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Chapter 382: Who Could Mess Around From Now On?

Chapter 382: Who Could Mess Around From Now On?

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
Lin Fan had not expected his death faking stint to last for an entire year. He had expected it to last a maximum of ten days tops. Evidently, one needed not to ask to know how much of an impact this had caused.

But, Lin Fan did not regret it at all. After this one year, he could see the changes that everyone had.

If he had been around and everyone had lived under his care and protection, their growth might not have been this much.

Under his wings, Zhiqiao had always been lazy to train. But now, she was already at precelestial middle level. For her to improve this much in just one year was something that Lin Fan had not expected.

Will of the Sword had already completed Level 1, and had opened the gates of Level 2. With that, Lin Fan was especially heartened.

As for You Jiuling, Lin Fan was pleasantly surprised. To think that she would choose to train up on Titanium Grade Demon Body, and that it was already at Level 5?! Not only was her cultivation state decent at precelestial upper level, her physical body state was pretty decent as well.

For someone her age to have such achievements, she was simply a genius amongst geniuses. There must have been an incredible amount of hard work put in as well.

Zhang Ergou did not let Lin Fan down either. He was now at pericelestial full cultivation. This was a pretty amazing progress as well.

Given that he had a pretty decent potential from the start, Feng Bujue flew even further with Lin Fan’s raise of his potential. He was now a lesser celestial upper-level being.

Possessing the Unkillable Indestructible, Mie Qiongqi went into seclusion and cultivated diligently. He was now a greater celestial full cultivation being. One year ago, he was only at greater celestial lower level. This was even crazier than gulping down pills for experience points!

Hard at work as well, Tian Yu was now a greater celestial middle-level being.

Everything…All of these changes, Lin Fan could see through all of them with a single sweep of his eyes. For them to have undergone such significant changes in just a single year was simply incredible.

Grandmaster Yan looked at everything before him and was excited beyond words.

"Great…GREAT! As long as you’re alive, everything’s fine!"


"Just what in the world happened? You were clearly and definitely dead a year ago!" Grandmaster Yan asked warily.

No matter how he racked his brain, there was no way he could understand this.

Lin Fan put down Zhiqiao and You Jiuling. His brain started to move as he focused his heart.

"Grandmaster, I had indeed died at that moment. But who am I, Lin Fan? What sort of a person am I? There are still so many people waiting for me back here, so how could I die just like that? At the moment of my death, my mind entered a state of darkness. It was as though I entered a new world without any boundaries. It was filled with all sort of demonic and sinister beings." Lin Fan started to bullsh*t. Since none of them had ever died before, no one would be able to tell if he were speaking the truth.

At this moment, the entire Glory Sect was so silent one could hear a pin drop. Everyone listened intently, not wanting to miss even a single detail.

"Within that patch of darkness, a Chaos Demon appeared. What’s his name? That’s right, Black White Impermanence Emperor! If I were to be hooked by him, I would definitely die for sure. Hence, I waged a great battle against him…!"

Listening to the description of Junior Master Lin, everyone’s hearts thumped fervently.

Exciting. This was crazily exciting!

Even though they naturally had no experience with it, just the words of Junior Master Lin alone were enough to have their adrenaline pumping.

"Eventually, I used every single last bit of strength I had to take down this Black White Impermanence Emperor and woke up."

Lin Fan did not care if they believed him or not, as long as he believed in himself. What Black White Impermanence Emperor and whatnot? Who knew whether they existed or not?

Simply put, all Lin Fan did was to be stuck in that mysterious realm playing that maze game. After playing for an entire year, he finally found the exit and woke up.

"Black White Impermanence Emperor? That’s incredible indeed. I’ve never even heard of it before!" Grandmaster Yan and everyone else exclaimed out.

Indeed, they had never once come across such an experience.

If it were anyone else, they would have long slapped him on the cheek for spouting nonsense. But Lin Fan was Lin Fan. Everything he said was persuasive. Even Grandmaster Yan was bought into his words.

Senior Elder Wuya glanced at the Lin Fan. Something was up. This lad was definitely playing the fool again.

‘But it’s okay… As long as he’s alive, none of this should matter anymore.’

‘As long as he’s alive.’


"That’s right, Chicky died that day as well. How’s he alive now too?" Grandmaster Yan asked.

Lin Fan was startled for a moment as he stared at Chicky, who was standing below the tribute sculpture.

