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Chapter 396: Say Something, Supreme Being Senior!

Chapter 396: Say Something, Supreme Being Senior!
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'Supreme Being's Token Shards! To think that Chen Xuan would hold the final two!'

Lin Fan looked at the two token shards in his hands excitedly, not knowing what else he could say.

He had already obtained four of them. As for the final two, he had spent a long time looking for it but to no avail. To think that they would be in Chen Xuan's possession! He was naturally exhilarated beyond joy.

This was more important than anything he could hope for!

'Cangling Continent! Yours Truly can finally return to you!'

Two years, it had been two entire years! And finally, he was able to head back to Cangling Continent!

A light sparkled in Lin Fan's eyes as he took out the other four token shards from his storage. He placed all six of them on the floor. Under his gaze, all the pieces began to fuse together.


A bright light flashed out. With that, a complete and whole Supreme Being's Token laid quietly floating before Lin Fan's eyes.

He took the token in his hands.

'Finally, it's done.'

The drawing on the token caught Lin Fan's attention.

It was a door.

Below the door stood a human.

And on the door, there seemed to be some evil demon.

But, Lin Fan didn't have to get overly bothered with it. The token required payment of True Energy from the Heavens and Earth before it could activate the strain of Supreme Being's Consciousness within.

Not only could he get to learn some skills from the consciousness, he could even return to Cangling Continent! What a bargain!

Lin Fan started channeling the True Energy within his body into the Supreme Being's Token. With Lin Fan's current cultivation state, the True Energy cost of the token was no longer an issue for him.

If he could dare to channel in his True Energy back when he was just a postcelestial full cultivation being, what else would he be afraid of right now?

But, Lin Fan was astonished to find out that this Supreme Being Token was no longer accepting True Energy. This was weird indeed.

Did this guy have a change in appetite?

Lin Fan stopped his channeling and pondered for a moment.

The world currently cultivated for two things, one was True Energy, and the other was to comprehend the power of energy grids, allowing one to form energy grid line chains.

'Perhaps I should give that a shot.'

With that, Lin Fan arranged the energy grid line chains within his body into a river. This river was the power of energy grids as it surged within the Supreme Being Token.

'Aha…!' Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. Seemed like the power of energy grid that was being channeled into the token was working.

But Lin Fan was still puzzled nevertheless. Back when he had channeled his True Energy, the token stared to absorb it all by itself automatically. Why did he have to channel inside manually right now then?

Even though Lin Fan was confused, he did not stop his actions because of it. The river of energy grid power flowed in continuously. Lin Fan was determined to awaken the token.

Time passed by…

Lin Fan frowned. Based on the amount of power he had channeled in, if they were to form into energy grid line chains, there would be a whole fifty chains right now!

To think that even fifty energy grid line chains could not activate this token. Was this thing for real?!

Even the Grandmaster of Glory Sect had a few dozens of energy grid line chains of his own. If he had obtained this token, did this mean that the Grandmaster could not even hope to activate it?

Was this thing bent on not allowing anyone to activate it?

But Lin Fan refused to believe otherwise. He had 450 energy grid line chains! What was he afraid of?


Lin Fan did not slow down his speed. In fact, he hastened it as the river surged and gushed within.


Suddenly, something happened to the token. It gave off a bright light before a light screen appeared.

Within that screen, a single figure stood.

Lin Fan smiled gleefully. Seemed like he had succeeded!

"Sup, Supreme Being Senior! We meet once more, haha!" Looking at the figure on the screen, Lin Fan waved excitedly.

"Eh? Supreme Being Senior, what's with you! Why aren't you talking!"

"Oi, oi! Speak up! Supreme Being Senior! Are you dreaming? HELLO? Someone's here! Knock knock!"

Lin Fan was stunned. Why the hell was this strain of consciousness not talking at all! Was there a hardware issue with this strain of consciousness?

Even though the Supreme Being figure on the screen did not speak at first when he had summoned it the previous time, at least it did some tricks and showed some skills. Why the hell was the Supreme Being not budging a single inch now that the entire Supreme Being Token was completed?

