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Chapter 329: Take Your Time, I“ll Be Waiting

Chapter 329: Take Your Time, I'll Be Waiting

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
That beam of light gradually dissipated. But the aura was enough to have everyone from Xuanjian Sect shocked beyond words.


A gasp of shock came out from Lin Fan’s mouth. To think that the Metal man had escaped from the grasp of his palms! That was strange?

"This secret art of you five people is pretty interesting indeed. To think that you can manipulate your positioning as well." Lin Fan chuckled while raising his head into the skies, forming a slight interest towards their fascinating skill.

As for the Metal man, his right arm had disappeared entirely. In its place was a mess of blood and flesh, as a large amount of blood was gushing out from him, raining down onto the ground as well.

Grandmaster Xuan and the other Senior Elders were aghast at the scene in the skies. They then turned their heads towards this calm man who was standing at ease in disbelief.

So strong!!!

They had not expected this unassuming man to be this crazily strong! The Metal man’s aura was boundless and powerful. Evidently, he was someone far from ordinary. Even they themselves might not be his match. But to think that this man could disintegrate the Metal man’s entire arm with a single slap. What frightening strength!

Grandmaster Xuan stole a glance at Xuan Yunxian and her heart wavered. If these two were truly in love, then that might be a really good thing after all.

But if Lin Fan knew what she was thinking, he would definitely puke out a mouthful of old blood and tell her that she was overthinking things.

"Daddy, that’s so strong!" Suddenly, Liu Linfeng screamed. That sissy high pitched voice of his was especially piercing in this tense atmosphere.

The calm Lin Fan shuddered as he cringed at the word Daddy once more. He pretended to have heard nothing.

"You b*stard…!" The Metal man in the skies roared in furious rage, but at the same time, he looked at this horrifying man with wariness.

If not for the fact that the five of them possessed that special skill which allowed them to communicate with each other mentally and sense for one another, his outcome might have been just like his arm, disintegrated into dust.

"Just who are you?" Even though the five of them kept a low profile in Dongling Continent, they knew practically everything that happened within it. Yet, they had not heard of anyone this strong existing within it.

Even though the five of them had only accumulated 12 energy grid line chains, if they worked together, even the Grandmaster of Glory Sect might have to retreat under their combined forces.

"You guys are too weak for me to waste my saliva on." Just then, Lin Fan lifted himself off the ground and leaped into the skies.

Lin Fan was prepared to carry out a good research on them and smelt them down. If he were lucky, he might even be able to smelt out the skill that they were using.

Metal. Wood. Water. Fire. Earth.

These were the five elements.

Even though Lin Fan had browsed through the records in Glory Sect, he had not come across any indications of a skill of this type. Furthermore, the origins of these five people seemed pretty mysterious. But, none of this mattered to Lin Fan. No matter where they were from, they would still be beaten to a pulp.

All of their faces changed immediately. They had not expected this man to strike before even giving them time to react!

None of them dared to hesitate as they immediately split into their elements.

‘Wood Bone!’

‘Metal Veins!’

‘Earth Muscles!’

‘Water Blood!’

‘Fire Qi!’

‘The five elements of life! Fuse!’

And with that, a massive force erupted out of all of them.

12 energy grid line chains coiled around each of them as a beam of light covered over all five of them within.

"B*stard! Today, I’ll let you understand the true meaning of horror!" From the bright light, a terrifying voice rang out.

Grandmaster Xuan and the other Senior Elders could feel the horrifying power of this aura. They could not help but look at the man in the sky with worried eyes.

The aura that was emanating from that mass of light was simply too powerful! Just watching from a distance was enough to have their hearts fluttering.

Xuan Yunxian’s face revealed a look of concern as well. The aura had created waves of fear within her.

As for the other disciples, all of their faces were pale with fright, as if some sort of monster were about to emerge from the light.

Lin Fan just floated there casually without a single concern. The more he looked at this, the more curious he was beginning to feel.


Just then, the light disappeared, as a five colored giant stood before Lin Fan.

"Die…!" The five colored giant let out a roar and sent a punch flying to Lin Fan’s face.

"Careful…!" Looking at the development, Xuan Yunxian panicked.

