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Chapter 237: Seven Realms Bring You Comfort

Chapter 237: Seven Realms Bring You Comfort

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Lin Fan was going through the items in his storage. There had been a number of toys accumulated within them, quite a few from his robberies. But they had yet to be put to use.

For example, the items he had robbed from people like Ni Mantian, the Yan Emperor et cetera.

A couple of decent graded armors, a pair of Dragon Phoenix storage rings and a bunch of other stuff.

‘Ding…congratulations on discovering Heaven Lower graded skill ‘Blood Sea.’’


Lin Fan flipped the pages of Blood Sea’s manual. This was a corrupted and evil skill. To master a skill like this, one would not achieve it from just cultivating hard day and night. The main source of energy for a skill like this was blood itself.

Even though at the peak of this ability, one could be reborn from just a drop of blood, this skill was just too evil in Lin Fan’s point of view. He wondered who it was who created something like this. If he had met such a person, he was sure he would teach this guy a lesson.

But then again, rebirth through just a drop of blood…How goddamn strong was that?!?

Forget it. A skill was a neutral thing that knew no right or wrong. For a righteous person such as Yours Truly, Yours Truly could definitely bring this skill onto the right path.


‘Ding…congratulations on learning Heaven Lower graded skill: ‘Blood Sea.’’

‘Ding…Blood Sea Level 1. (0/10000)’

Lin Fan tried to sit down cross-legged and enter cultivation state. But indeed, Blood Sea was a mysterious skill which didn’t gain a single drop of experience points. It seemed like it was indeed different from other skills and could only be replenished by blood itself.

Even though Lin Fan had learned Blood Sea, the manual would not disappear just by itself. Lin Fan continued sorting out the stuff.

Finally, looking at his sorted storage, Lin Fan let out a smile.

Dozens of armors, one manual, dozens of f*cked up pills, a pair of Dragon Phoenix rings, a pair of Blood Dragon’s Horns and a drop of Purple Horned Dragon’s Essence Blood.

Even though these items may be treasures in the eyes of others, to Lin Fan, they were comparable to trash.

Especially a skill such as ‘Blood Sea’, what a corrupted skill to exist in this world! Leaving it in the world would be an injustice to the masses. ‘Let Yours Truly incinerate it then.’

‘Heaven and Earth Smelt.’

Just then, the Heaven and Earth Smelt within Lin Fan’s mind opened up as Lin Fan contemplated for a moment if he should really do this.

Lin Fan did not want to think too much about it as he tossed all the items into the smelt.

This smelt was a legendary item for crafting. There was nothing in this world it could not smelt down. After tossing in the items, the potential results lined up in a row for Lin Fan to choose from.

Lin Fan could not be bothered about any of the equipment. Too many options caused him to be dizzy as well.

‘Smelt as you please.’


The smelt closed its door as the smoke dragon coiled itself around it once more, breathing out fire above the smelt.

Towards this smelt, Lin Fan was filled with both love and hatred. Even though he had gained quite an amount of experience points for his ‘Eternal Demon Body’ after entering it the other day, it was an unbearable and torturous pain. To someone like Lin Fan who undoubtedly loved the pleasure of having comforts in his life, that was a process too darn cruel and painful.

But that was only because he was forced to the edge of life and death by that spirit. But now that he was at peace, there was no need to him to go to such extremities to level up.

Lin Fan waited patiently as the dragon continued coiling itself while the smelt roared, wondering what was happening inside. Lin Fan waited in anticipation, wondering what sort of legendary equipment he would create this time around.

The smelt vibrated, and a beam of light shot out abruptly.

Lin Fan’s heart was nearly in his throat by now as his face was filled with anxiousness.

‘Shit. Had something gone awry?’

Back when he had crafted the Nine Five Legendary Brick, he didn’t get any reaction like this!

Was it because he had gone rusty after not crafting anything for a long time, and he couldn’t craft anything any longer?

Lin Fan waited with bated breath, waiting for the notification from the system.

