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Chapter 143: This Tender Heaven And Earth

Chapter 143: This Tender Heaven And Earth

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
As the scenery changed, so did day and night.

Lin Fan was having a torturous time. To think that onboard this Green Hell Battle Ark, there was not a single person who would talk to him. He began to question his own life.

‘Just because Yours Truly was so handsome, do you guys have to envy me as such?!’

Even when Lin Fan went around teasing some of the young disciples, all of them continued sitting down in their cross-legged positions, eyes closed and cultivating. Not even a single cough or anything came from them.

After that, Lin Fan did not bother any longer. He headed to the back of the ark alone and retrieved the furnace from within the system’s backpack.

If not for his promise to the Grand Master to not reveal his pills cultivating skill in front of anyone, he’d have long put on a fantastic show for these young ones. They should understand that ignoring Yours Truly was their loss.

But staring at his furnace, Lin Fan suddenly had a feeling of lonesomeness. Far above in the skies with a gentle breeze, he focused on the ground far beneath and momentarily felt so small.

Just then, a loud horn rang across the skies. A gigantic battle ark suddenly appeared in the once clear skies behind their ark.

This ark was significantly larger than the Green Hell Battle Ark.

"That’s Fengtian Sect’s battle ark!" The disciples who were deep in cultivation woke up and exclaimed loudly.

"What’s the meaning of this?"

"Guys, look! Who is that guy standing in front of their battle ark?"

Their expressions changed furiously upon realizing who it was.

"That. Is. Lin. Ao." Rage flooded Zong Hentian’s eyes as he gripped his knuckles so tightly that they even cracked.

Lin Fan looked ahead. On Fengtian Sect’s battle ark was a young man standing on its head. Hands behind his back, his long flowing hair danced in the wind as he looked down at the Green Hell Battle Ark with a look of defiance.

Indeed, that was the look of a genius.

One look over and Lin Fan could sense an aura of dominance exuding from this man. This aura of dominance was the strongest that Lin Fan had ever sensed from anybody so far.

Just then, a group of disciples on Fengtian Sect’s ark started laughing.

"HAHA! Weren’t these guys from Glory Sect scared shitless yet from Senior Brother Lin’s previous battle?"

"HAHAHAHA that’s right. He decimated one of their geniuses entirely in the previous forbidden grounds expedition. I wonder how these guys are doing now?"

"Hehehe, as long as Senior Brother Lin is with us for this Floating Snow Peaks expedition, all the other sects’ disciples can just scram!"


Lin Ao’s frosty yet handsome features shone through like he was royalty from Heaven and Earth. Staring intensely at Glory Sect, he let out a grin.

Within Green Hell Battle Ark…

A group of inner sect disciples was flushed red with anger. The world was so huge, and they could have chosen any path. Yet, they chose to follow right behind Green Hell Battle Ark? Weren’t they just trying to mock them intentionally?

"Lin Ao! What’s the meaning of this!" Zong Hentian roared in wrath.

"Ha. Ha." In that instant, it was as though Heaven and Earth were only filled with Lin Ao’s cold chuckle. "Does the sky belong to Glory Sect?"

"You…!" Zong Hentian was speechless with rage.

Lin Fan saw everything that had happened. Especially that ‘Ha. Ha.’, it left him pretty disgusted.

It was as though Lin Ao was jeering at them to step aside.

In a swift motion, Lin Fan leaped onto the back of the Green Hell Battle Ark.

Hands behind his back and staring at the empty skies, Lin Fan’s robes floated graciously with the breeze of the skies. In a cool voice, he went on, "Yours Truly is going to gather this piece of Heaven and Earth around here for pill cultivation. Friendly sect behind us, please leave immediately."

Staring at Lin Fan on the ark’s end, all the inner sect disciples were astonished beyond words. What was this guy up to?!

Elder Yu’s expression was extremely tense as he cautioned those behind. Should things go south, strike immediately.

"HAHA!" This time round, Lin Ao roared in laughter. This was the first time in his life he’d heard a joke as such.

