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Chapter 290: Running Away After An Impressive Act

Chapter 290: Running Away After An Impressive Act

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Li Yuanqi was utterly petrified right now. Moon Palace Sect should have been just a fun and easy taking. But he wasn’t in the least bit prepared for the sharp twist the way this had gone.

Just where in the world did that horrifying b*stard spout out from?

How could Glory Sect possess such a powerful being in their midst?!?

The Demon Blood Emperor was an existence which dominated over a multitude of other worlds! To think that he would sever one of his arms just because of this man’s threat. This…this…!

Li Yuanqi was extremely panicked right now. Fine, if he could remain alive, there was still a chance for a comeback. The main thing right now was to escape.

"What happened to the sky?"

Li Yuanqi suddenly realized that the clear skies had darkened once more. Was it about to rain?

At the thought of that, he tilted his head back ever so slightly. But in an instant, goosebumps rose all over his body.

‘Isn’t this ruthlessly chasing down on my life…?’

A gigantic hand covered the skies and clouds, towering above him without limits.

"Hmph, you must be dreaming if you think that you can escape Yours Truly’s five finger mountain! Take him down!" Lin Fan snorted coldly. At the same time, he turned around to glance at a Moon Palace Sect disciple. Realizing that these female disciples had long been captivated by his graceful self, Lin Fan was extremely elated as well.

"No…I, Li Yuanqi, am meant to rule over this century! How can I die here?" Li Yuanqi screamed. His sweat poured down like rain as his heart thumped furiously.


The mountains trembled as the land below let off a quake like never before.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation Li Yuanqi.’

‘Ding…experience points +2,200,000,000’

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Lesser celestial lower level. (300,000,000/2,000,000,000)’


Lin Fan was overjoyed beyond words.

He had f*cking finally leveled up!

Old lady Yue Xuan looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, unable to believe her eyes. In that instant, she noticed that the aura of this man seemed to have taken yet another leap, and he became even stronger.

"Grandmaster Yue, my apologies. These young ones are ignorant and have caused your sect some troubles." Lin Fan turned around and said apologetically with a smile.

"No, no!" Looking at Lin Fan’s reaction, old lady Yue Xuan replied hurriedly. "Mister Lin, sorry for the burden! If you had not stepped out for us, we would have perished!"

Holy sh*t, was he kidding? For someone as distinguished and great as Mister Lin to apologize to a small sect such as theirs was not something they could accept.

Lin Fan chuckled. Sweeping his gaze at the dazed female disciples who had barely just stood up, he smiled and gave off a gentle wink with his bright eyes.


With that, the female disciples lost all the strength in their legs and collapsed onto the ground once more.

Gazing at Lin Fan with adoring eyes, they could only admire this manly man.


"Mister Lin, that stone gate…" Old lady Yue Xuan pointed towards the Blood Gate in the skies and asked hesitantly.

Lin Fan suddenly remembered the existence of this thing.

The Blood Gate floated silently in the skies. That thousand feet tall gate stood high and mighty, bringing fear to one’s heart with its bloody aura.

"This evil thing has a sinister aura. Leaving it here would just bring about troubles. I’ll take it down and suppress it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands once more." Lin Fan said righteously. Sweeping his robes, the Blood Gate was kept in his storage.

This Blood Gate did seem pretty interesting. He would examine it properly when he had time.

Looking at Lin Fan take in the Blood Gate with just a wave of his hand, old lady Yue Xuan was extremely shocked once more. What sort of method was he using? This was the first time she had seen something like this.

Even Li Yuanqi had to make efforts to keep it within the void to use it. He couldn’t even take this thing into his body like this.

"Master…" From a distance, Mu Han’s voice rang out.

Mu Han and the others were extremely slow. Unable to catch up with Lin Fan, they had only arrived after everything was over.

Lin Fan felt a little regrettable at this. If only these guys were faster and had caught up earlier, they could have caught sight of his fearsome display earlier on, and he would have impressed yet another group of people.

For someone like Lin Fan who constantly strived for perfection, this was a bit of a flaw. But it was all good. With the experience of this, he would be more mindful to put on better acts in the future.

"Han…!" Looking at her disciples running forth from the distance, old lady Yue Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. As long as her disciples were fine...

"Big Senior Sister and the others are fine…!" Looking at who it was, the other female disciples started cheering excitedly.

"Senior Brother Lin, Li Yuanqi he…" The moment Feng Xiaoling arrived, he asked Lin Fan hurriedly.

Along their way here, they were all in deep worries that Lin Fan was no match for Li Yuanqi. Arriving at such a peaceful scene had them feeling somewhat strange.

Lin Fan flicked his robes casually, "Li Yuanqi has committed too much evil. For his insubordination, I have relieved him of his life in this world."

