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Chapter 214: Where“s The Trust Between Humans?

Chapter 214: Where's The Trust Between Humans?

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Xuan Yunxian was furious. She had rushed over here immediately upon receiving the news from those Daozhong Sect disciples, extremely worried.

Liu Linfeng was the son of her elder sister. Ever since that incident, her elder sister entrusted Liu Linfeng to her. Even though she was young and did not know what had happened, all she understood till this day was that Liu Linfeng was the only remaining bloodline of her sister.

Ever since then, Xuan Yunxian had begged the Grand Master earnestly to allow her to keep Liu Linfeng in the sect, bringing this boy up.

But now that he was abducted, Xuan Yunxian was naturally enraged. Even more than anger, she was anxious about him. Thus, she rushed over immediately.

Looking at Liu Linfeng’s current state, Xuan Yunxian was incensed. On that distressed face of hers was a strong killing intent.

"Take care of him." Xuan Yunxian ordered the disciples she had brought along with her and chased after the direction Lin Fan fled in.

Lin Fan was utterly frustrated in his heart. Why the f*ck was he so unlucky yet again?!? This woman, who was so impossibly beautiful, turned out to be so strong as well. They were on completely different levels!

Lesser Celestial Full Cultivation… Goodness, even that strong body of his might not be able to withstand her blows.

Lin Fan streaked immediately in the direction ahead of him, flying off. Now, once someone reached pericelestial cultivation base, they gained the ability to fly through the air. However, the woman who was chasing him was a lesser celestial full cultivation being. Comparing flying speed, would she lose out to him?

But Lin Fan was grateful to himself for his hard work and effort in mastering his streaking skill, leveling it so high that his speed was even faster than that of someone flying.

Xuan Yunxian chased tightly behind. Her face was huffed with anger as well, hardly able to believe that there was someone who could surpass her flying speed.

"Stop right there!" Xuan Yunxian shouted fiercely.

"Sister there, I was just playing a prank! You don’t have to get this serious!" Lin Fan ran away while he lamented in despair.

The one thing Lin Fan was most afraid of in this life was to be targeted by a woman.

A woman was an illogical creature, unable to be comprehended. The moment she was displeased with oneself, she will pick a fight with you. But then again, a fight was nothing much. The worst thing was when she would decide to cling onto one until both the parties perished into the depths of hell.

"HEY! What have you done to my disciple!" Xuan Yunxian roared angrily as her speed increased once more. She was so fast now that she was barely a specter in the forest. She could only remember the state she saw her disciple in: Shirt torn in tatters, breathing weakly as though he had been through some sort of trauma.

"Nothing! I was just having a heart to heart talk with him!" Lin Fan started streaking in a zigzag manner, forming an S shape. This crazy woman’s speed was too damn fast! If he didn’t run in a zigzag manner, he would definitely be caught by her.

"ARGH!" Xuan Yunxian roared angrily. Stretching out her hand, she sliced through the void and immersed herself within it, increasing her speed even more.

As Lin Fan was frantically escaping, he snuck a peek behind. The moment he realized that Xuan Yunxian had entered the void and moved even faster as though she was teleporting, he exclaimed in shock as well.

"Hey…hey! Don’t…don’t go overboard now! Anymore and you’ll…you’ll be forcing my hand, okay?" Lin Fan gritted his teeth and pushed himself even faster. Why did Liu Linfeng not speak up for him earlier on? Did he fail to train that guy properly?

But that couldn’t be right either. The side profession of being a Trainer could never possibly go wrong.

Then, it must be because it was way too rushed. He must have dashed off before Liu Linfeng could even get a chance to speak up for him.

"Alright then, show me your ‘forced hand’ then! Injuring my disciple? I’ll make you pay today!" Xuan Yunxian replied coldly, the killing intent even stronger in her voice.

Lin Fan cried out sorrowfully. This was a tragic example of failing in the realm of being a Trainer. He had turned the stubborn Liu Linfeng into an obedient child. Not only was the parental adult figure not grateful towards him, she was on her way to kill him off. What sort of logic was this?

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt an astral wind surging towards him from the back. In shock, he dodged without even turning back.


The ground vibrated as a deep trench appeared where Lin Fan seconds ago.

"Bloody b*tch! You for real?" Lin Fan cried out in trepidation.



And just like that, both of them carried on this chase of cat and mouse. Lin Fan was like butter burning on a hot pan. How the hell was he to shake off this woman?

