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Chapter 455: Fan With All My Might!

Chapter 455: Fan With All My Might!
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"That human's location is nearby. I wonder if we can bump into him."

Six Ancient race tribesmen were treading along the dense forest. Each of these tribesmen was accompanied by a leashed beast.

The beasts' size wasn't that huge, and its features resembled a wolf. An eerie green glow emanated from their gazes.

"Hmph, if I bump into that human, I'll be sure to devour him and get a good boost of nutrients from him!"

"I wonder why our Lord would allow those small ants of the thousands of worlds out there join our Ancient race. For those races to fight alongside us is nothing but a humiliation for us!"

"Insolent! You dare to question our Lord's orders?"

"I-I'm sorry…!"

The facial expressions of these Ancient race tribesmen were all malicious and dark. As they made their way through the forest, they did not bump into any beasts. It was as though all the beasts were purposefully hiding away on sensing the scent of their aura.

Lin Fan entered Stealth mode and hid inconspicuously at a side while checking out the six of them calmly.

An earth celestial middle level.

Two earth celestial lower levels.

Three utmost celestial full cultivations.

This seemed like a strong combo.

Furthermore, each of those wolf-like beasts was an utmost celestial middle-level being. That was pretty fearsome in itself.

But, so what? To Lin Fan, these guys were nothing at all. He couldn't even give a hoot about them. He could squish bugs like that to death almost by the second.

But of course, every single action he took required careful planning and a GRAND execution. Since these six had appeared here to court death, he couldn't possibly grant them an easy one.

He had to think up of a good way to give them a good whooping. That way, they would finally know what true horror meant.

As for the words of advice that Zhang Xu had given him, Lin Fan did pay heed towards them. However, how could one bow down in life? Since these fellas had turned up at his doorsteps, there was no way he could just let them off without slaying them!

To Lin Fan, they were nothing but experience points!

Lin Fan checked out his surroundings. After he took down these guys, it should be about time to leave this area. Since these six could track him down here, it meant that his rough location should have already been revealed out to them.

Hence, this place was not safe for much longer. It was time to make a quick escape after he was done with them.

'Oho! I've got it…Hehe…!' Lin Fan's eyes glimmered, as he thought of his perfect trick. This was a treasure trove right in front of him! If he didn't make a good reaping of bounties before he left, he would thoroughly be letting himself down!


"Where has this goddamned human run off to? These are a bunch of useless b*stard pets. To think that they couldn't even track him down after so long!" The Ancient race tribesman hollered as he gave the wolf-like beast a kick.

Even though the beast howled in pain due to the kick, it did not dare to resist in any manner.

This type of beasts were the most sensitive to auras in this world. They could pick up the scent of their prey even from a hundred miles away. Therefore, they were the pets of choice for the Ancient race tribesmen to use for tracking down the ants of the thousands of worlds out there.

However, they had been running circles around this place, yet they had yet to pick up any signs of the human at all.


Suddenly, the beasts started growling all at the same time and rushed off towards the same direction ahead.

Seeing this, all six tribesmen leaped with joy in their hearts as they chased after immediately.


The Ancient race tribesmen came to the location where Lin Fan was gathered earlier with Zhang Xu and Hai Lan.

"Seems like it has been some time since the bonfire has been extinguished. He should have been here earlier on." The leader of the tribesmen remarked.


Suddenly, the beasts started growling once more. However, this time around, they weren't darting forth. Instead, they seemed like they wanted to escape.

"B*stards pets! What are you sh*ts doing?" Looking at the cowardly manner of these beasts, the Ancient race tribesmen were enraged, and lashed out at them using the whips in their hands.

However, no matter how hard these tribesmen lashed out, it couldn't stop the actions of the beasts. It was as though something was terrifying these beasts so badly that they wanted to get out of this place immediately.


"Decanus, take a look! What's over there?" One of the tribesmen suddenly pointed out at something. His face was pale, as he could not make out what was happening.

All he could see was a huge cloud of mist floating over towards them from the forest ahead. The mist seemed to have covered the entire forest.


Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out, as the entire ground started trembling. A gigantic tree toppled over, as though it was destroyed by the massive force of some wild beast.

"What the f*ck is going on?" The Ancient race tribesmen's faces were filled with caution as they eyed everything suspiciously.


A series of wild howls from beasts rang through the skies.

"It's the Ancient beasts." The faces of these Ancient race tribesmen changed. By the sounds of it, could it be that all the Ancient beasts were approaching at the same time?

"Impertinent! We're tribesmen of the Ancient race! All of you b*stard beasts, are you seeking death?" The Ancient race tribesmen had an innate aura that would cause the beasts to fear them. That was the reason why they could act so overbearingly in the presence of all these wild beasts.

But now that there seemed to be beasts approaching them, how could they not be furious over this fact?

The six wolf-like beasts broke out of their shackles and leaped away hurriedly. Disregarding these Ancient race tribesmen entirely, they escaped into the forest and vanished without a trace.


Just then, a towering colossal figure appeared from the skies, landing before these Ancient race tribesmen.

"T-this…!" One of the six Ancient race tribesmen stuttered out in disbelief at this scene. He could not believe or understand what was going on with these beasts.


One by one, wild beasts were surrounding these six Ancient race tribesmen. Every single last one of these beasts were heaving out heavy breaths, with steaming puffs of smoke coming out of their noses.

"B*STARD BEASTS! GET LOST…!" The leader of these Ancient race tribesmen stood out as he carried forth a look of wrath on his malevolent face.

But, it was as though that single holler had no effect on these beasts. The eyes of these beasts were burning red, as though they were in a confused daze.


A series of mad growls rang out from their throats as they leaped out on these Ancient race tribesmen.

"BRAZEN…!" Their faces changing, the six Ancient race tribesmen sent out punches.


Far in the distance…

Lin Fan was wearing a cloth over his face, and wielding a gigantic fan in his arm, fanning with all his might.

At the same time, his three-headed and six-armed Faceless Sky Demon was floating in the skies before him. Holding onto a bunch of Biggras, the Faceless Sky Demon was tossing them outwards one after another. As these Biggras exploded, they turned into mist.

Each time Lin Fan fanned, a mighty gust picked up, causing this mist to be blown in the direction forward.

'I'LL FAN…!'



Lin Fan did not know of the actual impact his current actions would create. But he couldn't be bothered.

No matter what, he had to give it a shot.

Now that it was so difficult to find these beasts, nothing else mattered. Lin Fan refused to believe that his Biggra couldn't cause these beasts to appear.

"TOSS FASTER!" Lin Fan ordered his Faceless Sky Demon.

Right now, the six arms of the Faceless Sky Demon were like crazy windmills, spiraling intensely. One by one, these Biggras were tossed up into the air as though they were free of charge. As they exploded, the thick, dense mist was blown towards the forest intensely.