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Chapter 493: Time For Yours Truly To Strut His Stuff!

Chapter 493: Time For Yours Truly To Strut His Stuff!
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The desolate grounds were a gigantically vast and empty place. Every once in a while, a beast or two would pass by here. Even then, they would often leave quickly. A place like this was something they couldn’t be bothered with even in the least bit.

Other than a desolate piece of land, there was nothing else here.

The Ancient Saint World was a humongous place. There were tons of places like these desolate grounds, danger grounds, et cetera. In fact, even those beings who had termed themselves as the utmost eight beings of the ancient race couldn’t claim that they had a complete picture of how the entire Ancient Saint World looked like.

Suddenly, a hand popped out from the ground.

"Finally, I’m out! Seems like after I took in the Earth spirit river, I can indeed make use of its mythical properties."

To any commoner, the Earth was like an impenetrable fortress. However, to Lin Fan, the Earth right now was like a second home. Seemed like from now on, he would have a new method of preserving his life.

‘Where is that ancient race tribunus and the three-headed king? What was the end result of that day?’ Lin Fan looked around his surroundings. This was the location that he had leaped down from the other day. But right now, everywhere was desolate, without any commotion.

‘Okay, this patch of black blood here should belong to the ancient race tribunus. That patch there should be the three-headed king’s. Seems like things must have gotten real exciting up here after I tumbled down.’ Lin Fan looked around at two distinct patches of blood as he thought to himself.

Seemed like the final result must have ended in the death of one of them, or both of them. In fact, their deaths must have been utterly gruesome, with tons of anus play.

The effects of Biggra were no joke man! Especially since there was such a huge amount of Biggras given, that must have been enough for them to have their entire hearts burst out with the wildness.

Perhaps after the both of them dueled to their end, members of the ancient race or the three-headed kings race might have come down to retrieve their bodies.

‘What a pity.’ Lin Fan sighed. If only he could have gotten the kills for both of them that day, his power level would definitely have spiked up considerably.

But then again, if he hadn’t headed down, he wouldn’t have discovered the Earth spirit river. Through that episode, he had crafted a special weapon as well as strengthened his physical body state by quite a bit.

‘You gain some, you lose some.’

Seemed like that saying was right after all.

After thinking about this point, Lin Fan no longer harbored any more regrets towards this topic. After all, there were so many powerful beings in the Ancient Saint World, and he couldn’t kill them all down.

Even the small little Xuanhuang World had already possessed tons of miraculous encounters for him. Now that this Ancient Saint World was so large that even the eight utmost beings of the ancient race couldn’t cover it completely, there must be tons of other opportunities awaiting him.

Now that he had crafted another legendary weapon, the Flying Heavens, Lin Fan’s confidence level received yet another booster.

While the official grading of Flying Heavens wasn’t exactly legendary, it was a weapon that specialized in stealth. Sneak attacks were even more vicious than any other forms of offensive moves.

Furthermore, the crafting process wasn’t all that difficult. Even if Lin Fan destroyed this current one by chance, all he had to do was look for another three-headed king’s horn to craft out another one.

In fact, all of the credit for this should belong to the Earth spirit river. A connate spirit was different indeed. Even the methods of usages were simply spectacular.

Just then, the skies rumbled in the distance. It was as though a thunderstorm was approaching. Lin Fan frowned as he sensed the atmosphere from a distance.

This was no thunderstorm.

This was a fight between two powerful beings. The question was, what sort of beings were they?

‘It’d be great if they’re from the ancient race. Time to see if I can get any rewards out of this.’ Lin Fan was filled with anticipation as he moved a hundred miles ahead with a single step.

This sort of speed was something that even tearing and traveling through the void could not achieve.

The various mythical usages of the Earth spirit river were far from simple, let alone its traveling speed.

In fact, even those magical ‘distance lapsing’ skills of the legends might be nothing compared to it.


"Senior brother…!"

In the void, a man draped in gray robes was heavily injured. Falling down from the sky, three men and two women were in a nerve-wrecked state, as they protectively covered this young man immediately. They had been surrounded by the ancient race.


This gray robed young man spat out a mouthful of blood uncontrollably. He glared up into the skies at an ancient race tribesman with a look of shock in his eyes.

He had not expected to bump into such a vile ancient race tribesman in such an isolated place like the desolated grounds.

