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Chapter 477: Nobility Of The Ancient Beasts

Chapter 477: Nobility Of The Ancient Beasts
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‘Alright, you then…!’ Lin Fan looked at and decided upon the middle head, which looked the most malevolent. With that, he garnered that this must be the strongest head, so he might as well smack this.

If a single head could cause all three heads to be knocked out, then that would be one hell of a bonus!

But even if it woke up in shock, Lin Fan wasn’t that afraid. After all, he would have already taken one head down.





With the Nine Five Legendary Brick in Lin Fan’s hands, it was absolutely incredible. The void relented and gave way immediately, without any hints of his presence.



Lin Fan’s heart leaped with joy. However, just then, the three-headed king who was deep in slumber suddenly jerked its eyes wide open! Those heavy eyelids opened up instantly, revealing golden pupils that looked down at the rest of the world in contempt, as a massive flash burst out.


Looking at how someone had dared to disturb its rest, the three-headed king started howling in a maddened rage.

That berserk sound rippled through the entire area like shockwaves. It was so strong that all the surrounding trees were toppled over due to its tremendous force.

‘Holy sh*t! That’s wild!’ Lin Fan’s heart skipped a beat on seeing this scene. This azure celestial beast was extraordinary indeed! Even if Xu Wuxin were the one who had bumped into this, he would definitely have nowhere to run!

That immense roar caused the righteous party to wake up in fright.

Xia Zehua was breaking out in cold sweat. The power that was wielded by this single roar was really unbearable. This was evidently an incredible beast!

"Wake up! An enemy’s approaching!"

That earth-shattering roar was like thunder that was exploding right beside their ears. It was no wonder that Xia Zehua was getting nervous.

"What’s the situation…?" Mu Liang, who was dreaming of playing together with his tribesmen, woke up in a shock as well. He was especially alert upon hearing that an enemy was approaching, and had gripped his weapon tightly in a combat ready state.

"Eh? Where’s the enemy?"

Everyone looked around at their peaceful surroundings. There was no enemy at all!


Suddenly, everyone could hear that massive roar booming out from a distance, along with the sounds of the trees toppling over. They were extremely bewildered, unable to figure out what was happening.

"Where’s Big Brother Lin?"

"Could he be over there?"

Xia Zehua lowered his head deep into thought for a moment before beckoning to the rest of them, "All of you, follow me…"


Lin Fan eyed the ancient beast before him. He had not expected this azure celestial three-headed king to be so tricky to deal with!

He had thought that its fighting strength would definitely be lowered after a head was knocked out. But, Lin Fan was starting to discover that that wasn’t the case at all.

The massive paw of that three-headed king kicked out into the void. This ferocious strike left a five-toed imprint, as though the entire void had been ripped apart by it.

Lin Fan leaped backward immediately and flung his arm in a circular motion.

He had tried going on against this three-headed king head on earlier on, but that left this arm of his, which was wielding the Eternal Axe, extremely sore!

The power of every single strike was massive, as though it contained the power to devastate both Heaven and Earth.

Azure celestial middle level indeed... This was definitely something not to be underestimated!

The three-headed king used that sharp claw of his to pat at his slumped head. Its face was bewildered. Why the hell was his head giving no reaction at all?!


The three-headed king slapped his head back and forth. Still no reaction. The other two heads stuck out their tongue and licked its middle head. But that too was to no avail.


It started roaring madly once more. The gaze of the three-headed king was fixated on this fella before it. It knew that this guy must have been the reason why its middle head was unconscious right now!

Damn it! God damn it!

Lin Fan looked at the current state of the three-headed king and giggled, "Three-headed weirdo! You don’t have to continue licking! Anything that has been struck by Yours Truly’s brick would be knocked out for an entire minute! Even if the skies were to topple right now, you still wouldn’t be able to lift that middle head up!"

Lin Fan knew that he had to seize this opportunity to take down this beast. To think that it was so ferocious despite having a single head down! If that head were to wake up as well, wouldn’t this beast be even more formidable?!

