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Chapter 319: Too Damn Bloody Strong!

Chapter 319: Too Damn Bloody Strong!

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
"F*ck…! F*ck…! What the f*ck was that…?!?" Far in the distance, one of the vagrant martial artists was viewing the scene unfold with a pair of binoculars. He was totally dumbfounded.

"What are you talking about, Wang Wu! Let me see!"

"That’s right, Wang Wu! Hurry up! The rest of us are seeing nothing!"


"Shut up! I’m not done here just yet! It was too damn close! I thought that the Long Yuan dynasty was going to be extinguished right there! But can you guys guess what happened?!?" Wang Wu, the great sword wielder, had yet to recover fully from the shock.

"What happened! Hurry up and tell us!"

"That’s right! Don’t beat around the bush. What happened?"

Wang Wu took a deep breath and continued in disbelief, "J-just now…! You know that lad we made fun of? H-he f*cking used a single finger to repel the entire energy ball!"

"F*ck! For real? Don’t bullshit us man, Wang Wu!"

"That’s right! How can that be?"

Naturally, none of them believed him at all. This was akin to saying the entire world had turned upside down. If he had said something like old bro being lively as a dragon even at his age and letting out an extraordinary burst, they would have still believed him. But to say something like that lad repelling the entire ball of energy with just his finger? This was impossible in their eyes.

"Wang Wu, Xiao Liu here has 20 years in the expertise of the spear. I’ve seen all sorts of things around the world. But what you just said, I still doubt it. Pass me the binoculars to see for myself!"

"Get lost! Whether or not you believe it is up to you. As long as I believe in it!" Wang Wu waved his hand off dismissively. Gotta be shitting him! This was such an exciting show. There was no way he wasn’t watching this all the way until the end. He’d definitely regret it!

"F*ck! This guy wants to enjoy the entire show on his own!"

"Hey, f*ck! F*ck! What are you guys doing?"

"Stop snatching! This is mine! Hey! Don’t go overboard. Otherwise, you can’t blame me for taking out my great sword on you guys! Okay f*ck all of you guys. Fine. Since I’m going to die anyways. I’ll just head over there to watch it live for myself!"


Old man Mo, the princess, and everyone else were all beyond stupefied. The view before them was bedazzling. The strong gust of wind was like a thousand slaps across their very faces.

The princess was especially petrified. She had looked down on this man all the while, and the fact right now stung her face like literal tight slaps.

"P-powerful man…! Is that thing dead?" Old man Mo asked while lying on the ground, looking extremely fatigued and pathetic right now.

"No." Lin Fan replied calmly.

"Ah…!" The moment old man Mo heard that, he was extremely worried. To think that this wasn’t enough to kill that thing! At the same time, old man Mo placed every single last bit of hope he had remaining onto Lin Fan.


The roar penetrated through the skies.

The beast was entirely riled. To think that there was someone within the dynasty who could reflect its attack and leave it in such a laughable state?!

After the light of the explosion dispersed, everyone could see that half of the humanoid beast’s body had been eaten up by the blast. All the beasts in miles of its vicinity had disappeared as well.

Lin Fan ignored the notifications of the system entirely.

These mediocre experience points were not worthy of him chasing after. As for their essence blood, they stood no chance of even surviving through that energy blast.

But, Lin Fan did not even feel regret about it. Now that his Blood Sea was at the 6th level, all this essence blood of common beasts did not give him that much of a booster anymore. Hence, he was pretty alright making do with not having them.

The humanoid beast was still roaring. A massive surge of energy reverberated through the skies. At the same time, that mess of an injured body was recovering rapidly as well.

By nature, beasts were much stronger than the entire race of mankind. Be it fighting strength or physical body strength, there was no way humans could match up the beasts.

Just this beast alone would be impossible for even Glory Sect and Jiuxiao Sect’s Grandmasters to kill with their forces combined. In fact, if they were careless, they may even get wiped entirely by this beast.

A beast with 16 energy grid line chains was not something any human of the same level could hope to deal with.

Boundless hatred was burning in the eyes of the humanoid beast. With a glaring light glowing in its eyes, all 4 flaming wings flapped furiously.


