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Chapter 135: The Perfect Plan

Chapter 135: The Perfect Plan

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Even though Tian Yu knew that he had arrived later than expected, he did not have a choice. The pill left behind by Junior Master Lin was simply way too strong.

As an inner sect genius, what sort of pill had Tian Yu not seen before? Just the smell of something would allow him to analyse what sort of pill it was. But yet, he could not figure out what Biggra was.

When Lin Fan arrived in Glory Sect, Tian Yu was not around as he was out in the forbidden grounds expedition.

Furthermore, upon his return to the sect, his cultivation foundation was destroyed. Hence, he was in a state of mental torment. As such, he knew nothing much about the affairs within the sect, let alone the fact that Nameless Peak had been given to someone else by the Grand Master.

Whether or not the pill was poisonous, he could not be bothered. He was just a disabled man. Would anyone still want to take advantage of that?

But after consuming the pill, Tian Yu’s world changed instantaneously. It was as though a fire danced within his body, bringing him close to the breaking point.

As to what happened next, one needed not guess. He displayed the usual habits of one who had consumed Biggra.

Once the effect of the pill was over, he laid crippled on the floor. His mind was clear at this point, without any worries or pains of the past. Just bliss.

Godly pill... This was the only conclusion Tian Yu could reach after consuming it.

"Junior Master, Disciple Tian Yu has decided. I implore you to save me from this abyss I’m in." Tian Yu knelt on the floor and begged with all his sincerity.

"There, there. Up you go." Lin Fan stepped forward and assisted Tian Yu up. "You need not beg me for such a matter. Naturally, Yours Truly will have his Junior Disciple recover his cultivation foundation."

The genius disciple before his eyes, Lin Fan wanted him in for sure.

While his cultivation foundation might have been destroyed, it did not mean that he could never recover. And once he did, he would still be the same genius he was.

Recovery of cultivation foundation is not something that can occur overnight. Now that we’ve refurbished the place, we’ve got many empty houses. I’ll let one of my personal disciples bring you around to pick one." Lin Fan’s thoughts were simple. As long as he kept him here, he could try his best to cure him. And then, bit by bit, he would slowly dupe this guy in.

Especially now that his cultivation foundation was destroyed. When someone was at his lowest point in his or her life, it was the easiest to trick them!

"Thank you, Junior Master." Tian Yu nodded his head in gratitude. His only hope was in this man right now. Whether or not he believed in it was another matter, he could only give it a shot.

Rather than to live a life like a dog, he’d rather take the gamble.

Feng Bujue then brought Tian Yu to go pick a house.

"Master, I think the chances of roping him in is pretty low this time round. After all, he’s a genius of the inner sect and has deep ties to Glory Sect. He would definitely not join us that easily." Zhang Ergou remarked.

Lin Fan smiled silently and nodded his head gently. He stared at Zhang Ergou, "Ergou, remember. There’s nothing impossible in this world, only those that fear the impossible. Even a small seedling can turn into a gigantic tree over time. Now that he is at his weakest moment with no one else acknowledging him, he requires care. Therefore, the two of you need to put in some effort to make it work."

"Yes, I understand what to do." Zhang Ergou’s sharp little crafty brain understood his master’s will immediately.

Half a month later…

Tian Yu had been on the Nameless Peak for half a month and had yet to leave the peak. Towards Tian Yu’s disappearance, there was no commotion about it within the sect. Only Zong Hentian was searching up and down for him, but to no avail.

Since there was no end to this matter, Tian Yu just conveniently stayed on the Nameless Peak.

In this period of time, Lin Fan had been focusing on cultivating pills. As expected, it grew harder to level up his pill cultivating skill. It had been stuck at level 19 for a long time, and required just that bit to break through.

But Lin Fan was not hurried. He was definitely going to level up one day with the rate things were going. He was just going to let nature take its course.

Even though Zhang Ergou’s cultivation talent was only that of a lowly servant and was slow in his personal cultivation, with Lin Fan’s continuous help and a large amount of pills as supplements, he was also close to reaching the postcelestial level.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue did not have the system. Therefore, they naturally had to use their own diligent efforts to overcome the huge barrier between precelestial and postcelestial. As to when he could break through, it was only dependant on himself.

Feng Bujue was postcelestial to begin with. And now, his strength had improved tremendously. He was just that bit away from completing the full stage of postcelestial level. And given another month’s time, he could probably break through as well.

As to Tian Yu, he was thoroughly convinced by Lin Fan’s ability to fully recover his cultivation foundation.

Because right now, he could already begin to self-cultivate again. While the process was slow, it was already a tremendous improvement for Tian Yu.

Being able to cultivate was better than being a disabled man.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue remembered their master’s words deep in their hearts. Day by day, they showered Tian Yu with love and care, telling him about their master’s multiple exploits in his life and his gems of wisdom.

This was the ultimate plan that Lin Fan and his two disciples had come up with after countless days of discussions.

And this plan was tailor made for Tian Yu.

Character. Habits. Temper… These aspects all required working on.

As Tian Yu changed in these aspects, they would work on it and drive in the point even further.

But for a plan like this, it could only be created by people who were as free and idle as Lin Fan and his two disciples.


Next day, something happened within the outer sect disciples grounds.

Disciples who were out and about doing their own stuff halted to a stop at the amazing sight in front of them.

"Those are Jialan Peak disciples!"

"Wow, gorgeous! Look at the one leading… Damn, her body is so f*cking hot, oh my God!"

"Shh, lower your volume! The female disciples of Jialan Peak are known to have a bad temper!"

"Something’s weird. Jialan Peak disciples do not usually leave their peaks. Now that a large group of them have come down together, is something about to happen?"

"No clue. Let’s just follow behind. Perhaps we’d discover something!"


The place where Zhou Yaoyao was bringing her dozens of Junior Sisters to was none other than the Nameless Peak. She was heading there to look for their esteemed Junior Master for assistance.

Looking at the lustful eyes of the surrounding disciples, Zhou Yaoyao showed a face of displeasure and snorted coldly. Hmph. Compared to Junior Master Lin, these guys were complete trash.

"Senior Sister! We’re in for it if Junior Master Lin decides not to help us this time around!" A female disciple said pitifully with tears brimming in her eyes.

"Don’t worry, Junior Master Lin is a kind and generous man. He would definitely not leave us in the lurch!" Zhou Yaoyao replied confidently.


Upon discovering the place they were heading to was the Nameless Peak, the outer sect disciples were shocked.

Could it be that Jialan Peak was also there to look for Junior Master Lin to cultivate pills?

Towards Junior Master Lin of the Nameless Peak, they were all filled with the utmost respect. If not for him, none of them would be having such a comfortable life right now.

And who would one look for to cultivate pills these days? Naturally it was Junior Master Lin!

Danding Peak had gone through a thorough reform. Cultivating pills was free from now on, and the efficiency rate had increased by a huge fold. But to these outer sect disciples, even with these conditions, none of them would go to Danding Peak ever again.

It was all because Danding Peak had thoroughly broken their hearts. Furthermore, Junior Master Lin’s pill cultivating speed was second to none. After passing him their ingredients, they could collect the pills immediately the next day. And of course, every time they did so, they could be in for a surprise reward as well.

Also, Junior Master Lin was such an amicable man to be around. His two disciples as well were like brothers and close friends. At times, they could even just hang around for a wonderful chat about anything in the world. Life couldn’t be better there.

As for Danding Peak, they could just scram to one side.