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Chapter 230: Sh*t’s Powerful Ahead

Chapter 230: Sh*t’s Powerful Ahead

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
The next day…

The Zhang family’s convoy set off. Within a majestic carriage, Lin Fan was seated with the sons and mistresses of this family, enjoying with fine wine and conversation.

"Sir Lin is talented indeed, and I am truly impressed." The young master of the Zhang family was well groomed and had a clean look. He was thoroughly impressed with Lin Fan’s talents in poetry.

"Brother, how did you get acquainted with Sir Lin?" A daughter of the Zhang family asked docilely. She did not understand how these two men could become so close like bosom buddies after just a single night.

"It’s a secret. Secret." The Zhang family’s young master laughed gently while shaking his head.

Lin Fan laughed gently as well. After cruising around the city aimlessly yesterday, he decided to visit a brothel out of boredom. Within the brothel, Lin Fan met a man who was utterly showcasing his poetry talents in the hopes of exchanging them with the laughter and attention of the ladies. Those beautiful words flowing out of his mouth had Lin Fan stupefied.

That haughty demeanor was also approved by Lin Fan. Sweeping back his hair with a firm expression on his face, Lin Fan felt the need to match up with this man.

With a wistful look on his face, Lin Fan raised his glass, revealing an aura of loneliness and solitude. Thinking through his heart, this beautiful poem would then bare itself for the first time in the Qinshen dynasty and leave its root there forever.

Taking three steps forward, Lin Fan’s elegance swept through the entire brothel.

All the ladies and gentlemen within were infected with Lin Fan’s beautiful melancholy.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

"How I wonder, what you are."

"Up above the world, so high."

"Like a diamond, in the sky."


Lin Fan did not like to study much when he was younger. Thus, he only knew of a small number of rhymes and stuff. In Lin Fan’s eyes, it was such a romantic and emotional rhyme he could even pass it off as a poem.

And indeed, the moment he completed his poem, the surrounding ladies and gentlemen broke into applause with a look of awe on their faces.

Towards the roaring ovation, Lin Fan could only wave his hand humbly. As a learned man, his intents were in the beauty of language. With this in mind, he gifted them with yet another gem.

The adventures of Humpty Dumpty.


Humpty Dumpty brought about yet another round of acclamation. Those ladies in the brothel were so dazzled by Lin Fan that all of them were winking at him slyly, sending cupids along his way. But to a humble man like Lin Fan who did not hanker and lust for fame and fortune, these were small achievements not worth a mention.


Even though the Zhang family’s young master had his limelight stolen, he wasn’t angry or frustrated, and spoke to Lin Fan courteously. Glancing at the Zhang young master, Lin Fan could tell that he too had an unspeakable flaw. He then pulled out some Biggra for the young man.

And with a single sentence, he paved the way into the Zhang young master’s heart.

"A 100 girls a night is no issue with this pill."

And with that, Lin Fan had secured his position in the Zhang young master’s heart as the latter submitted to his gentlemanliness, treating the latter with warm hospitality like a bosom buddy.

And today, the Zhang family was heading out to their old house 100 miles away for tomb sweeping. Lin Fan just tagged along for convenience. After all, it would be such a pity to not take a ride in this majestic carriage.

"Hmph, so be it then. I’m not curious!" The Zhang family’s daughter looked at Lin Fan. She blushed as her look expressed some interest towards this man.

But that look of interest sent Lin Fan’s heart flustering like a vengeful spirit haunting after his life.

To Lin Fan, his mental state had long been cultivated to the highest point in this world. Every living thing in this world would eventually return to the ground as the Earth after their deaths.

For a young man his age to be able to comprehend such wisdom and enlightenment was an example of what a genius of a man he was. Therefore, no matter how this girl looked like, there was no way she could penetrate through that firm and resolute heart of his.

And of course, the most crucial main point was that this daughter of the Zhang family was…just too bloody ugly. Goodness! She could have a fight to duke it out with Zhang Ergou over their faces. But the look of this young lady had Lin Fan thinking back about his Zhang Ergou back in the sect, and he wondered how his disciples were doing.

In fact, he even missed them.

Lin Fan opened the curtains of the windows and took a look outside. As they passed through the city gates, he saw a soldier holding onto a stack of wanted posters and putting them up.

Looking at the drawing on the poster, Lin Fan chuckled. What sort of person would look so ugly and ghastly like a ghost? But upon closer inspection, the features of that man…did resemble Yours Truly somehow, didn’t they?


Tens of miles away.

"Brother Zhang, this is where we shall part." Lin Fan waved his hands to the Zhang family’s young master.