To the disciples of Fengtian Sect, this was even more hilarious.

"Is that disciple of theirs retarded?! Gather the Heaven and Earth? What sort of nonsense is he boasting of?!"

"These Glory Sect disciples are just plain priceless, aren’t they? No wonder that so-called genius of theirs was wrecked so easily by Senior Brother Lin!"

Lin Fan nodded his head and flipped his right hand up. Instantly, the furnace floated above his hand.

A flash appeared in Lin Fan’s eyes as he let out a grin. ‘I’ll let you ignorant fools know what’s fear.’

Glory Sect’s disciples were flabbergasted. WHAT in the world was Junior Master Lin up to?!

"Boundless Fire."

A flame lit up and started burning ferociously under the furnace.

"Heaven and Earth." He said in a low voice as his left hand moved as though grabbing something in the air before tossing it within the furnace.

Everyone present was dumbfounded, unable to comprehend what was happening before their eyes.

Lin Fan too did not know what he was doing. Him grabbing something from the air was just a farce.

But the crucial point was that, he had sneakily snuck in a Biggra within the furnace.

Time past…

A white mist surrounded the furnace, as though he was truly cultivating Heaven and Earth.

All this long, the grin never left Lin Ao’s face as he disregarded the situation entirely.


A boom crackled across the skies as the furnace as it vibrated intensely, as though it could explode at any moment.

Just then, Lin Fan exclaimed. As though in a panic fearing the worst, he shouted, "NOT GOOD! Friendly sect behind us, please watch out! It’s gonna burst!"

Lin Fan shouted in shock then hurriedly opened the furnace doors, allowing the white mist to blow towards Fengtian Sect along with the winds.

Lin Ao shook his head in disdain. This guy was obviously trying to pull a fast one in front of the masses for attention. It just wasn’t worth his time.


"To cultivate pills like this, truly he’s the first in the world. First to produce NOTHING at all! HAHA!"

"I thought he might be up to something! But to think that THAT was it!"


"Junior Master Lin, just what were you up to?" Someone asked questioningly. They couldn’t hold it in anymore, this was simply too much of an embarrassment.

Zong Hentian too did not comprehend this guy’s intentions. Was he just out to make Glory Sect a laughing stock?!

"Just wait and see, boys. Let the wind blow." Lin Fan laughed and kept the furnace. Hands behind his back, he stared at Fengtian Sect without changing expressions.

Just then, Lin Ao realized something was wrong, as a surge of energy burst through his body.

"Not good…!" He realized that there was something wrong with the white mist!

"Don’t breathe in! There’s something wrong with the mist!"

Lin Ao let out a ferocious roar and a bright light emitted from his body, blocking everything ahead. But alas, it was too late.

The disciples behind him had already taken in the mist.

"Ah…! Senior Brother Lin! I'm about to burst!"

"What’s…with this feeling!"

"My giant blade is thirsty beyond control!"


Suddenly, loud cries erupted from Fengtian Sect’s ark.

Following immediately after it was the sound of holes being made through the wood, as though being pecked by a woodpecker.

Hearing the sounds from Fengtian Sect, Zong Hentian was filled with doubts. Just WHAT were those sounds?!?

Lin Fan sniggered and jumped down from the back of the ark. He sighed as though heartbroken, "A tragedy of Heavens and Earth. Savage and brutal. Unforgivable by the Heavens."



"Junior Master! Just what had happened?!" One of the disciples burst out with the question.

"You…wanna know?" Lin Fan turned around and asked.


"You will get your answer after consuming this pill." Lin Fan tossed a Biggra over to him. Perhaps after he had consumed it, he would no longer be so cold to Lin Fan.

Hands behind his back, Lin Fan walked over to the bow of the ship and stared at the tightly knitted snow peaks like an undefeated hero.

‘Sky City... Here we are.’

As to what was happening behind them, Lin Fan no longer cared.

After all, the Heavens and Earth were opening up their arms, welcoming the arrival of Yours Truly.