"Ah…" The moment Feng Xiaoling heard it, he was at a loss for words. Elder Li Yuanqi was taken down just like that?

Feng Xiaoling’s gaze at Lin Fan had changed entirely at that moment once more.

Just how strong must he be to do something like that…?!?

"Master, it was with great fortune that I and the other junior sisters had bumped into Senior Brother Lin! If not for him, we would have died in their hands!" Mu Han leaned closely to old lady Yue Xuan and complained.

"Just a passing affair." Lin Fan waved his hand casually in a relaxed matter, as though small matters like these were not worth mentioning at all.

"All of you, come here." Lin Fan beckoned to all the Jiuxiao Sect disciples.

As though they were guilty, all of them walked over to Lin Fan with their heads bowed low.

"Senior Brother Lin, actually, it’s not their fault. They had no choice in this matter…Please don’t punish them." Feng Xiaoling tried pleading for his junior brothers.

"Senior Brother Lin, please spare us. We were forced to do this!"

"Boohoo, Senior Brother Lin! We’ve always been on the side of the just. But Li Yuanqi was simply too strong! If we didn’t obey him, we’d be dead!"


All the Jiuxiao Sect disciples started crying. If Senior Brother Lin dealt with them the same way as Li Yuanqi, then that would be utterly horrifying.

They had witnessed for themselves that fearsome display of power moments earlier.

"Alright, you’re spared from the death sentence, but you can’t avoid punishment for your actions. I’ll let it go for the fact that you guys had no choice in this matter. However, Moon Palace Sect was still destroyed partially by you guys. All of you will need to take responsibility for the reconstruction of Moon Palace Sect in the future." Lin Fan waved his hand then turned around to old lady Yue Xuan.

"Grandmaster Yue, I’m afraid that something has happened within the upper echelons of Jiuxiao Sect. I’ll need to go over and take a look personally. Please take these disciples of theirs within your care and let them stay here for the time being."

"Yes, no problem, Mister Lin. You’re the benefactor of our Moon Palace Sect. A small matter as such shall not be an issue." Old lady Yue Xuan replied hurriedly.

Old lady Yue Xuan’s impression of Lin Fan was getting better by the second. A man of such quality, such grace, such manners… One could not help but respect him.

"Senior Brother Lin, please take me along if you’re heading back to Jiuxiao Sect." Feng Xiaoling continued.

"You just stay right here. It’s not something you can handle." Lin Fan waved his hand.

The Jiuxiao Sect disciples who had witnessed the scene just now nodded their heads in agreement. He was right. The things he would have to handle were not something they could even hope to help with.

"Everyone, due to the urgency of this issue, I’ll take my leave first." Lin Fan cupped his hands together to the masses and prepared to leave.

"Mister Lin, aren’t you going to take a short rest first? Let us play the part of a good host since you’re here at our sect." Old lady Yue Xuan continued hurriedly.

Turning his body around, Lin Fan waved with the back of his hand.

"Jiuxiao Sect and Glory Sect have a deep friendship spanning thousands of years. Now that they’ve got trouble, I have to head there immediately. I’ll drop by if I’m free in the future. Farewell." Without waiting for her reply, Lin Fan dashed off from the ground into the distance.

"Mister…" Old lady Yue Xuan wanted to carry on, but looking at Lin Fan’s figure in the distance, she could only sigh to herself.

"Young and capable... He’s a rare talent that only appears in the world every few thousand years…" She mumbled to herself while looking at the distant skies.

All the female disciples of Moon Palace Sect looked at the direction where Lin Fan left with longing eyes. It was as though their hearts had taken flight along with him.

Looking at the longing looks of her disciples, old lady Yue Xuan shook her head and did not comment much.

A talented young prodigy such as him was the scariest. Every single word and action of his possessed abnormal charisma. She knew why her female disciples were unable to resist him.

After all, even a 100-year-old woman like her could feel her heart fluttering slightly…


At this moment, Lin Fan was gleeful beyond words.

Running away after every impressive act, leaving behind nothing but a legacy… What a way to live life!

After Lin Fan had left…

A lone figure stood somewhere quite far from the Moon Palace Sect. By the looks of it, it seemed to be a female.

If Lin Fan were here, he would definitely be astonished.

It was the mysterious girl he had met earlier on, Ye Han.

"The stench of the Blood World…"

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Lam Lam

HAHAHA I couldn’t stop laughing at the part of the old lady’s heart fluttering. The number of times I had to type out her name trying to make conversation with Lin Fan gosh HAHA. But I love these foreboding endings which tie further to the grand plotline. And in other news, our boy is finally a lesser celestial! Finally! Cheers!