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Chapter 180: A Good Plan Is All That“s Required To Take Down The World

Chapter 180: A Good Plan Is All That's Required To Take Down The World

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
"Bravo, Senior Brother Zong!"

Even after Zong Hentian was dragged down, he was still receiving cheers and praises from the genius disciples. While they might have lost the first match, Zong Hentian’s epic comeback for them was nonetheless exhilarating.

Zong Hentian sat down as he gradually calmed down. He looked at Lin Fan with eyes of admiration, "This was all made possible thanks to Junior Master Lin. If not for Junior Master Lin, I would not be a match for that guy over there."

Recalling himself back on the ring, pounding his chest like a gorilla and taunting Feng Xiaoling, Zong Hentian grew somewhat embarrassed. The image he had worked on building up in Glory Sect over the past had just disappeared just like that.

"Junior Master Lin, what was that secret skill you used?" Zong Hentian asked curiously. He had never heard of such a technique.

Of course, he knew of certain skills which could increase one’s prowess. But those skills were extremely rare to obtain and train up. Not only that, the boost they provided would definitely be nowhere near what Junior Master Lin did.

"It wasn’t a skill, just a method. How did you feel?"

"Extremely painful. Even now, I feel like all my strength has left my body, as if it was sucked up by the thin air."

Lin Fan had an inkling of how it worked now. Seemed like one would totally exhaust all their energy after the huge power spike. He wondered if Ball Kicking would provide the same effect for himself.

But the thought was thrown away as quickly as it came. Kidding. He couldn’t kick himself anyway.

"How now brown cows? Would you guys want to give it a shot?" Lin Fan laughed and looked at the other junior disciples. Upon hearing it, all the other genius disciples waved their hands immediately.

"It’s okay, Junior Master Lin! Win or lose, what matters is that we give it our all!"

"That’s right! As long as Junior Master Lin takes the first position in the end, that’s all that matters! We’ll just try our best, that’s all!"


He has got to be sh*tting them. Looking at what happened to Senior Brother Zong had them all furtive. Especially recalling that stance of open leggedness he was walking with, that was a big no no.

It was okay to lose the spar. The key thing was that there were many female disciples within the audience watching them. How could they lose all of their image just like that?

How were they to find a partner in the future with that?

Lin Fan looked at them helplessly. Seemed like it was going to be difficult to look for a few more experimental lab rats.


In the matches that went on after, there were both victories and defeat. But on the whole, Jiuxiao Sect seemed to have the advantage.

Lin Fan had also gone up once. And as expected, he came off with a crushing victory.

The moment Lin Fan went up the ring, his air of imposingness exploded through the audience. Just that aura alone had him at an advantage. The opponent did not even have much will to resist him, and nature just took its course.

For the final fight, only 5 remained.

Three Jiuxiao Sect disciples and two Glory Sect disciples.

"Brother Wuya, seems like the odds of you guys winning are not in your favor eh?" Liang Yichu was pretty satisfied with these results. However, he was just one step away from getting his ideal results.

From his point of view, the winner of the genius sparring had ought to be a Jiuxiao Sect disciple to begin with. Now that things had come to this, victory was pretty much assured for Jiuxiao Sect.

"Not really. Nothing is determined yet." Wuya smiled.

"Look at that disciple, Brother Wuya. His legs are already starting to tremble. Putting on a strong front. This is as good as having a three versus one!’ Liang Yichu laughed.

"Ha! Ha!" Wuya did not reply. He just rebutted Liang Yichu with his cold laugh.


"I’m afraid I’m done for, Junior Master Lin." Zong Hentian said regrettably.

After Junior Master Lin’s power boosting, Zong Hentian had lost all the remaining strength he had. To be able to hold on till now was already a great effort by him.

"No worries…" Lin Fan waved his hands casually.

Looking at Junior Master Lin’s calm expression, Zong Hentian calmed down as well. By the looks of it, Junior Master Lin should be pretty assured of victory. Seemed like, it wouldn’t matter whether or not he, Zong Hentian, was around.

Looking at the three Jiuxiao Sect disciples, Lin Fan was in a predicament as well. ‘F*ck, this shit’s bad.’

Based on actual cultivation base, he would definitely not be a match for any one of them even if it were a one on one match.

Even though he could definitely remain standing after receiving their blows, there was no way he could knock them out with his current strength.

What was he to do after he entered the ring?

As for the audience disciples, they were deep in discussion. By the looks of it, things weren’t looking too good for Glory Sect.

"What do you think the end will be?"

"No idea man! It’s hard to deny the strength of those three Jiuxiao Sect disciples!"

"True! And Senior Brother Zong seems somewhat worse for wear! Now that Junior Master Lin is the only one to hold the fort, seems like things are gonna be bad!"

"That’s right. Does anyone know what Junior Master Lin’s cultivation base is?"

"Eh? Actually, I’ve got no idea at all!"


Lin Fan knew that he had to come up with a plan. He couldn’t just head up there to take them down one by one.

But wait! If it were just one versus one with Xinfeng, he might be able to come up with something.

Taking a step forward, Lin Fan raised his head and looked at the Jiuxiao Sect disciples in disdain, "Xinfeng. We’re both the strongest geniuses respectively. Let’s not waste time. Just the two of us, one on one in the ring for a final bout. How about that?’

Xinfeng looked at Lin Fan and replied in a huff, "Sure!"

Towards Lin Fan’s words, none of the other geniuses had anything to refute. After all, they could not deny in their hearts that Xinfeng was the strongest genius in Jiuxiao Sect.

Rather than wasting everyone’s time, it’d be better to let the two of them duke it out.

"Not bad, Brother Wuya. Seems like your disciple is pretty street smart to understand my Xinfeng’s character so thoroughly. But just little tricks like these aren’t enough to secure him the victory. You know that, right?" Liang Yichu said.

"Well, you tell me then. What can your other disciples do even if they head up to the ring? Isn’t that still a waste of time in the end?" Wuya replied calmly.


Lin Fan and Xinfeng stood on the stage, glaring at each other with gleams in their eyes.

"I was careless with what happened yesterday. You’ll be dreaming if you think that you can repeat the same thing again." Regarding yesterday’s incident, Xinfeng deeply thought about it. There was definitely something wrong with that brick. This time round, he was not going to let the other party have a chance to get close to him.

"Oh! Brother Feng! My apologies for what happened yesterday as well. I reflected upon myself upon heading back, and I concluded that I was in the wrong too." Lin Fan sighed.

"Hmph. No point harping over it. True strength lies within us. Today, I, Xinfeng, shall take the glory of being the strongest genius!" Xinfeng replied coldly.

Xinfeng had thought that he had gotten to know a kindred spirit, and was heartened somewhat to think that he could have finally made the first friend in his life. But to think that this guy completely disregarded him as a person. Infuriating!

He needed to definitely let Lin Fan know just how terrifying he could be!

Looking at Xinfeng’s determined face to take him down, Lin Fan’s mind began tinkering rapidly. He had already started to come up with a plan. This time round, he must let Xinfeng understand how devious the world could be.

One must be wise of the dangers out in the open…