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Chapter 295: Vigorous Big Senior Brother

Chapter 295: Vigorous Big Senior Brother

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Standing on the back of the Roc was like standing in a vast field with no ends. One could barely make out the edge of this thing’s back.

As a genius disciple of Jiuxiao Sect, Xinfeng naturally had a wide range of general knowledge. But even so, he was completely amazed by this sight before him.

The Ancient Roc, he had only heard of it. But, seeing it right before his very eyes was an intimidating experience indeed.

Looking at just the mere size of this Roc, Xinfeng could not help but wonder how people in the ancient times had managed to survive. What sort of mad world was it back then?

"Brother Lin, your left arm…" Xinfeng asked worriedly. He had not expected his Brother Lin to sacrifice his left arm just like that.

Lin Fan waved his right hand with a firm look. His voice boomed through the entire Jiuxiao Sect, "Now that Glory Sect’s in dire tides, what’s a small sacrifice like this? Sit tight now, Brother Feng. Once the Roc spreads his wings and fly, it’s gonna be a rough ride."

Looking at his Brother Lin’s style, Xinfeng was filled with respect in his heart. At the same time, he was heartened to have made a buddy out of this man. This must have been his accumulated good fortune over a few lifetimes.

"Big bird, let’s go. Destination: Glory Sect." Standing atop the Roc, Lin Fan pointed forward into the distance proudly.


Those boundless wings of the Roc started flapping gently. Turning into a streak of light, the Roc disappeared into the horizon.

All the remaining Jiuxiao Sect disciples could only look up in the skies in awe.

All of them had heard the last words Senior Brother Lin had said.

For the sake of returning to the sect, he had given up on his left arm.

Looking at the bloodstains on the floor, all of them could only sigh in admiration. Senior Brother Lin was Senior Brother Lin indeed. Every single action he made called for one’s utmost respect.

Glory Sect…

Right now, Glory Sect was in deep waters.

Grandmaster Han of the Jiuxiao Sect was no longer the same person he used to be. But the thing is, Glory Sect was none the wiser to this fact. Therefore, knowing that Grandmaster Han had arrived at Glory Sect, Grandmaster Yan naturally gave him the warmest welcome personally.

Jiuxiao Sect and Glory Sect had known each other for a long time, and these ties were extremely important.

Even though Grandmaster Yan’s powers were shockingly strong, he was still blinded to the changes of Grandmaster Han.

Senior Elder Wuya tried looking for Liang Yichu for a long time, but his efforts fell in vain. However, the thing that puzzled him was that many of these people looked extremely foreign to him. While he recognized some of the Senior Elders present, most of them were people he had never seen before. Furthermore, there seemed to be a weird aura emanating from these people.

But looking at how merry Grandmaster Yan was chatting with Grandmaster Han, Senior Elder Wuya cast his doubts aside.

But at the banquet, Grandmaster Han finally bared his fangs and injured Yan Hongyu with a thunderous force.

The strike of a greater celestial full cultivation was nothing to be scoffed at. No matter how strong and powerful Yan Hongyu was, he was sent spitting out fresh blood by this punch.

That single punch had brought him down to 60% of his strength.

But this was more than enough for Grandmaster Han. If their strongest powerhouse were to fall, Glory Sect would be nothing but a sack of trashes.


"Grandmaster Han…why…?"

Right now, Glory Sect was on full alert. Gathered outside the main hall, the heavily injured Yan Hongyu looked extremely puzzled.

He could not understand why Grandmaster Han would do this.

"Glory Sect has to fall." A frightening, bone-chilling aura was emanating from Grandmaster Han.

"Grandmaster, I’m afraid this is no longer the same Han Yongyi as he used to be." Looking at the scene before him, Senior Elder Wuya was entirely enraged as well.

Like the Trojans, they had pulled this Trojan Horse straight into the middle of Glory Sect…


Nameless Peak…

"Senior Brother, this is bad! Our sect’s being attacked!" Tian Yu hurried back to Nameless Peak from outside with bloodstains on his clothes.

