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Chapter 129: True And Loyal

Chapter 129: True And Loyal

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The way Grand Master Yan looked at Lin Fan was somewhat weird. The three of them had already arrived long ago above the skies of Nameless Peak, quietly observing the commotion below.

Regarding the recent events of the outer sect, they had known beforehand from their sources. Therefore, they already knew that Danding Peak had come to Nameless Peak regarding this matter. Their motives were to:

1) Stop things from going wayward.

2) Uncover the mystery behind Lin Fan’s pill cultivating skills.

But what they observed earlier about Lin Fan cultivating the pills with his palm left them dumbfounded. In fact, they had goosebumps.

This was the highest state achievable in cultivating pills.

‘Pills Through Thought’

Yes, that was the name of it. Being able to craft pills from thin air without the need of a physical furnace. To a pill cultivating master, the requirement to reach such a state was beyond this world.

Even the Senior Elder of Danding Peak did not have the ability to do so. Glory Sect once had a man who could do it, but that was during their most glorious era.

A master of pill cultivating did not just represent pills. He represented the sect’s ability to maintain close ties with other sects with him as a chip.

And to think that a man who could cultivate pills as such had appeared once again in Glory Sect.

And he was a member of the divided sect.

Looking at Lin Fan, Grand Master Yan’s eyes shone with joy. This man was a treasure to the sect!

The look of Senior Elder Wuya towards Lin Fan was weird as well, and he realized what was happening afterward.

When they had saved Lin Fan from the brink of death, they knew that his potential was destroyed and that what he could achieve in the future was limited. To think that he was able to master such a level of pill cultivating!

"Grand Master! Senior Elder! Justice, please! He’s too much…!" Li Shun collapsed on the ground and cried while complaining.

Li Shun sneaked a glance at Lin Fan and gloated at his incoming misfortune. Now that Danding Peak’s Elder Senior was around, he would definitely make him pay.

"Shut it." Danding Peak’s Senior Elder, who was floating in the air, replied with displeasure, "Every single word Lin Fan said was true. How dare you guys exploit the outer sect disciples as such? Unforgivable!"

Lin Fan chuckled and looked at the already tragic Li Shun, ‘Amateur! You? Trying to rat on Yours Truly? HAHA!’

Lin Fan then turned towards the Danding Peak Senior Elder and nodded his head heartily. Not bad, at least this Senior Elder knew what was right and wrong. Seemed like the years lived by this man had not gone to the dogs.

"Wronged! We’ve been wronged…!" Li Shun and gang were dumbfounded in disbelief that even their Senior Elder would not side them.

"Hmph! Ten sets of ingredients for one serving? And to take off 60%+? This is simply…simply…" Danding Peak Senior Elder’s long white beard shot up the air in anger.

Danding Peak’s reputation had been utterly destroyed!

While Li Shun was his own disciple, he had not expected this guy to be so disappointing!

Regarding the outer sect affairs of Danding Peak, he had rarely gotten involved in. But to think that things would come to this…

At this point, Li Shun and gang lowered their heads in shame. They could feel their Senior Elder’s immense rage, so they dared not mouth off anymore. But in their hearts, their hatred for Lin Fan was growing deeper by the second.


The three of them landed on the ground, and Grand Master Yan turned towards Lin Fan, "Follow me."

Lin Fan looked at the three of them and wondered what was happening. But he could sense the joy from Grand Master’s eyes, so he presumed that he must have subdued them thoroughly with that display just now.

Lin Fan followed them as they entered his house.

Zhang Ergou rubbed his eyes fervently, "Junior Brother! I’m not dreaming, am I?"

Feng Bujue was stunned as well, I…don’t think so."

To the two of them, this was just like a dream. Somewhat mystifying, somewhat unreal, but yet the reality was unfolding before their very eyes.

Looking at Danding Peak’s pathetic state as though they had just lost their parents, Zhang Ergou burst out laughing.

"HAHA! You guys are in for it! You dare to head to Nameless Peak to create a ruckus? You’ll be in for a whooping when you get back!"

Looking at Zhang Ergou gloat at their misfortune, the Danding Peak disciples were incensed. But upon recalling their Senior Elder’s furious look, they lowered their heads in shame, wondering what sort of punishment they would receive back home later.

None of the disciples bothered about Elder Gu’s pitiful sight anymore. They were only worried about themselves hereafter.

Within the house…

Lin Fan looked at the three of them warily. The atmosphere seemed tense, so he laughed, "Grand Master, is there anything I could do for you?"

Grand Master Yan turned around with a solemn look in his eyes, "Are you true and loyal to Glory Sect?"

Lin Fan did not know what Grand Master Yan meant by it. But looking at his solemn expression, he retrieved his smile.

"Saint Devil Sect is a divided sect of Glory Sect, and I am the sole disciple of Saint Devil Sect. Naturally, I am true and loyal to it. I’ll never betray Glory Sect. One for all and all for one." Lin Fan replied seriously.

Saint Devil Sect was everything to Lin Fan. So long as Glory Sect did not betray him, he would never let Glory Sect down as well.

"Good." Grand Master Yan nodded, and the three of them disappeared into thin air.

Lin Fan was left alone standing at his original position, dumbstruck.

‘What… What the f*ck? He came here just to ask me one fucking question?’


Lin Fan was kind of helpless, but he let out a sigh afterward. A master was indeed a master, one could never guess through their thoughts.

But now that today’s event was yet to be settled, how were they to go on? How was he to pick up after the pieces of today?

According to his own plan, he had meant to just teach these guys from Danding Peak a lesson. But now that these busybodies had appeared and left without saying anything, what was he to do?

Just then, a voice rang out from thin air.

"Sinful disciples! Get back to our peak!"

This voice sounded like that of Danding Peak’s Senior Elder.

Lin Fan pushed opened his doors. Looking at the Danding Peak disciples, he let out a grin.

"Bunch of bi*ches. Get the hell back!"

Zhang Ergou also laughed heartily as though he was chasing pigs, "Shoo shoo! Get lost! Audacious to come over to Nameless Peak? Courting death!"

"Er hem…" Lin Fan coughed gently. With both hands behind his back and a smile on his face, he lifted his jaw and walked out confidently.

While there might have been some changes to the situation, things were still settled pretty much as he had envisioned.

It was time to put on an act again.

Especially after he had shown them his powerful pill cultivating art, he was sure they were already deeply captivated, unable to erase it from their memory.

"LONG LIVE MASTER!" Zhang Ergou cheered loudly.

"LONG LIVE JUNIOR MASTER LIN!" The outer sect disciples echoed excitedly in unison.

They had initially thought that Junior Master Lin might be bullied by Danding Peak. But what a twist of events! They were all thoroughly in joy.

Looking at the masses, Lin Fan nodded knowingly with a smile on his face and a deep voice.

"Remember, boys. Evil will never triumph. Victory always belongs to the side of the just." Lin Fan stood with his hands behind him, staring at the distant skies, exuding an aura of extreme righteousness.

The countless outer sect disciples looked at Lin Fan with an adoring gaze, admiring this man to no ends. He was imprinted in their minds permanently.

As to when he’d be able to break through his cultivation base, all he needed now was a chance.

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