"Know your place. How dare the Star Sect head over here to scout out news about the ancient race? Are you guys tired of living?" The ancient race tribesman in the sky was malevolent. His furious demeanor surged through the skies as he looked down at these ants in absolute disdain.

Li Tianquan was the Big senior brother of Star Sect. He had brought along his junior brothers and sisters to these desolate grounds to scout out news about the ancient race.

Now that the ancient race was so overbearing, their reach was practically laid all around the world.

In fact, there were even spies of the ancient race amongst these thousands of other races out there. Slowly sapping away at everyone’s strength, the ancient race was extending their influence every single day, till they inevitably took down everyone else.

An ancient race tribesman of such a high cultivation state should not be wandering in a desolate ground such as this. However, just as these members of the Star Sect were entering the ancient race territory to scout out news, they were discovered by the ancient race.

There was only a single possibility for this: Their movements had long been revealed by someone.

Looking at the scene before them, those three men and two women were filled with fear.

All of them were locals of the Ancient Saint World, not people who had ascended from the Lower Worlds. Even though they had always heard of the ruthlessness of the ancient race, they had never come across a true ancient race being. This was the first time they had caught sight of the ancient race for themselves. Naturally, they were beyond horrified right now.

"Senior brother…!" Both of his Li Tianquan’s junior sisters leaned in close to him in fright.

"Do not fear. I’ll hold back these damned beasts. The three of you! Take your junior sisters and leave first!" Li Tianquan took in a deep breath. At the same time, he was filled with helplessness.

It was good enough that these five junior brothers and sisters of his could even exert half of their strength in the face of the threatening aura being emitted by these ancient race tribesmen.

After all, all of them had grown up in an extremely sheltered environment.

Li Tianquan was someone who had ascended from the Star world. Back in the Star world, he had walked the path step by step towards the peak. No matter the sort of trials and tribulations he faced, no matter the blood and sweat that was shed, he grit his teeth through all of it.

Therefore, his tenacity on the battlefield was definitely something these junior brothers and sisters could never ever match up to.

"Hehe… Those two girls look extremely tender and smooth. I must definitely have some good fun with them when I’m back."

"All of these women from the thousands of races out there are way too weak. Most of them would die after being ravished by us just a few mere times. What a bunch of weak pansies!"

The ancient race soldiers revealed dirty looks of indecency as they eyed these two women.

"Senior brother…!" Upon hearing such shameless words from those soldiers, these two women were even more frightened. Those petite bodies of theirs began to shiver uncontrollably.

"Listen to me. Just run later on." Li Tianquan was struggling to sustain the rumbling Blood Qi within his body.

Ever since he had ascended from the Star world, he had broken down mentally before. He had gone through anguish and despair as well. However, under the guidance of his mentor, he managed to regain his confidence bit by bit.

But this time around, he had been too careless. To think that this ancient race being would be an azure celestial middle level.

"Senior brother, what about you?"

"It’s alright. It’s good as long as all of you leave first. I’ll hold down these bunch of beasts." Li Tianquan glared at these ancient race tribesmen icily. Seemed like he was going to fall here today.

"Remember. After you get back, all of you have got to sniff out that snitch!" Li Tianquan added on.

"HAHA! What are you guys sneakily talking about? Are you thinking about running? Are you dreaming?! I am a great chiliarch of the ancient race, Gu Ba! Do you guys truly think that you can get to run away from me?" The ancient race chiliarch burst out laughing maniacally. As he slapped out his pitch-black hands, the entire void around them began to vibrate.

"Sealing the void?! That’s impossible…!" Seeing this scene, Li Tianquan exclaimed out in disbelief. Wasn’t that something that could only be done by a desolate celestial and above?

"There’s nothing impossible in this world…" The ancient race chiliarch laughed icily. Everything was under his control right now. With a single wave of his palm, he slapped out. This slap brought with it a tremendous force as it tore through the void and came straight at Li Tianquan and the others.

Li Tianquan’s face changed as he pointed out with his finger.

‘Star Attractor!’

This was the cultivation basis for people of the Star world. By attracting the forces of the stars, their strikes would possess the boundless powers from the stars beyond.

"Hmph, that’s useless! You are simply way too weak!" The ancient race chiliarch smirked. Disregarding this power of the Star Attractor, his palm crushed through everything there was.


Li Tianquan spat out a mouthful of blood as a void of despair began to form within his heart. He had not expected this ancient race chiliarch to be this strong…!