If this were to carry on, he would definitely be caught by this woman. Even though he had trained this skill of escaping up till a pretty decent level, the difference in his cultivation base with this woman was still pretty significant. As such, the disparity in speed would only grow less with time.

Just then, Lin Fan saw a patch of flaming grounds before him. He knew that he must be near the Fiery Hell by now.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Fan dashed towards the direction of the flame; he had to take this gamble. Fiery Hell was a forbidden ground after all. Therefore, there must be a certain degree of danger to it. Perhaps he could use this to his advantage to shake off that bitch.

"Sister! You’ve got a lovely face with sharp features. How is it that your temper does not match your appearance? We should have a peaceful talk to come to a resolution! Furthermore, I’ve got a pretty good relationship with your disciple! If you don’t believe, you can head back and ask him yourself!" Lin Fan shouted over.

"Alright, then YOU stop running and we can talk properly." Xuan Yunxian replied.

Bloody hell1 How was this guy so bloody fast on his feet? Even after she employed her secret technique, she still couldn’t catch up to him. Furthermore, she knew that the Fiery Hell laid right ahead. There was no need to take on this additional risk for no reason at all.

If this fella were to run in and attract the beast, he’d spoil all of their plans.

"Alright then. We’ll both keep the promise to talk it out!" Lin Fan called out.



As Lin Fan came to a halt, Xuan Yunxian followed suit.

The both of them began to size each other up.

"I really didn’t do anything to your disciple. You can check with him if you doubt my words." Lin Fan was still trying to catch his breath. This high-speed chase had left him pretty breathless.

From the start of his journey out of the sect, he had not met with anything good. Tuodi Shrine aside, he was being hunted down for his life. Goodness, what sort of luck was this?

On the flawless face of Xuan Yunxian was an authoritative look. The way she looked at others was as though she was a queen looking down at all her subjects in this world.

But just at that moment, her eyes burned furiously. Her jade smooth hands were filled with True Energy as she channeled that towards Lin Fan’s direction.

"As though I trust your bullshit!"

The moment Lin Fan saw this, his face grew pale as he dodged immediately once more.

"B*tch! You went back on your word! Goodness! What happened to the trust between humans?!" Lin Fan yelled angrily. What a despicable and sneaky b*tch! Compared to a righteous man like him, where were her morals?

By now, Lin Fan had arrived in the Fiery Hell’s vicinity. What he was stepping on was no longer mud on the ground. The ground was charred black with cracks all around it and flames bursting from the cracks themselves.

‘Ding…Eternal Demon Body experience points +100.’

Wow! To think that these flames that were shooting out from the ground could actually increase the experience points of his Eternal Demon Body! What a treat!

But what left Lin Fan speechless was the fact that the shoes on his feet had instantly turned into ashes once he stepped into this place.

When Lin Fan looked over at Xuan Yunxian, he realized that she was walking comfortably on these burning grounds. She had covered her feet with True Energy like a barrier protecting them against the fiery flames.

Fiery Hell looked just like a scene from an apocalypse. The entire place was charred black and looked absolutely desolate and deathly. The entire place was blazing with flames dancing around the cracks and gigantic sharp rocks protruded from all around the ground as well. A lava river in the center of the place divided Fiery Hell into two.

At the same time, Lin Fan saw some beasts with fire blazing over their entire bodies strolling casually in these charred lands.

Suddenly, the whole place shook.

Xuan Yunxian, who was chasing after Lin Fan all the way, came to a stop, her expression changing. She tried to turn around to leave, but it was too late.

At the boundaries of Fiery Hell shot out a fire wall, surrounding the entire Fiery Hell and separating it from the outside world.

Just then, Lin Fan realized that Xuan Yunxian no longer bothered about him. Instead, she was flying off somewhat hurriedly into the distance.

"Eh? What’s happening?" Lin Fan shook his head, confused.

He did not understand why the b*tch who was bent on taking his life moments earlier was now disregarding him entirely.

Could it be that his imposing aura had scared her off?

But when Lin Fan looked around him, his face changed as well.

F*ck…sh*t just got flamin’ real.

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Hi guys! The incident which Xuan Yunxian was referring to when she was thinking about Liu Linfeng and her elder sister was not clarified in the raws as well. I suppose this part of the story would be revealed later on. And wow, the map does come across like a dota map or something except that it’s round instead of square in my imagination. I wanted to put flame wall but firewall has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Hahaha! Cheers!