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Chapter 409: Suppressing Everything

Chapter 409: Suppressing Everything.
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Han Lu's long robes expanded rapidly, as a white beam shot out from the holy jade bottle and coiled itself around him.

"Lin Fan, I've tolerated you for a really long time now. This is the Heaven and Earth's Mixed Energy right here which can deflect any source of malice from me. I am undefeatable right now. Today, I shall show you the true power of Han Lu!" Han Lu's eyes sparkled as his fighting intent soared. Even though he knew that his power level was not on par with the other party, he had faith that the mysterious power of the holy jade bottle would tide him through this battle.

"Fang Han, what are you waiting for?' Looking at Fang Han who was frozen at a side blankly, Han Lu's voice was filled with displeasure. He knew that this Fang Han wasn't someone decent either. Even though they were joining forces, this was also because he had no other choice. In the end, he still didn't trust this guy.

Not only did he have to defend against Lin Fan, he had to watch out for Fang Han as well.

Fang Han's head turned with the voice towards Han Lu, as his gaze was filled with greed. However, he sobered up quickly and glared at Lin Fan. A demonic aura surged out from his body instantly. In fact, the demonic aura was even stronger than the Yan Emperor.

"Seems like the two of you have gone through some pretty decent encounters, eh?" Looking at their changes right now, Lin Fan could hardly imagine how they were back in Saint Devil Sect.

This fella, Fang Han, he must have gotten some kind of heritage or bloodline. Hence, his path of cultivation was more imposing.

As for Han Lu, everything depended on that treasure in his palms.

Lin Fan had never seen a treasure of this sort. Something that could change a normal man into someone of that state within just two years must be far from ordinary.

If someone like him didn't exist in this world, these two might truly have been the main character of this place.

But what a pity! That wasn't ever going to happen.

Just then, something was happening to Fang Han's body. His body was bulking up quite a bit as the demonic aura stained the sky.

Han Lu was startled as well. Seemed like he had underestimated Fang Han. To think that this fella could be this strong as well!


"Come at me together then." Lin Fan beckoned to the both of them. Even though he was curious about their powers, that was all there was to it.

To Lin Fan, both of these men were still weak as chicken.

Flicking out his finger, a crystal-clear water droplet emerged from the holy jade bottle. Even though this water droplet looked normal, it possessed a mysterious deep power within.

Fang Han cast a dubious look over at Han Lu. Just this water droplet? Was this guy kidding?

"Lin Fan, this water droplet itself is an entire world of its own." Han Lu said calmly. Flicking his fingers once more, the water droplet burst out towards Lin Fan.

No one had yet to defend against this move of Han Lu's. Back in the past before he had even completely mastered the holy jade bottle, he had already killed off a powerful being with just this move alone.

Now that he had complete mastery of the holy jade bottle, its power was even more formidable.

Hearing this, Fang Han's expression changed. He had not expected this thingy to be THIS strong! At the same time, the feeling of greed within his heart intensified.

Looking at the water droplet that was piercing through the void towards him, Lin Fan smiled.

He stretched out a single finger gently.


Just then, a loud noise burst out from the skies.

"How can that be?!" Han Lu's face was stumped. To think that Lin Fan had stopped the entire projectile with a single finger!

"Han Lu, do you really think that you can stop me with just a single treasure? If that's the case, all my years spent living must have been only worth that of a dog's." Lin Fan laughed coldly. When he touched the water droplet, he did feel a massive amount of energy surge out. This energy was far from normal. Even someone who had 5 energy grid line chains to their name might not have been able to withstand this strike.

But what a pity that the amount of energy grid line chains he had wasn't 5. It was close to 500 by now. That level of strength was more than enough to take down and suppress practically everything.

"Fang Han, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and strike!" Han Lu, who was calm initially, started shouting. Everything had changed way too quickly for him.

'Devil King's Realm!'

Fang Han's face changed as he hollered out with a punch towards Lin Fan. This punch possessed an immeasurable amount of energy. In fact, it was infused with the imposing aura of the peerless devil king.

The punch ripped through the void as an illusory image of the devil king appeared, repressing everything.

"Hmph, here I thought that you might be capable of something. Seems like that's all." With a cold glance, Lin Fan tossed out a casual punch. Instantly, the boundless amount of energy of Lin Fan's punch took over the aura of Fang Han's punch immediately.

Bam! Bam!

