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Chapter 387: If I Say You Can, You Can.

Chapter 387: If I Say You Can, You Can.

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Looking at the black vortex up in the void, Liu Linfeng was momentarily stunned as well.

"Daddy…isn't this way too crazy?!" Liu Linfeng was startled by the ferocity of the vortex.

Under the repressing aura, both Grandmasters of Heaven and Earth Sect and Mountain Sea Sect were feeling their hearts thumping furiously. In fact, it was so formidable that they could hardly muster up any courage to resist this.

"Just where is this source of energy coming from?" The Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect could feel his heart surging like a tsunami in the face of this weird occurrence. Even if he were to die right now, he would not believe that this massive energy was created by that retarded boy before him.

The same went for the Grandmaster of Mountain Sea Sect. He felt like a tiny ant in the face of this terrifying force.

All the other Grandmasters could no longer maintain their sideline positions as they stood up one by one, casting their gazes at this figure standing there.

Could it be that this tremendous energy was summoned by that silly boy there?

"Yunxian, this…!" The previous Grandmaster of Xuanjian Sect did not know what to say. Everything was happening way too quickly.

"I have no idea what this is either. Unless there's a mysterious enemy that's striking at us right now." Xuan Yunxian asked in a daze.


"HAHA! Whack me? I'm telling you, my Daddy's watching over me right now! The two of you better start trembling in fear!" Liu Linfeng shrieked out loudly.



The energy grid line dragon that was coiling around the energy vortex howled wildly. Finally, it spiraled down rapidly towards Liu Linfeng.

"FENG, MOVE! IT'S DANGEROUS!" The moment Xuan Yunxian saw this, her face changed entirely.

"It's alright." Looking at the energy grid line dragon that was descending from the skies, Liu Linfeng did not have a single strain of fear. In fact, he was filled with anticipation.



In that instant, a bright flash erupted, blinding everyone present. This flash was simply too dazzling, such that no one could see anything beyond it at all.

By the time the light dispersed, everyone was completely stumped by the scene before them.

Just what in the world was that?

"This…!" Xuan Yunxian looked at that massive figure that appeared behind Liu Linfeng and she shuddered, losing her balance. In fact, she might have fallen over if there weren't anyone there helping her up.

"It's him…!"


Liu Linfeng did not feel any changes happening to his body. But the moment he cast his gaze behind him, he was totally stunned. Finally, he screamed out emotionally.


The energy grid line dragon finally formed into an illusory figure of Lin Fan, as he floated gently behind Liu Linfeng.

"Hmph, do you guys see it now? This is my Daddy! How dare the two of you act so boldly in front of me? I wonder where you get your courage from!" Raising his head tall, Liu Linfeng swept his robes and hollered out domineeringly.

"You…!" The faces of the two opposing Grandmasters changed. But, they watched the figure behind Liu Linfeng right now cautiously.

Just what in the hell was this? How could this happen?


"Do you see now, Master? I told you! Daddy's watching over Xuanjian Sect! Who do we have to be afraid of?" Liu Linfeng chuckled.

Xuan Yunxian looked at the illusory figure behind Liu Linfeng. She then looked around in all directions, as though she was searching for something.

"COME OUT!!! I KNOW YOU'RE NOT DEAD!!!" Xuan Yunxian screamed out into the sky.

All the various Grandmasters who were here to attend the ceremony had no idea whom Grandmaster Xuan was talking to right now. They did not know what those words meant as well.

"COME ON OUT…!!!" Xuan Yunxian did not believe in this so-called protective barrier of Liu Linfeng. That was evidently created by energy grid line chains!

And if energy grid line chains were appearing, that meant that the person it belonged to must be alive!

But she had just gone to Glory Sect the month before. His body was still lying motionless within that crystal coffin!

Just what in the world was going on right now?

Xuan Yunxian was in a flurry and needed to find out!


Hidden within the void, Lin Fan let out a sigh. Damn! He had wanted to give Liu Linfeng a chance to act for a little bit. But seemed like he could no longer do so the way things were turning out.

Xuan Yunxian's agitated and peerlessly beautiful face right now was urgent and worried.

At that moment, a figure appeared in the sky and gently floated down below.

Xuan Yunxian stared blankly at that slowly approaching figure, as though she could not believe her very eyes.

It had been an entire year. Day after day, night after night, each time a little bit of hope even rose in her heart, it would immediately be shattered the moment she caught sight of that lifeless body within the crystal coffin once more.

He was never coming back anymore.

But now that this person of her endless hopes and dreams had appeared right before her…was this reality anymore?

Lin Fan looked at Xuan Yunxian. Even though it had only been a single year for him, she had spent every day thinking of him, as though they were years.

Lin Fan did not know what else he could say. Eventually, he just smiled.

"Ah…haha! My apologies! I've just revived, so…" Before he could finish, a figure had thrown herself entirely within his embrace.

Caught surprised, Lin Fan was stunned for a moment. He then chuckled out briefly before holding onto her tender waist and patting her back. There was nothing more he could say right now.

Perhaps, one needed some time alone to take in a fact such as this.

"As long as you're back…" At this moment, Xuan Yunxian carried zero airs of being a Grandmaster. The look of happiness on her face was just like a satisfied demure wife.

Standing at the sides, Liu Linfeng started wailing emotionally. Lei Yifeng stepped forth to try to console his good friend. However, the moment he walked over, Liu Linfeng hugged Lei Yifeng tightly and started sobbing on his shoulders.

Lei Yifeng's jaws nearly dropped down to the ground...Brother Liu! Image! Our image…!!!

All the other Grandmasters present were equally lost.

What in the world was going on right now! Just what sort of relationship did Grandmaster Xuan share with this man?!

And who was this man to begin with?!

At this moment, the feeling of that formidable force earlier was still on their minds. That was a horrifying aura indeed.

"Alright, there's so many people present right now. Today's the day of your grand ascension. We can talk about other stuff later on. I'll be here for a while." Lin Fan spoke up.

"Yes." Xuan Yunxian nodded her head and wiped her eyes. Noticing the gazes of the various Grandmasters, she flushed a little bit shyly.

"Daddy! You're finally here! I've been bullied by these two!" Liu Linfeng ran up and hugged Lin Fan's thighs, bawling out. Looking at Liu Linfeng who was at his thighs, Lin Fan chuckled out exasperatedly, "If you're bullied, just fight back!"

"But, I can't beat them!" Liu Linfeng replied.

"Oh, don't worry. If I say you can beat them, you can." Lin Fan replied casually.



Lin Fan looked over at the two Grandmasters. Within that seemingly normal gaze, there was a frosty chill enough to send shivers down their spines.

The moment the two Grandmasters caught Lin Fan's gaze, their hearts skipped a beat.

"Hmph, how dare you bully me? Eat my punch!" Liu Linfeng's trust towards Lin Fan was blind and faithful. No matter how strong the opponent was, he threw a punch over.


The Grandmaster of Heaven and Earth Sect flew far into the distance.

"HAHA! Let's see if you still dare to bully me! Watch my punches!" Looking at the scene before him, Liu Linfeng was excited beyond words.


For the two Grandmasters, it was an extremely simple task for them to squash an ant like Liu Linfeng. However, at this moment, they did not dare to retaliate at all.

Even though that mysterious man did not strike at all, that gaze earlier had caused their blood to freeze. They could barely stir up any energy to resist this man.

They firmly believed that if they had retaliated, their lives would have ended entirely and completely in that very instant.


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