"Supreme Being Senior! It's been two years! No matter what, you've got to say something man! Do you have any idea how much I had to go through just to gather all the token shards? I've gone through so many hardships and tears just to get this done. And there you are, standing without even a single word! Aren't you just bullying me man?" Lin Fan's face was dismal.

"Supreme Being Senior! Okay, fine. Even if you don't want to say something, move man! At least show me some peerless skills for me to learn from again!" Lin Fan was stumped. Was this some kind of phony product? Was everything just a joke?!

Just as Lin Fan was caught at a loss, he jolted up in shock from a horrifying voice.

"IMPOSSIBLE…!" The Supreme Being's face was stumped. He looked at Lin Fan with a look of disbelief. There was no way he looked like a mysterious and supreme being right now.

"Huh…?" Lin Fan was stunned as well, wondering what sort of crack this Supreme Being had been sniffing.

"What's impossible?" Lin Fan asked confusedly.

But the Supreme Being only mumbled to himself continuously, "Impossible. Definitely impossible. How could anyone activate the Supreme Being Token?"

"I've already set up the Heavenly Barrier between Dongling Continent. How could anyone reach such a state?"



Listening to the mumblings of the Supreme Being, Lin Fan was starting to get a clue of what was happening.

Seems like the Supreme Being was shocked by himself! No wonder he couldn't speak up at the start.

"It's you…!" The moment the Supreme Being caught sight of Lin Fan's face, he recalled.

"That's right! It's me! Hola! It's been a year man. To think that you've yet to forget about me, Supreme Being Senior! What an honor!" Lin Fan chuckled.

"Just what sort of magical happenings occurred for you to break through the barrier I've left behind in such a short period of time? Incredible. That's definitely incredible!" The Supreme Being replied exasperatedly.

"What's your purpose for gathering the Supreme Being Token?" After being silent for a moment, the Supreme Being asked Lin Fan.

"Oh, of course, it's to take down the obstruction between the split up Xuanhuang World and return to Cangling Continent." Lin Fan replied without even thinking for a moment.

But, what he had not expected was the Supreme Being's reaction upon hearing these words.

"No! Definitely no! No one must take away the obstruction!" The Supreme Being replied agitatedly.

Lin Fan shook his head, "No. I must definitely return to Cangling Continent."


"No! I MUST return to Cangling Continent." Lin Fan replied resolutely.

The Supreme Being looked at Lin Fan, "If you cause Xuanhuang World to combine into one once more, the Heavenly Barrier would disappear. With that, Xuanhuang World, the final piece of sanctuary for mankind, would turn into a living Hell as well!"

"I'm not afraid. I'll protect everyone." Lin Fan replied firmly.

The Supreme Being looked at Lin Fan for a moment. He then shook his head once more, "No. Indeed, you are strong. However, in the face of those strong beings, you are still an ant nevertheless. There is no difference."

"How can that be?!" Lin Fan was stunned. "Supreme Being Senior, are you trying to trick me?"

"If you were stronger than me, then the Heavenly Barrier would definitely dissipate into dust just through your own abilities." The Supreme Being continued.

"How's that possible, Supreme Being Senior? You're the god that has traversed across the entire Ancient times and ruled over everything! How can I compare up to you right now?! However, if you give me some time, I can definitely surpass you!" Lin Fan said without a single bit of humility. After all, everything he said was the truth.

"Oho! I like your guts. However, even if it's me, I can only escape with my life in front of those strong ones. And there's not just one of them. Do you still think you can defend the Xuanhuang World?" The Supreme Being asked.

Lin Fan was flabbergasted for a moment. He then replied resignedly, "No."

But, he did not want to give up, "Supreme Being Senior, is there truly no way for me to return to Cangling Continent without destroying the Heavenly Barrier?"

"There is…"

The moment he heard that, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. WHEW! He was nearly scared to death.

"I can teach you how to get to Cangling Continent, but the Heavenly Barrier must not be destroyed." The Supreme Being emphasized once more.

"Alright, sure. But first, can you tell me the reason why the Heavenly Barrier must be set up, Supreme Being Senior?" Lin Fan was filled with curiosity.

"Alright then, I shall tell you about those Ancient times which nightmares are made up of…"

Lin Fan sat bolted upright, listening attentively.