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Chapter 183: No Eternity To Speak Of

Chapter 183: No Eternity To Speak Of

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Initially, the plan was for Jiuxiao Sect to head back the moment the genius sparring ended. But since everyone was so high spirited, Liang Yichu decided to have Jiuxiao Sect stay over for one more night.

By the time Liang Yichu came to realize what had happened, Jiuxiao Sect had once again lost to Glory Sect.

While theoretically, the number one placing did not matter, losing to Glory Sect twice in a row would make things difficult to account for when he headed back.

Night time…

Nameless Peak was extremely crowded with the Jiuxiao Sect geniuses and Glory Sect geniuses. Gathering together, they were huddled in small groups around fires, sharing tales over barbequed meat and wine.

"And I suppose this is the Snow Lion?" Xinfeng pointed at the young cub in Cai Zhiqiao’s arm as she sat on Lin Fan’s lap.

"Yes, it’s a Snow Lion cub. Since I’ve got not much use for it, I decided to let my young disciple have it as a companion beast. It’d do well to rid her boredom as well." Lin Fan laughed.

After the events of the genius sparring, Lin Fan and Xinfeng were now friends. Even though it was just a single day of happenings, the relationship between humans was sometimes simply based on affinity.

"This is a skill I’ve retrieved from the Forbidden Grounds. Even though there are currently multiple beasts out there who are descendants of Ancient Beasts, this cub is extremely rare to obtain. This skill is able to provoke the bloodline of a beast. Hopefully, it can excite the bloodline of the Ancient Beast within the Snow Lion cub as well." Xinfeng handed over a manual to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan took it over from Xinfeng without standing on ceremonies, laughing, "Zhiqiao, thank Uncle Xinfeng!"

"Brother Lin, I’m only in my twenties. Doesn't that make me seem too old?’ Xinfeng’s face was much kinder than before, and he smiled more often than before as well.

Cai Zhiqiao stared at her master wide-eyed, "Master…hmm, then I should call him Junior Master!’ Looking at his smart young disciple, Lin Fan chuckled, "That’s right, call him Junior Master then!"

Xinfeng looked at Cai Zhiqiao and fondled her small head as well, revealing a smile, "Indeed, this is the first time I’ve been called a Junior Master."

Between Lin Fan and Xinfeng, there wasn’t the type of bromance yet, just some casual talks.

"Brother Lin, this disciple of yours does not have an extremely high potential. I’m afraid she’ll have to go through many pains to become a somebody someday." Xinfeng commented.

"No hurries, we’ll let nature take its course. Nobody can determine the future just yet." Lin Fan laughed. As long as he had the side profession of a Trainer, he had confidence that he’d turn this disciple into an unparalleled genius.

"Brother Lin, this is ‘Firmament Sword’. My Master obtained it from the ancient forbidden grounds and it doesn’t require too much talent to start on. Even though your young disciple’s innate potential is not high, she shows inquisitiveness. I think she’ll be able to make use of it." Xinfeng took out a jade Manual. On the Jade Manual was a bunch of cursive writings and symbols inscribed on it.

"No, Brother Feng, this will not do! This ‘Firmament Sword’ belongs to Elder Liang. Handing it to my disciple just like this is not right!" Lin Fan was startled by this development.

He had not expected Xinfeng to bring out the ‘Firmament Sword’ for his young little disciple.

Even though one should take advantage of others at times, taking too much advantage would be somewhat wrong as well.

"Brother Lin, if you truly take me as a friend, then don’t say the word No." Xinfeng looked at Lin Fan straight in the eyes.

Lin Fan looked at his determined eyes, and nodded his head eventually.

"Zhiqiao, what should you say?"

Even though Cai Zhiqiao did not know what this Jade Manual meant, she followed her master’s words obediently. Even though his young disciple did not know much, the moment Lin Fan took over the manual, he understood its power instantly.

