the highest and Light being the lowest.
Further within these tiers lies the grades : Upper, Middle, Lower.
Hope this clarifies the air!