This roar was filled with fury as that dense stampede of beasts started rushing over upon that call, bent on destroying Long Yuan dynasty.

"Every single general, listen up! Defend the city gates with your lives! Do not let the beasts get through!" Long Yuan emperor gave down the orders. His heart was filled with immeasurable hope right now as well.

He had not expected such a powerful man to have come forward to assist for this beast stampede. Seemed like they had hope in defending against this after all.

But looking at the large army of beasts rushing towards them, even if they managed to defend this, they would definitely have to pay a costly number of casualties for it.

But as long as they dynasty survived, casualties were unavoidable.

Princess Long Yuan looked at Lin Fan with extremely shameful eyes. She had not expected that the truly powerful man was the person she had looked down on at the start!

"Don’t bother defending. I’ve made a deal with the princess. There shall be no casualties from your side. Even though they may have a large number of beasts, this wouldn’t change anything." Looking at the dense army of beasts, Lin Fan revealed a smile of confidence.

Long Yuan emperor was completely stumped by now. To think that this powerful man would refer to this dense army of beasts before him as though he completely disregarded their existence entirely.

The emperor wanted to implore Lin Fan to take down the wave that was coming through. But just as the words came to his throat, he swallowed them down again in shock.

Because at this moment, the young man’s aura had changed entirely.

Old man Mo could feel the aura of the powerful man surging rapidly. It was as though a sword was being unsheathed and was cutting through the shells of their bodies right now.

White robes, with his long hair swaying in the wind gently.

Lin Fan’s aura gradually turned stronger.

In the eyes of the masses, his image was too mighty.

He floated up gently into the skies.

‘Firmament Sword’

‘Benevolence Sword’


This highest level of the Way of the Sword erupted out from him as both Sword Wills rushed out and floated gently behind his back.

"My god…! What a strong Sword Will! Just a look over and I can feel my eyes being pierced!" Old man Mo raised his head and looked over while squinting his eyes. This Sword Will was simply too strong, that even a greater celestial like him was finding it hard to withstand it.

Princess Long Yuan could not even look in the direction of it. Those voluptuous bosoms of hers were bouncing up and down violently due to excitement over the aura.

‘Faceless Sky Demon.’

The 6-armed and 3-headed demon appeared behind him.

Recently, Lin Fan had discovered a brand new ability for this mental skill.

‘Know no bounds and be bounded by no laws!’


And just like that, the Faceless Sky Demon behind Lin Fan began splitting into 2.

2 to 4.

Slowly, the entire skies were filled with Faceless Sky Demons.

This was the same trick that the Eternal Donger had used. Lin Fan could not help but praise its impressiveness.

Old man Mo was losing his mind right now. Just what sort of skill was this? How could it be so bloody…sick?

And something sicker was about to happen.

The two different Sword Wills began to divide out as well. One after another, the skies were filled with longswords crafted from Lin Fan’s Sword Will.

"How…how could this be? How could such a domineering Sword Will be emanating from a single person…?" Old man Mo could not believe everything that was happening right now.

He had thought that he was extremely powerful the moment he had reached a greater celestial state.

But compared to the man before him, he was nothing.

"Old man Mo, which sect is this man from?" The emperor asked in shock.

"No idea…no idea!" Old man Mo shook his head furiously.

Rushing towards the Long Yuan dynasty, those vagrant martial artists lost their footing and sat on the ground with their jaws wide open as they witnessed the sight before them.

Everything that was happening right now was simply too scary!

"I had intended to kill all of you with a single palm strike. But forget it, your essence blood should serve a purpose as well." Lin Fan commented casually.

But this casual remark had made its way to old man Mo’s ears.


He nearly spat out a mouthful of blood from his old body.

Destroy all of them with a single palm strike?!?

Holy f*ck…!

"Destroy…" Lin Fan flicked his robes as the skies of Faceless Sky Demons and Sword Wills rocketed down below.

Just then, the humanoid beast froze up as well. It could feel a gaze locking on to it.

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Will Lin Fan let another humanoid beast escape his grasp?!? We shall find out! Cheers!