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Chapter 140: Yours Truly Shall Unlock Your Potential

Chapter 140: Yours Truly Shall Unlock Your Potential

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
On the way up, Lin Fan was beaming all the way. All the vengeful looks shot towards him by the Danding Peak disciples were welcomed warmly by him.

But it truly broke his heart. ‘Ah, these young souls are kids blinded by hatred.’

‘But, it was all good. After all, hatred was the greatest form of motivation in this world. Perhaps this hatred might cause them to delve deep within cultivation and reach their pinnacle? And one day, they might come to crush Yours Truly beneath their feet to avenge their hatred today?’

If he could bring these lost sheep back to reality and revitalize their fighting spirit, then everything that had happened previously would all be worth it.

But then again, now that things had come to this, he might as well add on to their hatred. To help these poor boys, he needed to raise the bar higher. In fact, he needed them to show the energy they once had as though they were sucking milk from their mothers. Only then would they truly have the required fighting spirit!

Lin Fan’s expression took a deep change. He raised his chin haughtily and stared above their heads conceitedly. Raising a finger, he pointed at them one by one.

"What are you looking at? What are you staring at? Don’t you see Yours Truly arriving? Where’s my polite welcome!"

Towards these outer quarters disciples of Danding Peak, Lin Fan had already planned his course of action.

Obviously, upon receiving such humiliation, all of the disciples were burning with rage, looking at each another with bloodshot eyes. They swore in their hearts that if they did not crush this man thoroughly under their feet in the future, they could not be considered as humans.

To Lin Fan, this was all fine. In fact, who knew, he might even be able to unlock their hidden potential amongst a few of them with this explosive rage they were feeling.

Lin Fan let loose an arrogant shout. Like thunder striking out across the skies, the eardrums of these disciples were left ringing.

All of them were so scared that they started trembling internally, squinting their eyes tightly.

Not bad, not too bad! This was the effect he was looking for.

With a glance, Lin Fan took in the situation of the surroundings. That was right. This sort of oppression, this sort of overbearingness… This was definitely right!

But of course, Lin Fan was not one who bullied members of the same sect. He had not intended to strike at them or anything of the likes after the shout. Something like that would be bad for the harmonious relationship they now had!

But just as Lin Fan prepared to head to the medicinal fields, something unexpected happened.

To think that these disciples, who were riled up by him, suddenly came scrambling one by one with a respectful yet fearful expression.

"Greetings Junior Master…!"

"Greetings, Junior Master! Greetings!"


Wow, f*ck!

Lin Fan was lost for words. Damn, this wasn’t what he had expected! How could this be? These disciples had way too little self-respect, didn’t they?

Even after his haughty display, they still shamelessly came to greet him? Where was the pride?

Sh*t man. Over. It’s all over.

Lin Fan sighed helplessly. Danding Peak was pretty much done for their next generation to have no backbone at all.

These disciples were thoroughly terrified by this demon king.

Deeply terrified. So scared that they did not even have the courage to resist anymore.

Not only were his pill cultivating skills incredible, but he was also so darn good at socializing as well. And most importantly, even Danding Peak’s Senior Elder sided with him.

What else could they do? After all, tossing an egg at a rock would only result in the egg being smashed itself.

They might as well give in. ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’ By sucking up to him, they might even be able to get that bit of advantage to move further in life.

"Junior Master Lin! Is there anything you require of us?"

"We’re very familiar with Danding Peak’s grounds! If you need anything, please let us know! We’ll do it no matter the cost!"

The Danding Peak disciples encircled Lin Fan and ass licked continuously.

Recalling what happened that fateful day, they resisted the urge to cry. The moment they got back, not only were they harshly reprimanded by the Senior Elder, they were taught a lesson.

Even Elder Gu was demoted, and was now just a disciple of the outer quarters.

And all these earth-shattering changes were just brought about by Junior Master Lin in front of them. At the end of the day, all they wanted from Danding Peak was a good backing so that they could have an easier life.

