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Chapter 386: Daddy Watches Over Me (2)

Chapter 386: Daddy Watches Over Me (2)

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh
"I'll reply for my two junior sisters… No." With that, Liu Linfeng stepped forth and looked at the two men in disdain.

"Hmph. How about you two take a piss and look at your reflection in it? With your looks, you dare to taint my junior sisters? You guys truly think you're worthy?" Liu Linfeng snorted contemptuously.

"Feng…!" The moment Xuan Yunxian heard this, she frowned.

"Master, don't worry! What do they take Xuanjian Sect for? A place where they can take anything they like? The two of them look especially shady, with the looks of a rat. One look at them and I know that they can't be anything good. Our junior sisters would definitely be trampled upon if they were to follow these two back!" Liu Linfeng could not be bothered with these two men.

"Kid, what are you talking about!" Suddenly, Huang Yuanlong stood out and lashed at Liu Linfeng, pointing his finger at the latter.

He had not expected this kid to insult them in front of all the masses!

"Hmph." Liu Linfeng tossed him another glance of disdain, entirely disregarding his existence.

"Good…GOOD! Seems like our sect is worth nothing in the eyes of Xuanjian Sect, eh?" The Heaven and Earth Sect's Grandmaster's face was grim right now.

"Grandmaster Xuan, seems like it doesn't matter whether we're here or not, eh? Fair enough. But don't blame us if we do not lend you any bit of assistance should Xuanjian Sect require any in the future, eh?" The Grandmaster of Mountain Sea Sect replied coldly.

"Hmph, my Daddy watches over Xuanjian Sect! Who needs to look for you guys for help? Don't think too highly of yourselves!" Even though Liu Linfeng's voice was extremely sissy sounding, his disposition right now was extremely domineering and imposing in the eyes of his junior sisters.

"FENG…!" Xuan Yunxian had no choice but to raise her voice, evidently slightly riled right now.

"Very good, Grandmaster Xuan. Don't say that I'm not giving you any face then. Your disciple here has been raining insults over us time and again today. Fine, I'll teach him a good lesson, so that he'll know some discipline. This is just in case he heads out there one day with that arrogant attitude and finds himself dying without even knowing how or who he had offended!" The face of the Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect was grim right now. He was almost ready to strike.

Lei Yifeng was completely stumped. He had not expected Brother Lin to be this brash! To think that he would just lash out at the Grandmasters of two great sects! That was extremely brazen!

But soon after, he began worrying as well. Even though the two of them were always squabbling, there was still friendship after that many years of knowing one another. While there might be no danger of death, Liu Linfeng might not be able to escape the physical pain that was incoming.

"Ho? You wanna whack me? Do you think you've got what it takes? Daddy's watching over me. You better be careful that you're not the one who's hung to be whacked by my Daddy instead!" Liu Linfeng took back a few steps before pointing at the Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect and lashing out.

"INSOLENT…!" The Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect was totally riled right now.

"Please show some mercy!" Xuan Yunxian was stunned, as she hurriedly spoke out to diffuse the situation.


Suddenly, a bright flash of light shot out from the Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect onto Liu Linfeng.

A bright protective barrier appeared, protecting Liu Linfeng within it and completely absorbing the attack of the Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect.

"Hmph, to think that you've got a treasure protecting you. That's why you dare to get to impertinent eh?" His face turned really cold.

Looking at this, Xuan Yunxian heaved a sigh of relief. She was really worried for a moment there. Taking yet another few steps back, Liu Linfeng's heart was thumping furiously. Looking at the locket on his neck, he felt relieved.

"Hit me, and I assure you that no one in this world will be able to protect you anymore!" Liu Linfeng pointed his finger at the Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect once more. He then tilted his head up into the skies and wailed.

"DADDY! I'm being attacked! He's going to kill me! Please save me, Daddy…!!!"


Everyone who had come to attend the ceremony was completely stupefied right now, bewildered by the scene before them.

Was this disciple of Xuanjian Sect just a bloody fool?!