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting a legendary equipment.’

‘Whew, f*ck me!’

The moment he heard the notification, Lin Fan almost fainted from the relief he felt.

He had not expected it to succeed this easily.

‘Was Yours Truly blessed by Lady Luck? To be able to craft legendary equipment one after another.’

This happiness came way too suddenly, but Lin Fan needed to hold it in.

‘Ding…owner’s luck is extremely high.’

‘Ding…congratulations on crafting a onetime use legendary equipment.’

‘Seven realms.’

Lin Fan was taken aback. Onetime? What did that mean?

A golden beam then shot out from within the smelt. Lin Fan controlled his excitement, as he had to see clearly just what sort of legendary item this was.

But when Lin Fan caught sight of the legendary equipment, he nearly puked out all the blood in his body.

What the…

Feeling it in his hands, Lin Fan was stunned wide-eyed as he heard the description from the system.

‘Sophisticated web surface creating a silky smooth sensation. Embedded with pretty floral designs in its dents. But don’t look down on these floral designs! They are essential for the sake of a high absorption rate! Comfy side cushion guards to pamper your delicate skin while its exquisite materials provide an enhanced experience to ensure a snug fit!’

Just what in the world was all this? What’s this? What’s that? What?

Lin Fan felt like crying at this point.

All the equipment he had dumped in, all for a…sanitary pad?!?


Lin Fan was almost in a state of frenzy. No matter how he thought about it, he would have never expected this outcome. Was it because the system knew that he was having too good a time recently and hence it played this trick on Lin Fan?

But this joke was not funny at all. No. No. No.

‘Ding…Legendary Equipment Seven realms. Able to cause death from menorrhagia. Can only be used on females. Disregards cultivation base. Onetime use.’

‘Activation phrase: Seven realms bring you comfort.’


F*ck…what the flying f*ck…?

Lin Fan stared at this all so familiar looking piece of equipment with his mouth agape. He had thought that the system was pulling a prank on him. To think that it would be so darn strong!

Even though the looks of it seemed somewhat indecent, Lin Fan was extremely excited over its power.

Disregarding cultivation base… Death from menorrhagia.

These six words were enough to represent everything.

But what was up with the activation phrase, seven realms bring you comfort? Bl*ody hell, shouldn’t it be seven realms cause no leakages?

But to think that if he were to ever get into any trouble with some woman whose cultivation base was beyond godly, all he had to do was to send this sanitary pad flying towards her face, and it’d wrap itself down there and cause her to die of menorrhagia. The thought of it was extremely satisfying.

Lin Fan placed the seven realms carefully back into his storage. This would be a powerful weapon for him in the future.

But what Lin Fan did not understand was the mechanics of the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Just what sort of requirements did it have for a legendary equipment to be crafted?

This was puzzling.

Based on the current situation, seemed like he would need to take some more time exploring this smelt.

Ever since he had been busy with training up his cultivation base, he had neglected the smelt almost entirely. Seemed like it was time to buck up with it.

Just then, he heard some noises from outside the cave. Lin Fan frowned and pretended to sleep.

He was waiting to see just who it was.

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Hi guys! A few explanations for this chapter. So, regarding the Dragon and Phoenix rings. They come as a pair because in Chinese lore, the Dragon and a Phoenix comes as a pair where males are often symbolized by the Dragon and women by the Phoenix. People describe the king and queen of ancient times as the Dragon and Phoenix pair. In modern times, it’s used to describe perfect couples or twins with different genders.
Alright, now for something interesting. Why’s the activation phrase ‘7 realms brings you comfort?’ In the raws, it’s directly translated to ‘takes you flying’. It’s a tagline from one of the sanitary pad brands. That’s why Lin Fan was saying that it should be ‘causes no leakages’. Alright, so why did I not retain it as ‘takes you flying’? Because it would make no sense in the context. The actual meaning of the tagline is closer to something like causing great comfort and allowing freedom for the women wearing it. So there’s my explanation! Cheers!