Now that that was impossible, they had to move on.

Now that these guys were showing such respect, Lin Fan could not sustain that arrogant look on his face for much longer.

These guys were his own Junior Disciples! Now that they knew to repent, then one might as well let bygones be bygones.

Softening his face, Lin Fan went on, "Hmm, not bad. Not bad."

Lin Fan no longer wanted to boost their innate potential. Since they were all sucking up to Yours Truly, then Yours Truly would take good care of these guys. Even if these guys had once gone up to Nameless Peak rudely to pick a fight, one must know that Lin Fan was a magnanimous man.



Just then, a large sound exploded. One of the doors burst open, and a man rushed out in a huff.

Upon closer inspection, Lin Fan leaped in joy. ‘Ah, it’s Junior Disciple Li Shun!’

At this point, Li Shun’s eyes were bloodshot red, and his rage was beyond the heavens. When he saw all his fellow Danding Peak disciples crowding around and ass licking Lin Fan, he was trembling with fury.

While Li Shun had tons of stuff he wanted to shout out, he did not know how to voice them out. He could only stare at Lin Fan viciously.

In Li Shun’s eyes, this guy was just the biggest foe of his entire life.

These days, Li Shun’s life was, for lack of better words, tragic. Not only did he have nothing left to exploit, but even that beloved servant boy of his had also left him. Recalling the look on the servant boy’s face before he left, Li Shun was filled with reluctance.

And all of it was caused by this man. If not for him, Li Shun would still be the great master of cultivating pills in Danding Peak’s outer quarters!

But Li Shun suppressed the words in his mouth; he did not dare to be impudent. But he still had to give this man the death stare.

Because, this man needed to know how much he hated and begrudged him.

"Senior Brother Li, Junior Master Lin is here!"

"Junior Master Lin! Senior Brother Li must be overly excited and emotional over your appearance that he’s touched to tears!"


Listening to the words spewed by his fellow disciples, Li Shun was disillusioned. In fact, he wanted to hurl insults at them. ‘All you bunch of spineless pansies. Who was touched to tears?!?’

"Li Shun, why are you not greeting Junior Master Lin who has especially come over?" The demoted Elder Gu, who was mixing with the disciples, berated Li Shun.

He was also a man who recognized his current situation. Now that it had come to this, he could only hope to make up for his mistakes. At least, that’d give him a chance to one day get back to being an Elder.

Lin Fan laughed. He had not expected Li Shun to be so resolute. Even till now, he was bearing grudges against Yours Truly.

This spirit was definitely invaluable!

Lin Fan stepped forth slightly, but on the other hand, Li Shun retreated slightly, seemingly afraid.

"Ah, so it’s Junior Disciple Li! Let the past be the past. You don’t have to keep your hatred bottled up!" Lin Fan patted Li Shun’s shoulders like an old pal.

Li Shun frowned, not understanding the other party’s intentions of doing so.

The other disciples looked at Junior Master Lin, and a strand of guilt grew within their hearts. They had not expected Junior Master Lin to be such a magnanimous and understanding man to let go of the past!

After all, Li Shun did cross the line. Yet, he did not show a strand of hatred. This tolerance level was worthy of respect.

"What are you up to?" Li Shun stared at Lin Fan warily.

"Ah, Junior Disciple! Do not worry! I was once versed in the art of face reading. Just a quick look today and I realized that you’ve got the face of an unpolished gem, like a talent rarely found in this world!" Lin Fan spouted out his bullshit with a straight face.

His main aim was to conduct an experiment. Now that it had come to this, if he were to follow according to his original plan, that’d be doing himself an injustice.

Li Shun was stunned, his face revealing shock. Talent rarely found?! But then, he grew cautious again.

"Come, Junior Disciple. Let Yours Truly uncover your potential. Hopefully, I ain’t wrong about this." Lin Fan smiled and patted Li Shun’s shoulders, guiding him back towards his house.

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