"Brother Lin, would we have a chance to meet once more?" The Zhang family’s young master said longingly. It was hard to find someone he could connect with so easily as a friend in this world.

To be able to hit it off instantaneously, it was as though they had known each other forever.

Lin Fan laughed. He was sure that he would probably never meet this man ever again. After all, they belonged to different worlds. It was for the best that they did not meet frequently.

"If the fates are willing, my friend... Farewell." Lin Fan turned around to leave. Even though he had only known this man for a single night, he too could feel the friendship of years blossoming with this person.

"Brother Lin…" The Zhang family’s young master looked at Lin Fan, repeating Lin Fan’s final words softly under his breath. In his eyes, a teardrop could be seen forming from the sides of it.

"Oh, right, Brother Zhang. You can have this little gift here. I’ll pay you a visit someday." Lin Fan laughed as he tossed the man a small piece of jade he had crafted.

"Take care, Brother Lin." Zhang’s young master waved his hand farewell as he clutched the jade pendant firmly, determined to take good care of it.

The next time they would meet post this simple farewell would probably be thirty years later.

Lin Fan had avenged the Yan Village. As for the ‘Seven Saints Treasure Map’, Lin Fan was incensed by these guys. In this world, Yours Truly should be the only one plotting against others. To think that these guys would dare to plot against Yours Truly.

If not for the system, Lin Fan might really have been done in by these guys.

Heaven Revolting Life Changing Godly pill my a*s. What a load of bullsh*t.

Lin Fan looked at the black dog within his storage sack and took it out, leashing it.

The moment the black dog was let out, it barked furiously.

But what had Lin Fan laughing was the fact that after consuming the godly pill, the fur of the dog had changed to become extremely slick and shiny.

A dog with unparalleled potential. Indeed, a rare breed in this world.

"You dogsh*t, I know you can hear Yours Truly. But don’t worry, Yours Truly will definitely groom you to be a Saint amongst dogs."

"As for the Seven Saints? Rest assured, all of you will be the 7 Dog Saints under Yours Truly from henceforth. I will find out the rest of your locations and retrieve everything one by one. We’ll see if you guys are more devious than Yours Truly can ever be."

In the middle of a forest, the sight of Lin Fan talking to a dog was ridiculous and incredulous.

"WOOF! WOOF!" The black dog’s gaze was brutal, and it couldn’t wait to bite at Lin Fan. But with a gentle whisk of his robes, Lin Fan threw the dog back into his storage sack where it laid quietly.

Lin Fan then let Chicky out. He must have been bored inside the storage sack, because the moment he was let out, he stretched his wings and walked in circles around Lin Fan, crying out loudly.

"Cuck your head! Hurry up, we’re moving!"

Chicky spread his wings and tried to flap them to fly, but no matter what, he could not lift off the ground. Exasperated, it hopped up and held onto Lin Fan’s shoulders once more.

"What an embarrassment. A phoenix who can’t fly… I wonder what you are, neither a phoenix nor a chicken." Lin Fan glared at it. Other than the immense potential it had, Lin Fan could not see anything else special about it.


"Cuck one more time and I’ll whack you!"


After flying for quite some time, an incredible aura swept over, ripping the skies apart.

Lin Fan immediately landed and walked ahead carefully.

"Sh*t’s powerful ahead."

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Hi guys, I think I owe you guys quite a number of explanations for this chapter! First up, about the brothels. You might be wondering why all of these are happening in the brothels. Now, the ancient Chinese brothels operate pretty differently from modern ones. In the ancient brothels, they were like inns with rooms and dining tables. The guests would enter there to feast and dine under the companionship with exquisite women. The richer or more prominent guests would have a room all to themselves while others could probably score one of the girls if they were very charismatic or something. I don’t think you guys could google and find out much about it. These are details that I caught on from watching Hong Kong movies and the likes so if you guys catch them you may get an idea of what I’m talking about.
Secondly, about the rhymes. In the raws, Lin Fan used a poem from Li Bai’s ‘Three Hundred Tang Poems’. It’s a famous poem that children would know from a young age. In fact, he mixed up 2 different poems into 1. So he took top half of A and bottom half of B to create the first poem, followed by top half of B and bottom half of A for the second poem. But there was no way I could recreate this in English, so I opted for the English version of nursery rhymes. At the same time, I couldn’t mix humpty dumpty with twinkle twinkle little stars so I made do.
Lastly, the dog’s fur becoming slick and shiny. For those of you who might be confused, the meaning of the author was that the dog was now like an extremely good breed dog. Dogs of good quality breeds would have slicker furs and stuff, so his intention was to state that the black dog was now of the purest breed in all dogs in this world. Something along those lines.
Wow, this is long. Cheers!