The three-headed king continued howling. Those two front claws of its slammed down on the ground with tremendous force, causing the ground to crack out densely.


"Huh?" Suddenly, the three-headed king disappeared right before Lin Fan’s eyes!

That speed caused Lin Fan’s brows to crease, as his focus intensified.

Wasn’t the speed of that three-headed king way too fast?! That wasn’t the speed of tearing through the void! It was just his physical body’s speed!

Just then, a dangerous aura appeared right before Lin Fan. The towering figure of the three-headed king appeared suddenly, as its claws were already pummelling downwards.

‘HOLY SH*T! THAT’S CRAZY!’ Lin Fan managed to react in time and sent a retaliatory swing of his axe.


With Lin Fan as the center, a tremendous force burst out in all directions. That firm and resolute ground of the Ancient Saint World began to sink down harshly, creating a deep trench.

Just as Lin Fan was about to return the favor, a sharp claw swung over to the side of his body.

"Not good…!" Lin Fan exclaimed in shock.

‘Eternal Immortality!’

At this point, Lin Fan could only bear with it and take on the blow! Suddenly, a burst of light that resembled glass erupted out from that comparatively small body of Lin Fan’s.



Receiving this claw of the three-headed king, five sharp wounds appeared on Lin Fan’s body. At the same time, fresh blood began to gush out in all directions.

Tens of miles away, Lin Fan struggled to steady his body as he glared at this three-headed king warily.

‘I’ve been careless. To think that an azure celestial middle-level beast would be this strong! I’ve really bitten on more than I can chew now.’ Lin Fan wiped his chin to remove the blood stains. At the same time, Blood Sea was churning furiously.

The blood that was gushing out was already beginning to reverse its direction back into Lin Fan. At the same time, those deep wounds on Lin Fan’s body were beginning to regenerate.

‘Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +1,000.’

"That was some good stuff. To think that you could catch Yours Truly totally off guard like that! You should be proud of yourself, being a rarity amongst the other beasts that I’ve met!" Back in the Xuanhuang World, no other beast could injure Lin Fan like this. Seemed like he had truly met a strong foe in the Ancient Saint World.

Given the current progression of the beasts that he knew, it wasn’t hard to believe that something like the big ancient demon could exist among these ancient beasts.

Just the power difference between an azure celestial middle level and azure celestial lower level alone was extremely significant!

"Seems like Yours Truly have truly looked down upon you guys." The fact that Lin Fan had killed Xu Wuxin, who was an azure celestial lower level, back when he was an earth celestial full cultivation being had filled him with immense confidence. However, he could not help but admit right now that ancient beasts were truly way stronger than the other races.


The three-headed king roared angrily at Lin Fan with an arrogant pose. It was as though he was mocking Lin Fan to know his place as a human.

"Heh…" Suddenly, Lin Fan’s fighting intent rose once more, "Three-headed weirdo, don’t you dare go overboard. Yours Truly was only careless just now. Soon, Yours Truly will show you what true fear is!"

Suddenly, Lin Fan heard the commotion in the surroundings and felt exasperated. He had still managed to wake them up eventually.

Xia Zehua and the others had caught sight of Lin Fan’s figure far from a distance. When they arrived at the scene and caught sight of the three-headed king, they exclaimed out.

"It’s the three-headed king!"

"Brother Lin, watch out! This three-headed king belongs to a bloodline of the rulers of the ancient beasts! Therefore, it’s way stronger than any common beast!" Xia Zehua reminded Lin Fan cautiously.

"Alright, got it! Don’t come over, guys! I’ll have a go at this beast!" Lin Fan glared at the three-headed king carefully while calling out to the rest of them.

Lin Fan finally understood. It wasn’t because the ancient beasts were much stronger. It was just that he had bumped into an elite ancient beast.

This was an ancient beast with an enhanced bloodline.

Seemed like there were still many things he did not know about.