"Ha…?" Officially the Big Senior Brother of Nameless Peak, Zhang Ergou was caught unaware and was in complete disbelief at this news as well.

"Where’s the Grandmaster and the other Elders?" He asked hurriedly.

Playing with one another’s hands, Cai Zhiqiao and Gong Bingye came to a stop as well. They could sense that something serious was happening right now.

"The Grandmaster’s gravely injured, while the Senior Elders are being impeded in their tracks right now as well! Those guys from Jiuxiao Sect are massacring indiscriminately on the other peaks right now! What should we do, Big Senior Brother?" Tian Yu’s face was anxious.

"Junior Brothers, let’s not worry." Zhang Ergou’s face crumpled seriously as he lowered his head in thoughts.

Those beady eyes of his lit up as he continued, "You’ll hide in the secret cellar with Junior Sister Zhiqiao. No matter what happens, you must never ever come out! Do you understand!"

Gong Bingye nodded her head obediently. She could sense that this was big right now. Cai Zhiqiao was hugging on to her Snow Lion cub, unable to comprehend the severity of the situation right now.

"Big Senior Brother, second Senior Brother, both of you should hide as well. This war won’t be something you can handle." Silent all the while, Mie Qiongqi finally spoke up.

In the past few months, Mie Qiongqi’s cultivation state had improved tremendously. Right now, he was at lesser celestial full cultivation, almost at the edge of being a greater celestial right now.

Evidently, ‘Unkillable Indestructible’ had done Mie Qiongqi tons of good.

"No, I can’t. As the Big Senior Brother of Saint Devil Sect of Nameless Peak, there is no way I could just run away from Glory Sect’s times of need!" Zhang Ergou replied righteously.

"But…your legs are trembling, Senior Brother." Mie Qiongqi replied while rolling his eyes back.

"Bullshit! As your Senior Brother, I mean what I say!" Even though Zhang Ergou was terrified to the core subconsciously, he still stood up like a true man.

While he did not have a good potential to begin with, under Lin Fan’s grooming, Zhang Ergou’s cultivation state had improved tremendously as well. Right now, he was at pericelestial lower level after crossing the big bottleneck of postcelestial.

With a potential much better than Zhang Ergou to begin with, along with the guidance of Lin Fan and popping of pills, Feng Bujue was at pericelestial full cultivation right now.

Tian Yu was doing pretty decently post recovery as well. Even though he wasn’t as strong as Mie Qiongqi, he was still at a lesser celestial middle level.

"Miss Gong, we shall entrust our dear junior sister to you then. Please take good care of her." Zhang Ergou said seriously.

"Yes, I understand. Since I can’t help much in battle, I’ll do my best to protect her." Gong Bingye nodded her head.

"Junior Sister, please listen to elder sister Gong. Don’t be afraid. Your senior brothers will be back for you in a bit!" Squatting down, Zhang Ergou continued while fondling Cai Zhiqiao’s head.

"Okay! Zhiqiao is very obedient!" She nodded her head excitedly. Patting on the pouch she was carrying around her waist, she continued, "Zhiqiao has her lollipop! Zhiqiao will not be afraid!"

Zhang Ergou was then filled with vigor as he looked at his fellow junior brothers.

"Junior Brothers! Now that the sect is in danger, it’s time for the Saint Devil Sect to show our true worth! We’ll form our Rescue Party right now and assist our fellow brothers of the other peaks! Let’s go!"

Waving his hand, Mie Qiongqi, Feng Bujue and Tian Yu followed. The four of them were like avengers without any fear of death, as they headed down towards the flames of the battlefield…

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WOW. HYPE MUCH? Anyone feel the blast of nostalgia as we finally head back to Glory Sect? I seriously hope that nothing happens to any of them though. Especially that adorable Cai Zhiqiao :’)