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Chapter 147: Wrong Information

Chapter 147: Wrong Information

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Upon hearing Elder Yu’s story, every single one of their expressions changed.

"Simply...too...much!" Zong Hentian’s face was solemn as he gritted his teeth. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Lin Fan could not fully comprehend the situation. Even though they were taking the frontline for tomorrow’s fight, nevertheless, they were assisted by two other sects. While it was disadvantageous indeed, surely there was no need to get into such a huff, right?

"The frontlines tomorrow will be spearheaded by the Glory Sect, Xuanyang Sect, and Taiyi Sect. These two sects are the weakest amongst all present. Therefore, not only do we not get any advantage against the beasts, all three sects might even face the threat of being wiped out." Looking at Lin Fan’s puzzled face, Elder Yu explained the situation.

Lin Fan finally understood. If they were to divide the six sects present as such, Glory Sect would definitely be in a sticky position tomorrow.

"Elder Yu, what’s the Snow Lion’s cultivation base like?" Lin Fan asked.

"Lower Celestial upper level. Now that it has given birth, it has weakened by around half its strength. But it is still definitely deadly."

Lin Fan was stunned. Bloody hell! Lower celestial upper level?!? Even half of that would crush him entirely!

Even at its current strength, it wasn’t something mere humans could deal with. Seems like things might not go so easily tomorrow.

Could the Fengtian Sect have some death grudge against the Glory Sect? Back in the forbidden grounds expedition, they had already viciously decimated one of Glory Sect’s geniuses. And again, for this beast slaying expedition, they definitely had a hand in this situation.

"Elder Yu. does the Fengtian Sect have some sort of grudge with our Glory sect? Why does the whole thing seem intentional?" Lin Fan asked curiously. Fine. Even if they were to be at a disadvantage, there ought to be a reason behind it.

"Hmph. In previous forbidden grounds expeditions, some of our disciples have slain some of their geniuses, that’s all. To think that they would suddenly produce a peerless genius. Just because of that, they’ve turned utterly impudent." Elder Yu said with dissatisfaction, trying to cover the helplessness in his tone.

He had not expected karma to come by so quickly. Back in the past, Glory Sect had always remained steps ahead of the other sects. To think that Fengtian Sect would finally surpass them in this generation.

Even when two of Glory Sect’s geniuses joined forces, they were defeated by their peerless genius...leading to a permanent loss of one of theirs. Indeed, this was karma.


At this point, Lin Fan only had one thought in his head.

‘Out in this world, you’ll always pay your dues one day.’

Seemed like Fengtian Sect was out to go against Glory Sect till the bitter end by first exacting their long-awaited vengeance. But it seemed like Elder Yu was a pretty magnanimous man. After such a turn of tides by Fengtian Sect, only he himself would know the pain inside his heart.

In terms of fighting strength, Fengtian Sect was actually similar to the Glory Sect. All the while, what they were lacking was the grooming of the next generation. But now that they finally produced a peerless sinner, nobody could do anything about it.

To Lin Fan, there was no definite justice or evil in this world. It was all dependant on one’s upbringing and surroundings. Now that he was a member of Glory Sect, naturally Glory Sect’s will was justice. Any enemies of the sect were his enemies.

Therefore, Lin Fan did not think that anyone was right or wrong. It was just a matter of perspective.

"Take extra caution tomorrow. Do not let any f your brothers come to harm." Elder Yu warned solemnly. His mood was grim, and he no longer had an appetite. Thus, he headed back into his tent earlier.

Zong Hentian and the other disciples glanced at one another, not knowing what to say. They already knew how the sects were going to be positioned.

Xuanyang Sect and Taiyi Sect were positioned near the Glory Sect at the north of Heaven River, thus grouped together. The other 3 sects were positioned at the south together.

But still, Xuanyang Sect and Taiyi Sect’s strength was troubling…


Fine, there was no point thinking so much. What had to be done had to be done. He decided to think about it after filling his stomach and waved his hand. Looking at these downtrodden disciples, he let out a smile.


Over at the Fengtian Sect, all the disciples who had consumed Biggra were totally wasted. They had decimated the deck of their battle ark with pecks and pecks. Now, all of them were lying within their tents in deep rest. But unsurprisingly, within those fatigued faces of theirs was a hint of satisfaction.

In case of the genius Lin Ao, thank goodness he discovered it early and thus was able to avoid the calamity. But nevertheless, even the small amount he inhaled in was enough to send his body waves of energy, let alone his junior brothers who took all of it in.

To Fengtian Sect, defeating the Snow Lion was not the key of this expedition; it was viciously crushing Glory Sect.

"Eldest son of Sky City’s Chu Family, Chu Chen, requests an audience with the honorable sir." Just as Lin Ao was deep in his thoughts, a soft voice came over.

Lin Ao frowned. Fengtian Sect barely had any relationship with Chu Family of Sky City at all. In any case, since they came of their own accord, there was no harm in listening to what they had to say.

"Enter." Lin Ao said coldly.

Brimming with joy, Chu Chen looked at his younger sister, Chu Xue and nodded.

A smile formed on the defined cheeks of the alluring face of Chu Xue. Looking at the tents with anticipation, the two of them headed in.


Next day…

Floating Snow Peaks, Entrance of the Snow Lion’s lair…

All six sects gathered.

Lin Fan could constantly feel the gaze of dozens of people on him. The aura sent to him by these gazes sent goosebumps all over his entire back. But every time he turned around to try to search for the source of those gazes, they disappeared just like that.

The feeling of being spied on by was like as though they were aiming to rob him of his an*l virginity.

Dangerous...extremely dangerous.

"Alright, so the Snow Lion should be residing within. The frontlines will be headed by Glory Sect, Xuanyang Sect, and Taiyi Sect, while the remaining three of us will look for an opportunity to sneak into the lair and search for its cubs. As to how we will distribute the loot, we’ll discuss it after the expedition." The Elder in charge of Fengtian Sect’s expedition commanded calmly while he focused at the entrance of the lair.

Just then, a few gigantic arks flew towards them in the skies. Members of the six sects looked at as though they were nothing abnormal.

"What’s up with these battle arks?" Lin Fan asked, puzzled.

"These are the battle arks of other sects. But no worries, they only brought their disciples here to observe and will not take part in the hunt." Elder Yu replied from behind calmly.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened.

"For this hunt assault, none of the six Elders present will participate. All you have are your own capabilities. Life or death, it all depends on yourself!" Fengtian Sect’s Elder voiced out loudly.

The main purpose of this hunt assault was to train up these disciples.

Just then, the Elder of Fengtian Sect seemed to gather energy around him as his beard and hair flew amok in the air. He gave off a shout which came off as a burst of energy towards the lair of the beast.

Lin Fan was startled, as a ferocious roar returned from within, as though the lair was hiding some sort of horrific creature.


While the 1st roar was ferocious, the 2nd roar was all the more vigorous and earth-shattering, as the snow peaks seemed to shake with the power of the roar.

From within the dark lair, a pair of gigantic bloodshot eyes appeared. Those eyes were filled with immense rage.

When Lin Fan took a closer look, he was dumbfounded.



Lin Fan raised his head to gaze at the beast ahead of him. Shaped like a lion with snow white skin, a humongous pair of horns protruded from its forehead, and it was surrounded by an intimidating aura of dominance.

Looking at the system, Lin Fan’s face turned pale as a sheet. The...information they had was...wrong…!