The void was being ripped apart as the energy currents were leaking out in all directions.

Fang Han's face changed in disbelief, "Impossible…! How could you be this strong…?"


Upon meeting Lin Fan's punch, Fang Han was sent flying into the distance. His arm was a mess of blood and meat, with white bones protruding.

Looking at how Fang Han was sent flying with just a single punch, Han Lu didn't hold back anything any longer.

"Lin Fan! I'll kill you!"

Han Lu slapped at the holy jade bottle. Instantly, a dazzling brilliance covered the entire sky.

The holy jade bottle glided into the sky. Turning upside down, it was as though some sort of heavenly flooding water was about to gush out from it.

"Lin Fan! Even if I have to die with you, I'll take you down today!" Han Lu's face was pale right now. In fact, he was coughing out essence blood. As though they had a life of their own, these essence blood drops found their way into the holy jade bottle.

With that, an intense aura emanated out of the holy jade bottle.

Instantly, a white stream of water poured out from it and covered everything, as though they were from the Heavens itself.

"Hmph, just because I'm toying with you, you kids think I was going at it for real? It's alright. Time for you guys to experience absolute despair." Looking at the sky, Lin Fan stretched out his hand and grabbed at the holy jade bottle.

"HAHA! Lin Fan! You're way too cocky! This holy jade bottle does not belong in this world! The power that it holds is not something that you can deal with! You shall pay the price for your actions today!" Han Lu's body was wavering as though he could fall over at any moment. Seemed like the toll on his body was pretty great.

But just then, his entire face was filled with shock. A gigantic palm appeared, covering the entire sky. With its massive strength, it ripped the surrounding void apart.

As it gushed down on Lin Fan's arm, the white water evaporated into a white mist.

"Oh, seems like it's got some capabilities." Lin Fan chuckled. But still, he paid it no attention as he continued to grasp the holy jade bottle in his palm.

No matter how it resisted, it was to no avail.

"Han Lu, what else have you got? Take it all out! I'll receive all of your attacks!" Lin Fan looked at Han Lu condescendingly.

"How can this be…?" Han Lu retreated backward by a few steps in absolute disbelief. To think that his greatest support of strength would mean nothing in the hands of Lin Fan!

"RETURN IT TO ME!" Han Lu howled out, his eyes burning with endless fury.

"You're dreaming…" Lin Fan teleported right in front of Han Lu's face instantly, causing the latter to jump in fear. A feeling of dread surged through his body.

Han Lu could feel an ominous feeling when he caught the gaze of Lin Fan.

"All of you may think that you're strong. However, in my eyes, all of you are still a few pieces of weaksh*ts." Lin Fan said casually, disregarding their existences entirely.

With a loud thud, Han Lu collapsed onto the floor. He scrambled back a few steps and pointed his finger at Lin Fan.

"Y-you can't blame us! You were there with us back then! What could we have done? We only wanted to live on!" Han Lu gulped down his saliva. He had lost everything right now. The holy jade bottle was his final trump card.

Listening to this, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out coldly, "Everyone wishes to live. But I don't think that you'll lead a more fulfilling life than dying back then."

"This must have been the reason that you're not willing to die back then, right?" Lin Fan said while toying and twirling the holy jade bottle in his hand.

"I-I…!" Han Lu's face changed. He did not know what else he could say. He had this treasure back then! How could he have afforded to die there and then!?

Lin Fan glared at Han Lu in absolute disdain. Treasure? HA! Yours Truly had THE 'system' itself. This could be considered the strongest existence in this entire world, yet Yours Truly wasn't even afraid of death. This guy was afraid of death just for something like this?

"HAHA…!" Lin Fan burst out laughing. Putting his hands together, a massive amount of energy grid line chains shot out.

"W-what are you trying to do…!" Han Lu exclaimed out at Lin Fan's actions. He had a really bad feeling about this.



Han Lu's greatest fear happened.

The treasure he had deemed to be the most precious in his entire life was just crushed into dust by Lin Fan.

Even though Lin Fan was curious towards this treasure, he didn't put it to heart. In fact, he couldn't help but admire the toughness of this treasure as well. He could only smash it to pieces after using all his strength. This was a good treasure indeed.

"AH…MY TREASURE…!" Han Lu howled heartbrokenly as he glared at everything in absolute disbelief. The remaining liquid dribble down Lin Fan's palms and slowly dripped onto the floor.



A puff of white mist was all that rose up…