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Chapter 200: Slap Them And Give Them A Sweet

Chapter 200: Slap Them And Give Them A Sweet

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Gong Bingye’s petite self walked over briskly with a slight hint of worry in her eyes. This was the first time she was facing up against a disciple of a sect. Even meeting with the fourteen Sand Bandits did not give her a feeling like this.

A sect was a representation of something strong. An organization like their family could never hope to go against them in this lifetime.

When Wang Hao looked at that figure of hers, he couldn’t help but feel a fire burn through his entire body. When Liu Yiyuan saw the person who was approaching, he too stood wide-eyed with surprise.

"Mistress…" When Shopkeeper Liu saw the mistress arriving, he heaved a sigh of relief as well. But he then looked at the mistress with worry. These bunch of people were not to be trifled with that easily.

After the passing of the head, the Gong Family had been subjected to bullying by the outside world. He too was enraged at the Gong Family’s situation.

"Mistress Gong, this is my Senior Brother over here. He has taken a liking to these beasts and has offered this price. What do you think about it?" Wang Hao waved a bunch of strung up coins in his hand before sizing up Gong Bingye shamelessly.

Indeed, this was a tasteful woman. But when he glanced secretly at his Senior Brother, he felt a rock in his heart. Seemed like his senior brother had the same idea.

Gong Bingye looked at Wang Hao in disdain. To think that even someone like him could enter a sect. Was there even justice left in this world? But the main point right now wasn’t Wang Hao, it was the man behind him.

"Sir, this price is not acceptable for our small dealing here." Gong Bingye hated the look on that man’s face, and she replied with dignity.

Standing beside his mistress, Wang Hu looked at the man warily.

The feeling he got from this man was one of danger. He was even more dangerous than the fourteen Sand Bandits. In fact, from Wang Hu’s point of view, his aura was like a tidal wave repeatedly crashing onto the shore, repressing him entirely.

Liu Yiyuan laughed and stretched out his hand unconsciously, intending to caress the jade, smooth skin on Gong Bingye’s face.

"How dare you…!" Wang Hu lashed out. He did not know why, but the feeling he had from the mysterious man back in the desert and this man before him was worlds apart.

To have the man before him act in such a frivolous manner in front of his mistress, he couldn’t take it. No matter who he was, Wang Hu was determined to duke it out with him.


Liu Yiyuan’s look was one of contempt. Without even facing Wang Hu, he waved his hand, as Wang Hu flew off like a broken kite instantaneously. It was so fast that even those from the crowd could not make out what had happened clearly.

"Sir, please show some self-respect." Gong Bingye took a step backward and stared at Liu Yiyuan cautiously with a cold expression.

"Senior Brother…!" Wang Hao was also astonished at his Senior Brother’s overbearingness. To think that he would try to touch Gong Bingye without even saying anything. That was too much, wasn’t it?

"Shut up." Liu Yiyuan stared at Wang Hao. Just this one stare was enough to freeze his heart.

He could feel it. This senior brother of his who had always put on a smiling face, if he were to say another sentence, he would surely strike and kill him instantly.

"You’re pretty. It makes me hot. How about being my concubine? I can guarantee you a lifetime of glory and fortune. Just these mere beasts, how much do you want for them? I can give you anything you want." Liu Yiyuan said smugly as he looked up and down at Gong Bingye’s body lustfully, as though he wanted to x-ray through her clothes badly.

"I’m just a weak woman and am unworthy of this sir. You can have these beasts for free, sir." Gong Bingye’s face was firm and resolute, but she was extremely nervous within her heart.

She had not expected that disciples of a sect would be so tyrannical! There wasn’t even any room for discussions!

"Hehe. I want these beasts. But you? I want you too." Liu Yiyuan sneered.

Even some of the vagrant martial artists within the crowd were feeling a stir. Disciples of a sect were simply too much! But they could tell from this man’s aura that they were simply no match for him. He was like a mountain compared to them.

They had lived in Mo City for quite some time, hence they naturally knew about the Gong Family as well. In fact, most of them had had pretty satisfactory dealings with the Gong Family in the past, and could tell that this was a family with a conscience.

As to Gong Family’s tragic happenings, they knew about it as well. But what could they do about it other than feel regretful?

And now that the head of the Gong Family was just a young lady, and an extremely pretty one at that, it was understandable why she would attract the attention of many others.

If no miracle were to happen today, the Gong Family’s mistress was as good as dead.

"Hey guys, take a look! The heads of the Wang and Song families are just standing by watching idly!"

"They’re taking joy in the Gong Family’s misfortunes!"

"Now that the Wang Family’s young son is in a sect, I suppose the Mo City will belong to the Wangs soon."

"That’s not for certain yet. Wang Hao is just an outer sect disciple without much power. Furthermore, the training for these disciples is often dangerous with a high casualty rate. Who can guarantee that nothing bad would happen to him in the future?"


Discussions were rife as the crowd began whispering amongst themselves.

Going against a sect disciple was impossible. Furthermore, given the strength of this man before them, the Gong Family could probably be obliterated in an instant!

In fact, the other two families present would even push for it to happen.

At this point, Gong Bingye started to panic.

Wang Hu, who was sent flying earlier, was clutching his chest as he spat out a fresh mouthful of blood. That strike was enough to let him understand the difference in strength between the two of them. Even if there were ten of him, it wouldn’t be enough to be this man’s opponent.

Wang Hu opened his eyes and struggled to stand up. But he caught sight of a figure standing beside him, and his eyes flashed with hope.

"Sir, please! I beg of you! Please save our family’s mistress!" Wang Hu stretched out his trembling hands and onto this figure’s boots.

"Huh? What’s up?" Lin Fan was holding on to some piping hot soya bean milk on one hand, and some deep-fried oil fritters on the other, munching on them heartily.

"Please, I beg of you, sir!" Upon finishing these words, Wang Hu fainted.

Lin Fan was extremely puzzled. Looking at the crowd ahead of him, he went on to check out the commotion. But when he saw what was happening, his brain started tinkering immediately.

To think that he found who he was looking for the moment he stepped out. What a lucky man he was!

At the same time, Gong Bingye looked like she was in some sort of trouble, and could make do with some help.

After robbing these guys blindly yesterday, if he were to just turn up at their residences asking for help from her, he would definitely be turned down or duped.

But if he were to help her out now, things would definitely be different.

Slapping someone tightly in the face and giving them a sweet after that... sounded like a good plan!

Just then, Liu Yiyuan stretched out his hand once more, trying to caress Gong Bingye’s beautiful face. Towards these common girls, Liu Yiyuan could not be bothered to say much. Would they dare to resist even if he struck them?

Looking at this outstretched hand, Gong Bingye’s face turned into a frightened look.

Who could save her…?

"Cough, cough. Er-hem. How dare a fella like you flirt with pure maidens in broad daylight? Is there no room for the law or moral values anymore? What a distasteful sight!"

A voice rang out from the crowd.

Everyone’s heads turned. They had to see just who it was who dared to make such a bold statement without fear of death.

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