At the moment, Chicky was standing rooted beneath the tribute sculpture. His eyes were wide open, staring at the tribute sculpture blankly. In fact, Lin Fan could even spot some signs of tears brimming in Chicky’s eyes.

Looking at how Chicky was being, Lin Fan could not help but take a long sigh. Seemed like everyone from Glory Sect was truly touched by Chicky. To think that they would craft him within the tribute sculpture as well. Even though he was just standing atop Lin Fan’s shoulders, it still wasn’t easy for a beast to achieve something like this.

Looking at the lifelike sculpture of himself, Chicky was almost brought to tears.

‘Indeed, I’m the best Chicky ever. If not for the fact that I had seen through Brother Boss, I definitely wouldn’t be able to have a sculpture of myself!’ Chicky was touched to tears by his own intellect.

‘Indeed, I, Chicky, am the coolest existence ever.’

If Lin Fan knew of Chicky’s thoughts right now, he would definitely pull out a barbeque rack and roast Chicky on it immediately.

"Grandmaster, he’s actually not a chicken. He’s the descendant of the Ancient Beast, the Phoenix. I obtained him with a chance occurrence." Lin Fan explained.

"Ancient Beast?!" The moment Grandmaster Yan and the others heard this, they were stunned in disbelief.

They then took a closer look at Chicky.

It was really hard to compare this thing and the Phoenix.

The difference was simply too great.

If Lin Fan had not said that this was a Phoenix, they would definitely find this truth hard to swallow. After all, this was evidently a chicken.

But since Chicky was the descendant of an Ancient Beast, then everything would make sense.

After all, the Phoenix underwent rebirth through Nirvana. Therefore, there was nothing surprising about his rebirth anymore.


Outside the Main Hall, Lin Fan exchanged some words with Grandmaster Yan and the others. Waving goodbye to the inner sect disciples, he headed back up to the Nameless Peak.

Lin Fan still had many questions of his own that he was dying to check up. Thus, he wanted to find a suitable quiet environment where he could focus and analyze things.

At the same time, now that one year had passed, they were fast approaching the invasion of the Beast Spirit World.

The date was not fixed. It was just anytime within three years.

If the barrier had been broken by the Beast Spirit World during the time he had faked his death and entered Dongling Continent, then Lin Fan might not even have had the intentions to fake his death.

But thankfully, nothing of the sorts happened.

Nameless Peak…

Lin Fan sat down cross-legged, opening up the panel of his system.

The 60,000,000,000 experience points of the big ancient demon had broken through any and every boundary that this world had restricting him with. Perhaps the reason why he was stuck in that mysterious realm was because he was on the path to immortality?

And for some unknown reason, the path of immortality was blocked. Hence, he was stuck within. In the end, he could only retrace his steps like the way he was finding an exit out a maze?

Name: Lin Fan.

Cultivation State: Utmost Celestial Upper Level State.

Experience Points: (0/20,000,000,000)

Physical Body State: Imperishable Lower Level.

Physical Body Skill: Eternal Immortality. Level 10.

Physical Body Experience Points: (0/8,000,000,000)

Potential: Unlimited.


Utmost celestial?

In the mysterious unknown, his mental energy and soul seemed to have bypassed the Heavens and Earth, extending out towards the mysterious grounds. But in that instant, something was blocking his path forward.

Seemed like he had to break open this barrier between the Heavens and Earth to fully understand the meaning of being an utmost celestial.

But the thing that exhilarated Lin Fan was the fact that the system had continued congealing energy grid line chains in the year he was dead.

The amount that was formed left Lin Fan absolutely speechless.

Bloody hell! Who in the world could ever mess with him ever again?!

This was simply beyond godlike!

Translator's Thoughts
Lam Lam

WHOO! New cultivation state unlocked! Utmost celestial! Bookmark this chapter if you guys cant remember the cultivation states and his current being hahaha!
Next, the thing about the Black White Impermanence Emperor! HAHA. While it's bullshit, it comes from Taoism which doesnt belong to this world. The Black White Impermanence twins are 2 people which serves under Yama (Underworld King) and they judge every single person who enters hell. White representing their goods and Black their evils. You guys can look up Heibai Wuchang if you're interested.
Also, I think the author made a mistake for You Jiuling’s level on her Titanium Grade Demon Body. It was mentioned that it was Level 1 in the previous chapter and now it’s at Level 5. I will amend and rectify based on the author’s future raws if he comments on this again. But for now, please do bear with it haha. Either way, I don’t think her level of that skill would affect how the story progresses from here on forth as well haha. Cheers!