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Chapter 469: Righteous Party

Chapter 469: Righteous Party
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This was a person from the Dragon World. He had grouped up together with a bunch of other people of different races but with the same goal: All of them wanted to resist the ancient race together. And, the reason for their appearance in this place was because they had caught wind of a certain piece of important news.

Upon thinking of the event that was about to unfold, this man was feeling pretty nervous. Because of that anxiety, he decided to take a whizz first.

They had looked around the area and determined that there shouldn't be any ancient beasts around. Hence, they looked for a good location to prepare themselves beforehand.


Lin Fan stared at the man standing before him. If he didn't come out right now, he was going to get an entire face of wee.

If a beautiful man that was the perfect combination of suaveness and talent such as himself were to be peed on the face by a man, this would be a big, big stain on the life of Yours Truly!

Just as Lin Fan was busy contemplating about these things, the expression on that man's face tightened slightly. It was as though the floodgates were about to open, sending down the pouring water gushing downwards.

Lin Fan did not want to make any contact with these people initially for fear of courting more hassle. But the situation right now was evidently pushing him into a single direction! The only other way was for him to remain there and receive a flood of pee on his face.

And honestly, for Lin Fan to have to endure that entire rain of pee obediently was worse than someone taking his life.

Looking at how the man from the Dragon World before him was about to push his pee out successfully, Lin Fan jerked up from the ground with a massive thud.

"BUDDY! MERCY WITH YOUR DONGER PLEASE…!" With a loud holler, Lin Fan appeared right in the face of the man.

This man from the Dragon World, who was in a relaxed state and ready to relieve himself, suddenly jerked back in shock on seeing this person who had appeared right before him. In fact, his little donger shrunk down immensely in shock as well.

'AHHH…!!!' A high-pitched shriek rang out from the mouth of this man from the Dragon World.

It was one of the most pleasurable moments when one entered a state of peeing. However, the appearance of this random person had that man from the Dragon World in an absolute state of shock. In fact, he was so shaken that he was nearly frightened to death.

"Duan Ming, what happened?" Upon hearing the frantic cries of Duan Ming, a group of people hurried over. They were worried that something might have happened.

"Who are you!" The moment they caught sight of Lin Fan, all of them got worried.

In the Ancient Saint World, the ancient race tribesmen were not the only people one had to look out for. They had to be even more watchful against members of the other races.

After all, there were many who chose to backstab their own races in exchange for a position within the ancient race.

"Everyone, please do not get worked up and worry. I am by no means a bad guy!" Looking at all these cautious faces, Lin Fan had to explain hurriedly.

He didn't want to be chopped down just because of any misunderstandings. Even though Yours Truly wasn't afraid, there was no reason for one to court more trouble.

"What sort of a person are you? Why have you appeared here?" Just then, a middle-aged man from the wings race stood out and asked.

Lin Fan looked around at this group. There were more than 20 of them. There were members of various races, and some of them were from races that he had never ever seen before.

However, Lin Fan could tell that their auras were far from simple. It was evident that these guys had gone through the ritual of bloodshed.

Just a single glance over and Lin Fan could tell that the lowest cultivation state amongst them was earth celestial middle level at least.

"My name is Lin Fan, and I'm from the human race. I was hidden in this place, trying to look for lone ancient race tribesmen. But to think that this…brother would suddenly appear before my face! Hence, I decided to give him a greeting. But who knew that this fellow brother would begin to scream out, scaring me in the process as well!" Naturally, Lin Fan would not tell them that he was only hiding in the trench because he was being hunted down by the ancient race.

After all, that would cause him to lose face.

Upon hearing the words of Lin Fan, this wings race person checked him out for a while before finally letting down of his guard. He then waved down all the people who were following him.

"Everyone, relax. This is just a misunderstanding." The wings race member told the rest of them.

Those people from the group heaved a sigh of relief almost immediately. The closer they were to the ancient race base, the more nervous they became. Any sudden movements or changes in the environment had their nerves wrecked almost immediately.

"I am Xia Zehua, the leader of this small party." Xia Zehua stepped forth and introduced himself.

