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Chapter 331: Something Horrifying Has Happened

Chapter 331: Something Horrifying Has Happened

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Grandmaster Xuan was at a loss for what to do, when she was stunned by Lin Fan who dashed up to attack the person without a second word.

Just what was going on? And who was this Heaven Queen that Lin Fan was talking about?

No matter what, they were just stunned right now. Everything that was happening right now wasn’t something they could control anymore. And even if they wanted to control, they had to have the capabilities to do so.

"Daddy! Good luck! Kill that darned person!" Liu Linfeng hopped on the spot and cheered Lin Fan without a single fear of death.


The person’s face turned frozen cold. A frosty expression spread through her beautiful face. The fact that this person struck just because they could not come to an agreement displeased her to no end. Even though she did not know who this Heaven Queen person the other party was talking about was, just his tone of speech alone was enough for her to want to kill him.

"DIE…!" Lin Fan roared in anger. With a single palm strike, a tear ripped through the voids as the devastating force locked itself onto the Heaven Queen.

Her beautiful face shifted as her eyes glinted brightly.

The energy around her curled without any wind. Stretching out her hand, all the surrounding True Energy of Heaven and Earth gushed towards her, as a massive aura erupted outwards, welcoming that oncoming palm strike.


As these 2 massive forces clashed with one another, everyone from Xuanjian Sect struggled to maintain their balance. One by one, they collapsed onto the ground, sitting and staring at the sky in extreme fear.

To think that they couldn’t even withstand the aftershock of that impact.

"Hmph, trying to run? Stand still!" Looking at the Heaven Queen turning into a rainbow and streaking into the distance, Lin Fan snorted coldly before giving chase.

At the same time, he was caught in surprise by the power of the Heaven Queen. This was the first time anyone could receive a strike from the Eternal Arm.

After chasing for some time, the person came to a halt. Her eyes were filled with a frosty glare. The strength of this man before her was out of her expectations.

"You’ve been rude time and again, I shall kill you today."

"Hmph, it’s not certain who will die just yet, you f*cking bitch. Today, Yours Truly shall let you know the true meaning of humiliation." With a wrathful roar, Lin Fan leaped up into the skies with an explosive aura.

Eternal Axe on his left arm, his right arm was the Eternal Arm.


This was the first time anyone had dared to be so impertinent in front of her. And, she already wanted to kill him after his rude insults time after time.

Suddenly, the surrounding air seemed to be extremely concentrated as one by one, energy grid line chains poured out from behind her. They ripped out through the voids. The sheer number of energy grid line chains was out of Lin Fan’s expectations, making him frown.

Just the energy grid line chains that appeared alone were forty. This was something that Dongling Continent had never seen before.

These forty energy grid line chains coiled around one another, as a massive force seemed to cover the entire Heaven and Earth.

"Die…!" Lin Fan rocketed towards her. His five fingers curled into a claw as he clawed towards the Heaven Queen. The Eternal Axe on his left arm was slicing through the layers of void as well. Lin Fan would not rest until he took this person down with his two-pronged attacks.

Looking at the intimidating aura being emitted by this person before her, a look of surprise flashed across her lovely face.

She had not expected such a person to exist within the Dongling Continent as well.

"Heavenly Screen…!"

With a crisp sound, the entire world seemed to have entered a state of glass. A gigantic web appeared before Lin Fan, as though it was bent on wrapping him within it.

This web was as tall as the Heavens itself, and was composed of energy grid lines.

"Do you think you can hold me in with these, Heaven Queen? How dare you destroy Saint Devil Sect! Today, I shall let you understand what true horror is!"

Instantly, Lin Fan’s aura expanded once more. Eternal Arm unleashed its strongest power, ready to rain down chaos on the entire world.

With a single swipe of his claw-like hand, the Heavenly Screen made up of energy grid lines was ripped apart instantaneously.

The person whom Lin Fan had mistaken as the Heaven Queen was equally flabbergasted at the scene before her. She no longer dared to hold back anything. Her robes fluttered in the air as her long hair flew out with the wind. That saintly yet elegant looking aura permeated the entire sky.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, he stopped for a moment, as though he was entranced by the aura as well. But he regained his composure instantly and began to strike down once more.

Opening her beautiful eyes, energy grid line chains appeared one by one and coiled above her head. All of her energy grid line chains came out full force to deflect this blow.

The clash of these two colossal blows once again seemed to be threatening to rip this entire world apart.

Even Xuanjian Sect, which was far in the distance now, could feel the impact of this clash.

They wondered what was happening over there. But at the moment, just the aftershock alone was enough to have them find it difficult to even breathe.


They could feel the entire ground trembling. Far in the distance, two beams of light shot up into the Heavens.


Lin Fan did not expect the strength of Heaven Queen to be so strong. But even then, this was it.


With a single swipe of his claw-like hand, everything in the world was destroyed. She had not expected this man to be so crazily strong. Even her strongest move wasn’t enough to defend against him.

As for that congealed defense of energy grid line chains, they began shattering under Lin Fan’s strike.

"Let me see just what else you have!" Fury was burning in Lin Fan’s eyes. The Mythical Parasol Tree within him was working extremely hard right now, churning as it absorbed the True Energy of Heaven and Earth rapidly and gushed it out.


The skies turned quiet.

Lin Fan gripped on tightly to the Heaven Queen’s throat and lifted the latter into the skies.

"You did not see this day coming, did you?" He laughed coldly.

The beautiful face of the person who was caught in submission by Lin Fan gleamed with shock. To think that this man was this strong! This…this was far from her expectations!

And just then, the man’s aura changed and she shuddered as well.


As she felt this aura, those eyes of hers gave off a hint of franticness. That initial unrelenting expression of hers now changed into a look of struggle.

She had a lot of things she wanted to tell this man before her.

But just as that happened, something that she did not expect happened once more.

"Hmph. Even if I kill you right now, it’ll be too easy for someone like you. Even though you’re a woman, I must let you understand what utter humiliation is." So what if she was a woman? Back when she destroyed Saint Devil Sect, did she treat his Junior Sisters there as human beings?


A long robe was thrown up into the skies.

A beautiful and flawless body was exposed to the skies.

Even though it was alluring beyond words, Lin Fan did not care at all.

She was utterly stumped at this moment. But just then, a stinging pain lashed out from her back. A numb feeling found itself in her heart.

She wanted to cry out, but she resisted it.

Lin Fan was holding onto the whip with his right hand, infusing it with the power of the Eternal Arm.


The boundless power was traveling through the whip. With a single lash, a streak of blood appeared on her body.

The girl who Lin Fan viewed as the Heaven Queen collapsed onto the floor. She was red with rage as she used both hands to cover her top and bottom area. She did not expect this man to do something like this.

"I am not the Heaven Queen you’re talking about!" Her voice was crisp and clear, but one could feel the wrath in her tone.

Just as he was about to strike down once more, Lin Fan stopped and laughed coldly at these words. Even at this juncture, she still wanted to lie to him.

But suddenly, he realized something was amiss.

He realized something horrifying.

Looking carefully, something was wrong indeed.

Did this mean…

Lin Fan did not dare to think anymore.

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

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