Lin Fan was not really bothered by this devastating punch. He just raised his right hand gently and slapped back.


A palm strike with boundless power flew towards the direction of the five colored giant.

"How could this be?"

The giant’s face changed into one of fear. The power of that palm strike was causing them to feel a repressed feeling in their hearts.

Everything was being destroyed in the face of that incoming palm strike.


The five colored gigantic arm which sent out the punch was being ripped apart bit by bit without any room for resistance.

"Please have mercy."

And just then, a voice boomed across the skies. This voice penetrated through the entire void with a fearsome aura that was almost impossible to refuse.

"Lord, please save us…!"

The five colored giant begged in a frenzy the moment they heard this voice, as if their savior had descended upon them.

They had not expected the man before them to be this strong!

The five of them had exerted every last bit of their strength to form this five colored giant. But even the giant’s arm was being ripped apart helplessly. Since when did Dongling Continent have such a powerful figure within it?!?

"No f*cking body is going to be able to save you guys!" Lin Fan hollered out in anger. Taking out the Eternal Axe, he swung down towards the skies.

"Insolent…!" The figure within the void boomed out once more. As if he were entirely riled, a beam of light shot down from the skies.

Upon closer inspection, it was a turtle shell! This turtle shell had some runes inscribed on it, and was emanating an ancient aura. It then found its place in front of the five colored giant’s head.

"‘This is the Lord’s Heavenly God Shield! We’re saved!" Looking at the item on its head, the five colored giant’s heart leaped with joy.

The Lord was an invincible existence in their eyes. As long as they had the Lord’s protection, everything will be fine!

But their happiness did not last. They discovered in shock that their Lord’s shield that they had been viewing as a protection charm was destroyed with a single touch of the palm strike.



Heavens and Earth shattered as the five colored giant disappeared instantly.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being Metal.’

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being Wood.’

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being Water.’


‘Ding…congratulations on obtaining Heaven Graded Upper-Level Skill: ‘Five Elements’.’

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Ding…Greater celestial lower level.’

‘Ding…Activating the function of Energy grid lines.’


Lin Fan was overwhelmed with glee. What luck he had! Not only did he level up, he had acquired that skill as well!

Lin Fan did not care about how angry that man within the void would have been. Flying straight to the spot where the five of them died, he tossed all of their bodies into his storage immediately.

When he had the time, he would smelt their bodies and see what he could get out of it.

At this point, every single person within Xuanjian Sect was utterly dumbfounded.

They had not expected these terrifying five men to be killed with a single slap…!

And when they looked at how calm Lin Fan looked, they were even more unnerved. Just how strong was this man?!?

"Hmph…!" Suddenly, the voice boomed out from the skies once again. This voice was filled with immense wrath.

The edge of the skies crackled with thunder as it looked extremely ominous. It was as if someone were about to approach from the distance by ripping through the void.

Experiencing this aura, all of the relieved looks on everyone from Xuanjian Sect disappeared once more.

This aura was way stronger and boundless than those five men combined.

Lin Fan raised his brow up into the skies with naught a concern.

"No hurries there. Take your time, I’ll be waiting here for you." He scoffed.

Hearing Lin Fan’s bold words, everyone from Xuanjian Sect was stunned once more.

And just as Lin Fan gently floated down to the ground, someone cheered for him excitedly.

"Bravo, Daddy! Bravo! You’re the best!"

Lin Fan decided to just keep pretending to ignore him. If he really took in this sissy boy as his kid, then this would definitely be a black stain on his impeccable life of being a champion of the world…

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

Even as the plotsoup thickens with new and fresh characters, our author still manages to bring for us old flavours. Such as…GO GO POWER RANGERS! HAHAHAHA idk, that whole scene just felt like a Megazord. And also, I didn’t want to translate ‘Fire Qi’ as ‘Fire Air’ because Qi encompassed more than the air within a person. It’s somewhat like the lifeforce and stuff. Hope that portion is clear for you guys! Cheers!
Also, we heard your comments and grudges. Sorry for the minority that thinks the new cover is good! I've contacted the QD side and we're switching back to the old one for now! We'll continue to discuss and hopefully come out with a good one for you guys one day! Cheers!