"Feng, what's up with this?" Looking at the way Liu Linfeng was behaving, Xuan Yunxian could not help but feel pained.

Yunling and Yunyan looked at their senior brother blankly as well.

Didn't senior brother say that his Daddy was dead? Why was he seeking the help of his Daddy now then?

Just what was wrong with senior brother?

The previous Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect was caught at a loss as well. Seemed like the affairs of this day might not be able to end so smoothly after all.

Both Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect were in no bit weaker than Xuanjian Sect. If they were to really turn the tables, what should the disciples of Xuanjian Sect do in the future?

"To think that a lunatic exists within Xuanjian Sect. Do you think that you'll be saved just by crying like that?" Huang Yuanlong spat out as he looked at Liu Linfeng contemptuously.

"Hmph, and I thought how great Xuanjian Sect was. To think that all they did was to nurture a retard." Li Cangmang added on.


Xuan Yunxian's face was pale right now, "Feng, he's already dead…"

"No! I went to look at him half a year ago! I could feel and sense his presence! He told me that if I were to ever be bullied, all I've got to do is scream out for him and he'll watch over me!" Liu Linfeng replied resolutely.

"Hais, Feng, you…" Naturally, Xuan Yunxian could not believe these words.

Liu Linfeng looked at the Grandmasters of Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect, "You guys are dead…!"

"Daddy, hurry up! If you don't come, I'll really be walloped to death!"


"Insolent…TRULY INSOLENT!" Both of the Grandmasters were truly incensed right now. As for the other Grandmasters present, none of them spoke up. All of them just remained seated quietly. After all, this was none of their business.

All they had to do was to eat their popcorn and enjoy the show.

"Both Grandmasters, please calm down. My disciple he…" Just as Xuan Yunxian was about to try and explain everything, something changed.

The sky changed.


Everyone was startled by the suddenly crackling sound in the sky, as a thick thunderbolt circled around like an electric dragon.

A pitch-black vortex suddenly appeared right above the sky of Xuanjian Sect. A terrifying power could be felt within the vortex, causing everyone's heart to shudder.

"What's that?"

"Why did something like that happen?"


Everyone was completely stunned as they stared at the pitch-black vortex, trying to understand the situation right now.

"HAHA! Daddy is here! With Daddy's light protecting me, how dare you guys think of hitting me! You'll surely cry later!" Looking at the sky, Liu Linfeng laughed out excitedly.

Xuan Yunxian looked at Liu Linfeng, her face changing rapidly. She still couldn't believe that this was caused by Liu Linfeng.


At the moment within those boundless void…

A shadow was hidden. Looking at the situation below, he couldn't help but laugh out madly with his hands covering his stomach. Just as Lin Fan was preparing to head down to Xuanjian Sect, he heard his cheap son, Liu Linfeng shouting out.

With that, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Towards Liu Linfeng, Lin Fan was really pretty speechless as well.

This kid didn't use to be like this at the start. To think that he had turned even whinier after being trained up. If not for the fact that Lin Fan had seen so many things before, he might have been shocked to death.

Perhaps this had something to do with personality.

But, Lin Fan was pretty pleased indeed with Liu Linfeng's actions.

If he didn't act so cockily knowing that he had the backing of Yours Truly, how else would Liu Linfeng survive out there in the world?

But since that was the case, Lin Fan would follow suit to make this a good show. It was time to give these so-called sects a good scare as well.

Curling his fingers, all 438 energy grid line chains shot out from his body massively. They then coiled around, forming an energy grid line dragon, and coursed through the Heavens and Earth while howling wildly.


Liu Linfeng took a stride forwards. Flicking his robes with an extremely sissy voice, he shrieked, "All of you better open your eyes wide! Daddy's here!"


Suddenly, an energy grid line dragon appeared from the black vortex. The formidable aura that was being emitted was explosive, repressing the masses.

"How could this be…?!"

Everyone's gazes were fixated at the sky, completely stumped by the scene before them.

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