"Firmament Sword’ was an ancient sword skill of the extremities, belonging to the Heaven Upper Grade of skills. And not only that, ‘Firmament Sword’ was more than just a skill, it was also a mental skill as well. Even though it was the same grade as ‘Faceless Sky Demon’ and ‘Will of the Sword’, it was way more valuable than those two.

This ‘Firmament Sword’ could be considered a priceless treasure. If it were out in the open, it would definitely be fought over with blood and tears. But without any hesitation, Xinfeng just handed the manual over to Lin Fan just like that. Even Lin Fan was impressed by this generous act.

"Brother Lin, please don’t think of me as someone that noble. Naturally, ‘Firmament Sword’ is an unparalleled skill which I would not give anyone that casually. But I truly take you as a friend." Xinfeng looked at Lin Fan sincerely.

"That’s right, we are friends." Lin Fan looked at Xinfeng and nodded his head. He then retrieved some pills from his storage, "I don’t have anything good in return, but this is Biggra. This is my greatest achievement to date. Even though it may not have any earth-shattering changes, please use it if you are troubled at heart."

Even though Biggra was not any mystical pill, but Lin Fan was clear after dozens of experimentations. Biggra had a wonderful side effect: No matter how troubled one w s, one’s heart and mind would be clear after its consumption.

"Sure thing." Xinfeng laughed and kept the pills.


Liang Yichu and Wuya looked at the group of happy disciples, feeling heartened as well.

"Brother Wuya. Isn’t this scene what we’ve been looking forward to?" Liang Yichu laughed.

"That’s right." Wuya looked at everything and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hais, I wonder how long more we could live on for. Ever since the Xuanhuang world was split into 2, no one has ever attained a higher cultivation state. Even a greater celestial full cultivation master could only wait silently for death to come." Liang Yichu sighed.

The path of eternity, who could not dream of it? But there was no such thing to speak of in the Xuanhuang world anymore.

"Both of us had already been in the greater celestial state for a long, long time. Both I and Grand Master Yan had been trying to find out the mystery behind it all. Why did the Supreme Being make the choice of splitting Xuanhuang World into two so many years ago, ending the path to seek for eternal life…"

"It’s fine, Brother Wuya. Let’s not continue to ponder over it. Since the mood’s just right, what say the both of us have a drink together? It’s been long since we’ve seen who could knock out first." Liang Yichu waved his hands.



Next day…

At the break of dawn, a group of people stood at Glory Sect’s entrance.

Liang Yichu flicked his robes and beckoned, as the ark grew larger to the skies above them, before coming to a still.

"I’ll be off then, Brother Lin. Let’s get together again sometime if there’s a chance." Xinfeng came forth to Lin Fan.

"Yes, have a good trip. The most it’ll take is three years anyways. But I think I’ll go and look for you before the three years are up." Lin Fan laughed.

"Goodbye, Junior Master Xinfeng!" Cai Zhiqiao stood beside Lin Fan and waved earnestly to Xinfeng.

Xinfeng fondled Cai Zhiqiao’s little head and stared at Lin Fan silently. They needed no words to express the sincerity of men.

"I’ll see you at Jiuxiao Sect three years later, Brother Wuya." Liang Yichu said, somewhat reluctant to leave his friend.

"Sure." Wuya nodded his head.


The other Jiuxiao Sect disciples were bidding farewell to their newfound friends. In just one night, all of them had made new buddies.

"Farewell, my brother." Xinfeng clasped his fists together at Lin Fan before turning around, and followed his master up the ark.

Looking at the gigantic ark, Lin Fan waved his hands in farewell as well.

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Hi guys, what a chapter of revelations. Perhaps the story might continue to pick up with the mysteries of the world soon? Was that a hint? We can only wait.
But oh, right. My purpose here is about the Junior Master term! Well, it’s something like ‘Brother of the Master’ in terms of seniority, but since the previous translator had used Junior Master, I’ll stick along with it. But I think it’s better than Brother Master/ Uncle Master or something of the likes. What do you guys think?