Now that the misunderstanding had been resolved, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief as well and began conversing with this man from the wings race before him.

The bonfire crackled throughout…

Lin Fan had been conversing with Xia Zehua regarding issues of the Ancient Saint World the entire time. On the other hand, Duan Meng was seated nearby, looking at Lin Fan with a sorrowful look all the while.

He had truly been scared to death by Lin Fan earlier on. In fact, he could not even feel his little donger right now. It was as though his little donger had fainted from the shock earlier on.

He couldn't even cry out in such a situation!

By this point, Xia Zehua had just discovered that Lin Fan was a human who had only ascended recently, yet he had the guts to stand up against the ancient race. He patted Lin Fan on the shoulder with the utmost respect, "Bro, that's some good guts you've got there. It's really admirable."

Through this short conversation, Lin Fan had discovered that this Xia Zehua was relatively easy to talk to. At the same time, his personality was a little boorish. These were great traits for Lin Fan to befriend him!

"No, no! Compared to Brother Xia, I'm nothing but an amateur!" Lin Fan waved his hands and replied humbly.

"Lin Fan, don't be humble now. For anyone to be able to kill off a whole bunch of ancient race tribesmen singlehandedly…that courage is extremely rare to come by!" Xia Zehua continued.

Even though the time of their acquaintance was short, they were already chummy like brothers. This speed of progression was pretty shocking indeed.

"Brother Lin, it's really dangerous for one to always fight solo. How about joining our Righteous Party here? If we join forces together, we'll definitely be able to fight for the freedom of more races out there!" Xia Zehua invited.

"Huh…" Lin Fan was stumped.

He had not expected Xia Zehua to invite him to the party! And by the sounds of it alone, that party's name sounded really gaudy!

'Righteous Party.'

Why the hell did this name sound like that of a cannon fodder party? If this were a television series, this party would definitely not survive beyond three episodes!

"Brother Lin, we've received crucial news that the Marquis of Despair is severely injured, and is no longer as strong as before. Hence, our expedition forth is to get rid of the Marquis of Despair, so that we could release this area from their control! I, Xia Zehua, formally invite you to join our Righteous Party. Let us strive for the sake of obtaining freedom for the various races!" Suddenly, Xia Zehua stood up and looked at Lin Fan sternly.

Everyone sitting around turned their gazes towards Lin Fan as well. Even though they had not spoken any words at all, they had been listening in on the conversation of their leader.

To them, this human was definitely deserving of respect. Therefore, they acknowledged his qualifications to join their great family in fighting against the ancient race.

Lin Fan was completely flabbergasted right now, not knowing how he should reply.

Lin Fan had a good understanding of the sort of person he was.

Wherever he went, sh*t would hit the fan.

If he were to join this party, then the chances of this party being annihilated would definitely have a humongous increase.

"This…!" Lin Fan shrugged his head wanting to reject. However, when he looked at the look of anticipation in Xia Zehua's eyes, he was absolutely helpless.

Eventually, Lin Fan stood up and flicked his robes, "Alright, for the sake of freedom, I'll definitely have to lend my assistance. It's time for these ancient race tribesmen to know how strong we truly are!"

Xia Zehua was glaring at Lin Fan furtively as well, fearing that this respectable human before him might reject his proposal. However, the moment he heard his Brother Lin agreeing to it, he burst out laughing in happiness.

"Alright! In order to celebrate and welcome Brother Lin's joining of our party, as the party leader, I shall take out some of my valuable delicacies and we shall have a feast!" Waving his hands, a large amount of delicious food appeared on the ground.

"Power be to our leader…!"

"Long live our party leader…!"

Upon catching sight of the food, the party members started cheering excitedly.

"Heh…" Lin Fan laughed awkwardly within his heart. He didn't even know if this were a good or bad thing that was happening right now.

Was this Brother Xia really silly or just faking it? To think that he would pull Lin Fan into the party after barely knowing him! It was quite the miracle for this party to survive this long with such a trusting leader as Xia Zehua.