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Chapter 149: Incredible Fart

Chapter 149: Incredible Fart

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At this critical moment, Fengtian Sect’s elder was not daunted, and he commanded firmly, "Everyone, lay down and play dead like the Glory Sect!"

Right after he said it, he plopped head first onto the ground.

Since Glory Sect had succeeded at playing dead, he had to naturally follow suit.

Otherwise, if the Snow Lion struck, they might get wiped out entirely.

At the same time, all the other sects were fighting to follow suit as well. Some of the disciples from the other sects went all the way out to portray the realism of it by tilting their heads sideways and sticking out their tongues.

The skies went silent and the air was filled with floating snowflakes. Gone was the clamoring and tension from before as silence took over.

Back on the gigantic arks, time seemed to have stopped as well.

The old lady of Nine Heavens Sect stared at the scene stupefied as well.

This…everything seemed so…so surreal! Was this even real life anymore?

The six sects were laying down as though they were corpses. But in fact, the one who was the most still was the descendant of the ancient Heaven Revolting Snow Lion. It stood there lost as a baby, wondering what had happened.

Why…why had the lively little ants just gone still in an instant?!

"Elder, why is this happening?"

The old lady did not speak because…the sight before her was simply too unbelievable. Since the beginning of time, no one had ever been able to escape from the senses of a beast!

Any martial artist who met with a beast only had two choices, to kill or be killed. It was the first time they had ever seen anyone trying to escape from one!

Especially when this was the descendant of an ancient beast!

The bulky Snow Lion did not leave just because of this. It retreated slowly and sat right at the entrance of its lair. Drawing circles with its razor sharp claws, it stared at these ants intensely, trying to figure out why they had died just like that.

Even though it was a beast, it was a beast who loved learning new things.

Possessing the bloodline of the ancient beast, it was determined to understand why this was happening so that it could record the memory within its bloodline and pass it down to future descendants as well.

Nobody from the six sects who were lying down could figure out why this was happening. How could they have avoided the beast just by lying down? Could it be that this was some sort of hidden secret?!?

Even as they racked their brains, they could not figure out the logic behind this.

Even as a genius of Fengtian Sect, Lin Ao laid still as ever. In front of this deadly beast, even he dared not show any signs of defiance.

But just as everyone was secretly celebrating escaping death, they realized something…the Snow Lion…he was not returning to his lair! It just sat there, patiently waiting.

At this point, Lin Fan was growing impatient. What was this stinking monster thinking?! ‘How about just get the hell back into your lair so we can make our escape!’

Back in the skies, no one knew what to say. After all, the sects below were not safe yet.

"Elder, should we give them a hand and distract away the Snow Lion?" A disciple asked.

"No. Act only if the situation changes. This affair belongs to the six sects, it’s none of our business. We’re already doing them a favor by not backstabbing them. Let’s see how long they can last then."


The arks in the skies were rife with discussion. Regarding the situation below, they were curious beyond measures, wondering what would happen next.

Now that these six sects could neither attack nor retreat, it was good news to these observing sects as well.


"Elder, what should we do?" Lin Ao whispered.

"No idea. Just wait it out."

The same went for Xuanyang Sect, Taiyi Sect and the other remaining sects. They had no clue what they should be doing. Should they wait out till the Snow Lion retreated back into its lair?

Time passed by the minutes…

The snowstorm in the skies were getting stronger, as the disciples present were all covered by a thick layer of snow.

A thought began to form in Lin Fan’s head. He could enter Stealth mode and sneak into the lair. Stealing those cubs slyly, he would then smack the Snow Lion with the brick, causing it to enter sleep mode.

But he knocked off the thought after a while. While Stealth was definitely overpowered, a beast’s senses were very sharp and sensitive. He’d be dead meat if he were caught.

Even though Lin Fan had half a mind to give it a try, he gave up soon after. Perhaps the Snow Lion would finally leave after it was bored.


Just as everyone was laying silently, a disciple of Glory Sect whimpered, "Elder…Junior Master…! I…I want to fart…!"

Lin Fan, who was deep in his thoughts, nearly spit out all his blood after hearing that.

F*CK YOU! Was this guy for real?! How could he think of farting at this critical moment?!?

"You, what’s wrong with you! As a pericelestial, why would you have reactions such as these?" Elder Yu frowned.

"Elder, I have mastered ‘Glass Body’! As long as there are any toxins or negative substances within my body, it would expel it out through gas! And in this frosty area, my body has accumulated a large amount of coldness within it. Thus, the Glass Body is acting up to expel it all out!" The disciple was close to tears.

If he had known mastering this skill would lead to this situation, he would never have started on it for the death of him.

At the mastery of this skill, one could always maintain one’s physical body at peak condition as it would never be infiltrated by any poison or negative symptoms. But to think that this effect would work against them right now.

"Hold it in. Do not let out a single peep!" Lin Fan did not have anything else to say. What a turn of events this day was!

"Junior Master, I’ve been holding on for a long time! It’s unbearable!" After withstanding it for so long, the disciple’s face was already flushed red.

"You…!" Lin Fan was looking around for a stone or something as a plug so that he could stuff it up the guy’s a*s. But just then, the eruption came.


The fart was well made, with a sturdy bass frequency and adequate volume, lasting what seemed like an eternity. Indeed, it was music from nature.

But at this point, it was a death sentence.

‘Shit…!’ Lin Fan sighed.


The Snow Lion snapped out of its thoughts and lunged towards the sound.

Raising its feet, it swiped through the air with its claws. Time and space seemed to be distorted as 5 thick lines appeared through the thin air.

Elder Yu yelled back alarmingly as a bright light flashed through his fist while he too threw a punch at the Snow Lion.


At that moment, everything shook as the earth started to shatter. Like a kite with its thread broken, Elder Yu flew off while spurting fresh blood from his mouth.

"ELDER!" Everyone was appalled. They had not expected the beast to be THIS strong. Just one swipe from its claw was enough to send Elder Yu flying. This level of strength was beyond horrific.

The Snow Lion growled mockingly.

Lin Fan could not take it anymore. Pointing at the Snow Lion, he shouted, "Hey, little fella! Don’t you dare go overboard…!"

The moment Lin Fan spoke, the Snow Lion appeared instantaneously in his face. In a swift motion, it bent down and swallowed Lin Fan whole.

Everything happened within a split second, and everyone was dumbstruck without having any room for reactions.

"JUNIOR MASTER!!!" Everyone shouted frantically.