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Chapter 185: Reverse Blood

Chapter 185: Reverse Blood

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Upon lighting up the underground palace, the dark and cold voice came through once more. The voice was demonic, sending chills down one’s spine.

"Weak humans…"

A pitch black claw appeared out of nowhere, ripping through the layers of void and appearing in front of Liang Yichu.


Instantaneously, Liang Yichu emitted an extremely strong burst of energy, dissipating the claw in a flash. He then retreated a step backward and surveyed the surroundings cautiously.

That claw came without sound or warning. If he were just a split second slower, he would have fallen prey to it.

But what caused Liang Yichu to feel uneasy was the fact that even as a greater celestial full cultivation… he was feeling unnerved at this very moment.

Just then, the black mist continued to gather from all directions, eventually culminating into a figure before Liang Yichu.

While he could not make out the face of it, it was extremely huge and tall. Within its black body radiated a horrifying aura, encompassing the entire underground palace within.

" WHO ARE YOU!" Liang Yichu roared. He had not encountered such a being before.

Even as Liang Yichu racked his brains, he could not find any traces or hint from his life’s knowledge as to what this thing was.

"It’s getting late. Your body, I’m taking it." Just then, the eerie voice came through once again as an unblockable aura exploded from the black figure.

"Not good…!" Liang Yichu’s expression changed entirely as warning bells rang within his mind. The pressure exerted on him by the black figure was too much!

"An evil being such as yourself. You have to die today!" Even though Liang Yichu still had no idea what this being was, but he knew that is was definitely up to no good. After all, the aura was way too evil.

"Reverse Blood."

Just then, Liang Yichu roared uncontrollably as his aura expanded rapidly. A blood red glow shot out from within his body. That short, stumpy body of his began to spasm violently, as his muscles started contracting and his bones cracked.

In an instant, Liang Yichu’s short, stumpy body expanded rapidly.

That old, wrinkled face of his seemed to have shed off. As though time had reverted, he looked extremely youthful.

That skin of his glowed golden and smooth like jade.

"Short-lived creatures indeed. In order to extend your life, you’ve sealed your own Blood Energy. Hand your body over to me, and I’ll grant you eternal life and indestructibility." The black figure sneered.

Just then, Liang Yichu opened his eyes. On that handsome face exploded unparalleled fighting will as his eyes gleamed brilliantly.

"Die, demon!" Liang Yichu, who had returned to his peak status, dashed up violently from the ground up. An extremely powerful aura cornered the black figure like a cage.

The black figure gave off a sense of danger, a feeling which Liang Yichu had never felt before in his entire life.

If he could not break through greater celestial full cultivation, the only thing that awaited Liang Yichu was death. Hence, he sealed most of his blood energy within his body, so as to be able to sustain life as it was.

But facing such a powerful demonic being, Liang Yichu did not dare to be careless at all.



A burst of light shot out an encompassed the underground palace entirely, causing the whole place to vibrate as though it was about to collapse.


Outside, on the ark…

Xinfeng and the other disciples looked at the situation below and couldn’t help but feel somewhat worried as well.

They had felt the outburst of energy. That familiar feeling was from their elder. But they did not know what sort of predicament he was facing below to be forced to reveal his true strength.


Just then, loud booms rang through the entire place, as the ground collapsed into a cloud of dust.

"Nothing should happen to Elder Liang…right?" A genius disciple couldn’t help but ask nervously.

Xinfeng did not reply. He stared fixated below.

Just then, a figure flew up from below.

Xinfeng’s expression changed.

"It’s Elder Liang!" A few disciples called out excitedly at the appearance of their Elder.


"Everything alright, Master?" Xinfeng hurried forward and asked.

"Yes. There’s nothing wrong. Just a little trouble. But it has all been solved." Liang Yichu had reverted to his old form and replied calmly.

"That’s great to hear, master." Xinfeng nodded as he heaved a sigh of relief within his heart. That demonic aura from below has started to disperse as well.

By the looks of it, Elder Liang must have destroyed whatever was down there.

"Back to the sect." Liang Yichu flicked his robes and sent the ark on its way.

Now that everything had come to an end, all the disciples resumed what they were doing initially. Liang Yichu stood on the bow of the ark, looking at the vanishing pit. He grinned slightly with a black light in his eyes.


Glory Sect…

Even though Lin Fan had been working hard at improving his cultivation base daily, he was still able to notice something being off with Zhang Ergou.

‘Seems like he was dealt a heavy blow indeed by that… what’s her name? Oh! Yulan of Jialan Peak.’

Cai Zhiqiao loved to head up to Jialan Peak to look for those Senior Sisters. Usually, Zhang Ergou would follow along as her bodyguard. But nowadays, Cai Zhiqiao always went alone.

"Master, I think that something is wrong with Senior Brother recently." Feng Bujue whispered furtively.

"Yes, I know. I’ll have a meeting with you guys soon to discuss this." Lin Fan said calmly.

The matters of this big disciple were not for Zhang Ergou to bear alone. It was something that concerned the entire sect. For this new plan to work, naturally he’d need the help of everyone.

But as for now, Lin Fan had something more important on hand. And that was retaining Tianyu.

Ever since Tianyu was disabled, he had been recuperating silently on the Nameless Peak. Now that he had almost fully recovered, Lin Fan did not want to wait any longer.

He thus had Zhang Ergou bring Tianyu over for a talk.


Next day…

"Junior Disciple Tianyu. Now that you’ve almost fully recovered, it’s time for you to inform the sect and return to the inner sect." Lin Fan sat down peacefully.

Tianyu’s expression changed slightly as he bowed down his head. Junior Master Lin was right. He had almost fully recovered. It was time for him to leave.

But after all these days, Tianyu did had some reluctance in leaving this place.

"Junior Master, I’m not returning. This new life was given to me by Junior Master. I would like to stay on here."

"This…!" Lin Fan let out a look of hardship. "Ah, Junior Disciple, I think you should head back still."

Just then, Zhang Ergou at the side was pleading, "Oh great Master! Please allow Junior Brother Tianyu to stay! Not long before, Junior Brother Tianyu had let us know of his intentions to stay here as a disciple, and had already acknowledged us as his Senior Brothers! Please grant us your wish, Master!"

"This…!" Lin Fan looked at Tianyu, then at Zhang Ergou, and sighed helplessly. "Fine, since it had come to this, then stay on. From here on forth, you shall be the fifth disciple of Saint Devil Sect."

"Yes! Thank you for your kindness, Master!" Tianyu smiled.

Lin Fan also smiled in his heart. Success!

"Master! Then am I a Senior Sister now!" Cai Zhiqiao held on to her little purse and asked in anticipation.

"Nopes. You’re still a Junior Sister." Lin Fan laughed while shaking his head.

"Ahhh…." Cai Zhiqiao opened her mouth, kinda disappointed. Seemed like she was still going to be a Junior Sister for quite a long while.


Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Quite the bittersweet chapter isnt it. I was beginning to feel somewhat positive towards Jiuxiao Sect.